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My top 5 desires for Space Engineers

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Chapel, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. Chapel

    Chapel Trainee Engineer

    This game is outstanding. It has so much potential and the way that Marek and the rest of the Keen crew are handling it, I have total faith in the game. Here are my top 5 things I believe the game needs to thrive. I know that many of these will be added on and the game is in early alpha, don't worry, these by no means are complaints about the game, just suggestions of things I'd like to see added first. What are yours??
    Number 5
    Procedurally generated endless worlds. Let's be honest, this game is space Minecraft in a lot of ways. Though I don't feel like these guys have copied minecraft by any means, they've built upon a very successful idea. You can build anything. Some players are going to want to spend months, if not, years on one map. They need to be endless and filled with all sorts of randomly generated wonders for our engineers to find. Once you build a base, there is no reason to go explore because the best thing you can currently find is another asteroid.
    Number 4
    Larger viewing distance. This, I know, will take a long time and tweaking to make possible with little impact on the computer itself. I feel that this is dire in so many ways for the game to feel more like space. You don't actually see an asteroid until your a few hundred meters away. I want to be able to see much further than that so I can feel more immersed into the experience.
    Number 3
    Faster jetpacks (perhaps only in creative mode). Creative mode should be a much faster experience when it comes to building. I feel like flying around in my jetpack takes AGES to do. While I understand that speed in survival, creative should be much quicker when it comes to movement.
    Number 2
    Eyedropper tool. The ability to select a part or multiple parts and duplicate them. Building in space engines is great, its immersive, you feel like you can really make a ship look like you want and its fun. The problem is, a small ship can take easily over an hour to build when you're trying to get nit picky. The ability to select large areas and duplicate them (wings, rooms, aesthetic designs) would be so helpful with cutting down building times.
    Number 1
    MULTIPLAYER! I know this is definitely planned for the future and high up on the list of things to do in the game. From playing the game for several hours yesterday I had 0 crashes, hiccups, not even a glitch. Their engine runs extremely well and Multiplayer needs to be the absolute first thing on their list of to-do's. Several people I know are holding back on the game because they don't want to get bored of it playing alone. This game is absolutely built for others to play together and it will thrive off of this game play. Multiplayer will be their main selling point because building bases, crashing ships and exploring are way more enjoyable with friends. You have an outstanding game, add multiplayer asap!!
    This are my top five things, what are yours??
  2. Aeoleth

    Aeoleth Trainee Engineer

    I cannot agree more to this list. I may be one of the lucky ones, but this game runs fantastic on my laptop. I would love to be able to play multi-player as soon as possible. I'd say the hardest thing to create would be an "infinite" world. Simply because of the memory requirement for rendering and re-rendering new locations. Add to that how space is mostly just... empty. Planets are too big and cause too many problems in terms of gravity for how they react with other objects, and defeat the purpose of engineering in space. My biggest suggestions would be for this game to take place in a massive asteroid belt with comets, asteroids, and things to fly around in. It doesn't need to be infinite, just absolutely massive. :)

    Thank you so much for this game, Keen Software House! In many respects, I think Notch would be proud of these innovations. He does not like all the indie Minecraft repeats trying to get into the Greenlight or onto the Apple store. This is nothing like Minecraft except for the building. In many other ways it is far superior.
  3. darklight437

    darklight437 Trainee Engineer

    thankfully for us all multiplayer appears to be on the top of the dev's list (under the features tab on their website) so hopefully once steam's early access is up multiplayer should not be far behind.
  4. Kane

    Kane Junior Engineer

    Procedurally generated endless worlds
  5. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    Procedurally generated endless world would be my favorite pick of these. Another thing would be some kind of threat.

    Miner Wars had these sun flares and of course enemy AI ships, hopefully some sort of Survival mode where you have to protect yourself from enemy AI's/Nature disasters with friends. (Co-op basically)
  6. damoran

    damoran Junior Engineer

    I agree with a large finite space: asteroid field, nebula, comet tail...etc.

    Conversely, have a poisonous gas nebula as the impassable barrier surrounding the world.

    I'd be willing to bet all but a small percentage of hardcore players would ever use the massive distances involved in replicating even our own solar system, much less an endless universe. I just imagine flying in one direction for months only to find...more asteroids.

    Ideally, I'd want to have people grouped close enough to one another that something actually happens to justify me playing multiplayer, yet far enough so they can't see the weapon I'm building to wipe them out ;).

    I don't have the game yet, but judging from what I've read. I'd also agree with his justification for viewing distance and faster jet packs. Also, anyone who plays Star Made wouldn't dare try and build a large ship without it's wonderfully designed symmetry tool.
  7. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    That is like the ultimate goal.. Or at least i think with these kind of games. (Kinda dreaming here but alright)
    Just imagine a game where you start on an actual planet where you have to gather resources so you can build yourself a small ship, followed by roaming around seeking for jobs/contracts or to just mine some more until you can build bigger and better ships, perhaps with friends and such in an ever expanding galaxy full of dangerous things like enemies ships, worm holes, planets with massive gravity (which could make you stranded again).

    A man can dream.. :D (Hopefully we will see something like this in 10 years or so.)
  8. Galahir950

    Galahir950 Apprentice Engineer

    You should try Evochron Mercenary.
  9. yttrium

    yttrium Apprentice Engineer

    Wellll, there's always Spore... :p
  10. Tenderkaj

    Tenderkaj Trainee Engineer

    *Clap clap!*
    I really want theese added in future :)
  11. Lainers

    Lainers Trainee Engineer

    I agree with everything said here!
  12. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Agreed with all, especially numbers 5 and 1. But most especially 1. :)
  13. Tech

    Tech Trainee Engineer

    There's a specific engine, called Space Engine (you can find it here: https://en.spaceengine.org/) that just started (like some weeks ago) a funding process, if the author of the engine gets the highest goal (150000$, almost impossible, but who knows) you'll have the exact game you described in your post :).

    By the way i totally agree with the top list :p
  14. SporadicIdiocy

    SporadicIdiocy Trainee Engineer

    I'd like a mirror build function where you can mirror one half of the ship on a plane then flip and attach to the original half.

    I hate having to double check if my ship is symmetrical, on a large ship it's a chore to have to build each half flying back and forth checking for mistakes. Dunno if that made sense.
  15. Lunov

    Lunov Trainee Engineer

    Where can I sign this?
  16. philthy mcnasty

    philthy mcnasty Trainee Engineer

    On another thread people have mentioned that if asteroids were bump able, then they would bump each other and float away. I believe that this is in error. I think that asteroids almost have to be bumpable, and would be this games version of "creepers". It would also make having point defense turrets a must for everyone to build. After all, real life asteroids bump each other occasionally, of course they are also 100s of kilometers apart, so our asteroid fields are more like the rings of giant gas giants........which is a very cool map idea.

    but i digress, there could be a ton of dangerous space things to have in game, like radiation spikes, high velocity debris, pirates, rogue asteroids, there can be a lot of realistically nasty things the developers put in to make the game more dangerous.
  17. zyphyer

    zyphyer Trainee Engineer

    Well said. Endless world is of the essence. How are we going to keep farming? AI and Disasters is needed to spice things up and the Co-op would be a nice feature as well. Need something new to lan nowadays.
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