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Someone voting on a Poll should NOT move that post back to the top

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by -, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    Look at the front page of the suggestions. As of right now, I see NOTHING but poll-posts. Some near the top only have 2 or 3 actual responses in them.

    The reason for this, is that apparently, when someone votes on a poll in a post, it counts it as a new "response" and moves the post back to the top....are you effing kidding me!?

    The way it works currently is GUARANTEED to soon leave us a front page with nothing but largely dead posts that haven't had a new response in days, but people keep voting on.

    P.S. I'm gonna stick a poll up in this hizzy because "F YEA!"

    EDIT: I tested this theory before posting, by voting on a bunch of worthless posts from the back page. ENJOY!
  2. AlexVestin

    AlexVestin Trainee Engineer

    If a vote moves a thread to the front-page then it's quite bad. Not going to put it to the test, but hopefully it gets looked into by moderators.

    I accidentally did put it to the test anyways. It actually moves the thread to the top, and it says the last poster in the thread just posted there a moment ago, no matter who actually voted and moved it to the top. It's the last poster who becomes the one who 'bumped' the thread.

    As an example. It says I bumped my own thread (Wich I did not. I did not even vote) 37 minutes ago, when my last post in it actually was 50 minutes ago.
  3. Vermillion

    Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Polls are both stupid and pointless anyway. These are suggestions, not planned features. It doesn't matter how many votes a poll gets, if it's a bad idea to the devs it'll never get implemented (e.g. Warp Drives/Teleportation).
    Besides, all the polls are rigged since i've noticed multiple members on with nearly identical names logged in and most likely voting in their own thread.
  4. zyphyer

    zyphyer Trainee Engineer

    I don't mind polls but, it shouldn't act as a bump.
  5. Attrazione

    Attrazione Trainee Engineer

    I don't mind either pools and bumping by em
  6. Guest

    Polls are still a problem. Re-upping. Just look at how many OLD posts keep getting to the very top again simply because someone tossed its poll a vote...
  7. Kamoba

    Kamoba Senior Engineer

    It also works on Locked threads with polls
  8. Guest

    Really?! Wow now I dislike how they work even more...
  9. Kamoba

    Kamoba Senior Engineer

    I'll point it out to DrVagax, that way it can be looked at for the new forums :)
  10. RedPhoenix

    RedPhoenix Moderator

    Jesus christ.... We are working on that problem...

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.