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Satellite Communication Networks

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Undeadpizzaboy, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. Undeadpizzaboy

    Undeadpizzaboy Trainee Engineer

    Another Multiplayer related suggestion.

    -Broadcast Tower Blocks and Satellite ship types.

    Voice chat/text chat on an astronaut should be limited to a certain range which can be extended by bouncing the signal off of relays which would basically be a block that you could build into a tower "like a giant cell phone tower"

    the higher you build the towers, the further they broadcast "with diminishing return" So for example... When you have a 5 block tall tower and add 1 it will give a bigger boost than when you have a 100 tall block tower and add 1, If the signal reaches far enough to touch another satellite or capitol ship with a Broadcast tower built in then it will extend the range of the broadcast, and so on and so on.... until the signal ends without touching any towers and fades out.

    Satellites would just be like small ships but sturdy and cheap with no piloting ability

    Good Idea? Bad Idea?
  2. SpaceBuilder

    SpaceBuilder Trainee Engineer

    If i got that right it is good idea, but wouldnt it be ridiculous that you have 100blocks high tower :p could be easier to have one satellite and it has upgrades maybe, but it is good idea
  3. pixelhunter

    pixelhunter Trainee Engineer

    This idea doesn't really appeal to me because the towers would have to be either everywhere on a server ,or they have to enormous. it is hard enough to navigate a ship without being lasered to death by everything. Including towers to this mix would make navigating very very difficult, especially with large ships.
  4. SpaceBuilder

    SpaceBuilder Trainee Engineer

    And there is that too if you want chat global? You cant chose radious
  5. Undeadpizzaboy

    Undeadpizzaboy Trainee Engineer

    Upgrades could be done probably, maybe different materials for building the towers? so like gold towers would be better than some other common ore.

    And yeah it would be crazy to have a 100 block tall tower but that is just an example of diminishing return, if you were to split that into say 4 towers of 25 it could cover a larger area using the same amount of resources but it might be harder to move the whole thing if you needed to.
  6. KriegsMeister

    KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    2 things, first the height of a radio tower only boosts the range on spherical objects like planets, the higher up you go the further away the radio can "see" because of different angles and curvy math that could take up hours to explain. But back to the point, while in space this does not matter, a radio will broadcast it's signal forever in every direction it is pointed at until it either it's signal becomes to spreadout and distorted to be able to read or when it becomes blocked by some solid object. Secondly although I do love having ingame mechanics for limiting voice range and what not, they are easily bypassable by third party programs, why spend all that resources to keep in contact with my buddy lightyears away when I can just boot up skype.
  7. Evis

    Evis Apprentice Engineer

    It would be cool to build a series of comsats to support your team's force protection & detection capabilities.

    Enemies could target your comms to degrade your command and control / vise versa.

    The detection and tracking elements can be very involved, but extremely fun and important for gameplay. I believe we should be given the tools to design these systems (and subsystems) ourselves.

    If we're going to be engineers, let us engineer this with a proper set of tools to get the job done.

    These tools would include:
    • Player & Vessel Sensors/Detectors
    • Script Interpreter (lua might be ideal - see Expression2)
    • Custom vGUI framework (see EGP3)
    • Device I/O for blocks/hardware
    • Controllers for manipulating blocks/hardware
    • Methods for wiring/linking (preferably visible wiring, cable runs, and piping of resources)
    With the above, a player could engineer (among management systems, drones, etc) their own weapon and detection/tracking systems. Let's say a missile that has to launch through their own custom launcher. Having the tools, the player engineers guidance to be optimal for combat conditions or nature of enemy.

    For instance, if one was going to face a sizable force of smaller fighters in a combat formation; they'd want a weapon that could target and predict the center of that formation, and explode at an optimal angle & distance to do maximum damage.

    Aside: for a complete summary of missile guidance, I recommend this video:

    Lets not forget that with the explosives, guidance, fuel, and propulsion; this missile might be of significant size, and require effort to stage, program, and launch.

    It would require further engineering.

    So this missile will need effort and coordination to launch in a combat situation. The way this game is looking, said missile should require work to produce and launch.

    For deployment, the most practical solution would be a missile bay that has to be operated by teammates (multicrew) who will load, sync the missile with the target computer, and launch when ready or ordered. Of course, an error handling these baddies could prove catastrophic.

    All the actions above should not be point & click. Running a capital ship should not be a one-man operation, but if you get someone ingenious enough to program/automate that whole thing; he deserves his vengeance.

    However, other players would engineer systems to counter these threats, but only if they had the tools and the practical experience of using them. This tech would evolve as players get more experienced with it.

    As mentioned above, this tech should require resources to construct. You could mine them from asteroids, or it might require you to visit certain planets to get and perhaps even be required to manufacture them in certain places. (making the area of strategic importance)

    Or have an orbital factory turning out hull-smashing death missiles of player design, and deploying them (custom automated replenishing drones) to frigates/capitals - what a blast! Especially when attacked.

    Forgetting about combat, but you should see how giving players max engineering control over building their own world would not only allow for the community creation of most suggested-features; it would also turn into a [strike]beautiful space arms race[/strike] ...market for custom ship systems and technology.

    There are so many ways to go with this stuff, we just need to the tools to make it happen; to open up the most possibilities for engineering.

    tl:Dr - engineering
  8. Undeadpizzaboy

    Undeadpizzaboy Trainee Engineer

    Also, I think my original post may have been confusing to some, "you wouldn't need giant towers" that was just an example of diminishing return, so after about 5 blocks or so it will only give a tiny bonus to the radius to add another"which should be pretty large if it were powered up an everything"

    And "tower" is just a technical term, it wouldn't need to be straight you could build it in any shape you wanted. also as Evis points out the towers could be used in multiple other ways than just Voice/text Chat.:cool:

    Also... Is it weird that I knew what the guy in the video was talking about lmao? "I Scripted a seeking missile in wiremod " :crazy:
  9. Vermillion

    Vermillion Senior Engineer

    As KriegsMeister said, "Towers" are pointless. This is in space, where radio-waves aren't affected by the curvature of the earth. The idea has merit, just not here in space.
    Besides, in case you didn't notice, we already get Antennas. Their purpose hasn't been released, so for all we know it's used for communication. Or at the very least some form of radar.

    The current missile turrets are too small to be long ranged. They're likely automated to target foreign heat signatures and fire line-of-sight.
  10. Nivve

    Nivve Apprentice Engineer

    It would be fun that your astronaut only has limited radio capability (like a walky-talky), while a ship/station antenna within a range of 200 meter would connect you to the solar system network.

    It may not be entirely realistic, but it adds some detachment when you're in space with no communication device on your ship.
  11. Oselotti

    Oselotti Junior Engineer

    If the communication is limited people just starts to use Team speak or Skype or some other programs anyway.
  12. zyphyer

    zyphyer Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, for once wouldn't it be cool if communications remained in game? Of course enforcing this would be impossible sadly.
  13. Eris

    Eris Trainee Engineer

    Thats called "Metagameing" and it happens when people just don't care about actually playing the game.
    ~ sadly theirs nothing that can be done about it.
    They have a conscience and they ignore it for an advantage in game. :nono:


    I rather like Evis's Idea of the networking being used for things like wiring & linking.

    Having a Large private network would make for a deep strategic gameplay experience.

    Imagine having to weaken or disable the hostile factions network by destroying transmitters so you may obtain the advantage of battle.
    such as their..
    • Detection range
    • anti-ordinance effectiveness
    • forward base control
    or Even possibly having the ability to relay false Information to the hostile teams network.

    Overall adding Massive amounts of possibility to an already Great game!
  14. BadassFreeman

    BadassFreeman Trainee Engineer

    I love the idea, but I don't like that thing about towers.
    My idea is: just put the same antennas the ships and stations use. They have a huge range in stations, and a sightly smaller range in large ships. The ones for small ships only communicate with any station or large ship arround.
    If there are other communications from other players and factions in the middle, they might get mixed up. Also, you can't communicate if between your antenna and the large ship/station there are asteroids.
  15. Evis

    Evis Apprentice Engineer

    We will need towers when the planets are added to the game.

    Long range communication should involve line of sight communication with adequate antenna/dish arrays and power.

    I'd love to see the whole radio spectrum simulated. :D
  16. Vermillion

    Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Your argument hinges on the "When the planets are added".
    Don't count your chickens before they hatch.
  17. Kamoba

    Kamoba Senior Engineer


    Until we find out how effective the antenna are, abd what their main purpose is...I'm going to say this subject is something may may already be in game.
    I see no need to add a block which may do what the Antenna is intended to do..

    Regarding planets:

    Planets are huge maybe planetoids...
  18. GalaxyMeridian

    GalaxyMeridian Apprentice Engineer

    I have to agree with KriegsMeister about limited voice range:

    Limitations to voice range could possibly work on specific servers where all players trust each other to abide by the rules, without using third party programs such as Skype, Ventrilo, et cetera.
  19. MarcusRavenheart

    MarcusRavenheart Trainee Engineer

    I like to think brilliant minds think alike or at least great conceptions come to great people. This to me was an idea I had came up with while exploring a hollowed out asteroid and I was quite thrilled to see that I was not the only one who had thought about it. Communications arrays, geological probes, satellites, and a detection net all would work great in a survival setting of this game! After spending hours in space I was "aww struck" at the over all potential this game in its alpha stage has.

    Voice chat and mapping in games has always been a touchy subject for developers. Voice chat can tend to get resource heavy and in many cases even in games where voice chat has been implemented properly; players do not take advantage of it (In many cases because they have their own voip software or they do not have the desire/equipment to make use of voip software.) If voice was a prospect, implementing the structure at an early point would be ideal, however the feature should only be developed later as its not integral at this point for a great product experience. Using the com relay to limit chat range, local and global would be great in survival type modes as well and should be something fairly easier to implement in the beginning. Making relays either free floating or attachable to space junk would be ideal. Powered Relay stations could provide more range than simple repeaters and expanders as well as provide targets for PvP oriented players whom want to cut off communication among their enemies. I also believe that relay stations should require some sort of minor maintenance. In creative modes I do not suggest such limitations to communication.

    The latter tends to come at less difficulty and frustration but has its various development pitfalls as well. In most cases players enjoy having some sort of ability to navigate the world they are in. Exploration comes with the benefit of discovering new destinations and resources while at the same time providing an individual with knowledge of their surroundings. By building monitoring stations, observation stations and deploying probes and research satellites players could effectively have an explanation of how they have a real time display of discovered information in their vicinity. A simple map can be provided for those who have simply gone somewhere, working much in the way a fog of war map would work in any other game. However without active probing or relay stations they would not get feed back on what is occurring in their region. Monitoring stations would be built in certain ranges, and anything within its range would be recorded actively on your map. So if you discovered a meteor with a wonderful gold node on it last night, without a monitoring station in its vicinity and you being rather far from it... if your fellow space engineer tom found it and mined the gold from its caverns you would not know until you visited it next. To your dismay up until being within a proper distance of the node your map will not display the updated status of your previously discovered treasure. However with monitoring stations in place your map will reflect in real time that beloved node getting melted down into an ingot of space refuse. One could also then upgrade a monitoring station into an observation station. Observation stations would be hubs of probe nets or satellite systems. Requiring more resources, regular maintenance and most likely fuel, these centers are autonomous facilities that would release various types of probes in their expanded field of detection. These probes would allow you to monitor various things, such as elements in the area, ships traveling in your observation space, anomalies of interest, or possibly even long distance research satellites that can explore around your area while you work back at your station safe and sound. Depending on your goals and resources the probes your observation stations release can make you an all seeing strategist or a well informed collector of rare and valuable commodities. Oh and did I mention that if done right, many of these very same functions could be applied to large ships to make mobile observation decks and exploration crafts? Imagine a nomadic fleet of explorer vessels who allies with a mining company to make the ultimate score, or an exploration team that teams up with a war fleet to expand the Blue Empires hold on the Raven Quadrant.

    Example Objects for Building:

    Relay: Simple one block device that when interacted with will give several different options for its use. Relays would be the main component for building any of the things listed above. Depending on the settings and other components combined with it you could craft different types of functioning structures for detection, communication, and exploration.

    Antennae: Depending on range and function this block would be required for sending a signal or receiving signal. Upgraded blocks may be satellite dishes at a higher resource cost.

    Small Rechargeable Power supply: While not powerful enough to power a ship, these small radiation absorbing/light absorbing devices can provide power to minor systems such as those found on a free floating com relay or with multiple on the surface of an asteroid possibly even power a observation station for a short period of time before fuel must be delivered.

    Probe Console: Basically a Console that can be placed on a ship or observation station that organizes and programs probes.

    Probe Launcher: Launches Probes
  20. gamerfriendly

    gamerfriendly Trainee Engineer

    I know this is an older topic but I want to add my thoughts on this as well.

    I like this idea but I also think that while a player within X distance of the antenna they should be able to be heard up to the distance the antenna is set to, but if the players receiving are too far away from an antenna with sufficient broadcast radius then they won't be able to respond. I also would like there to be different frequencies. For example, Faction A would use frequency 184 and Faction B would use frequency 960. This way each faction could have communication with their own members and there would still be the possibility of espionage if someone were to find out the enemies frequency. If you wanted to contact another vessel then you could use the "Hail Frequency XXX" or "Hail All Frequencies" button located in the antenna or on the player which would send a notification to all affected frequencies and showing the frequency they are being hailed from.
  21. Floki

    Floki Apprentice Engineer

    huehue, yeah, sure... when.
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