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  1. Administrator


    Points: 100

    Is or was a Administrator or Super Administrator

    Users who have attained this trophy: TodesRitter, Xocliw, DrVagax, George.Mamakos, CptTwinkie, Phand, admin, Drui, Fujtajblik

  2. Moderator


    Points: 100

    Is or was a Super Moderator or Moderator.

    Users who have attained this trophy: Tazoo, Dan2D3D, Conradian, CptTwinkie, Deepflame, Ondřej Nahálka, Fujtajblik, Blitzzz333, DarkGhost, RedPhoenix, RayvenQ, Xocliw, CommanderHerpDerp, admin, Mishka, flexx, Drui, DrVagax, TodesRitter

  3. Steam

  4. Post / Like count

  5. 30
  6. Account Age

  7. Other

  8. 10

    Cool Guys Club®

    User has found the mysterious and mythical Cool Guys Club® on the forum.

    Users who have attained this trophy: AncientP., Zhab, Franblast, ajacstern, DS_Marine, Digi, Masked Death, Herr Doktor, Fidel Battista, Dreokor, mastpayne, PsicoPato, plaYer2k, Rico, Ed Frost, Action Hank, DrVagax, Pastafarian96, aboredteen1, Killacyte, ProfessorFalken, Hotshot Jimmy, Wazbat

  9. Bob the Bot

    Bob the Bot

    Points: 10

    This trophy is given to those who were around the days of the KSH Chat. Bob the Bot shall never be forgotten. (The chat now continues on Discord.)

    Users who have attained this trophy: Sergeant Snuggles, Ed Frost, SilentSymphony, AutoMcD, kittle, DrVagax, EternityTide, plaYer2k, mos, Nemesismax, RayvenQ, Xentor, Commander Rotal, Mr Engineer, Cassius Faux, Ulfsark