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Will we lose everything?

Discussion in 'General' started by ZeroT_80, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. ZeroT_80

    ZeroT_80 Trainee Engineer

    I'm really enjoying the game despite only playing it for a few hours, I've seen some amazing station/ship builds in screenshots and videos and working on some designs of my own.

    However, I do wonder if we will lose everything when the game goes beta/live? In fact I fully expect to and see no reason why not but I do think many players really don't get the concept of Alpha software and would expect the opposite.

    If we as testers build up huge armadas of ships and planet sized motherships etc surly this would stop the game before it started when going live as no new player could ever hope to reach the sort of level we have with a completely free to build environment, assuming a full version would require mining, researching and construction of parts even before being able to construct a ship.

    Like I say I fully expect our creations to be lost as the game versions near launch but I haven't seen such a 'disclaimer' anywhere and it could be worth mentioning it sooner rather than later so as not to upset those that don't understand software development phases, eg those asking for full multiplayer battles asap and 'whens the next update im bored'.
  2. Ralirashi

    Ralirashi Apprentice Engineer

    What people are building is single-player content. It's stored locally on your machine (not even the steam cloud).
    You'll still have it once the game goes live. But it's not gonna be usable in MP.
    However, there are going to be blueprints, which would make it easier to set up a frame for your ship later on. That part is probably going to be usable in MP as well.
  3. bwc153

    bwc153 Trainee Engineer

    Think of it like creating/joining a new world on Minecraft or Terraria. Anything you build on another world will not transfer.
  4. Radma Kanow

    Radma Kanow Apprentice Engineer

    Even if we loose all of our creations one thing will still remain, a thing that WILL give us a large advantage:


    Imagine Day 1, game goes live and that day most people will have their first touch with the game, its mechanics and possibilities. And when they will finally finish their first fighter and manage to fly somewhere near you just to make zerg rush raid they will meet warm welcome from ours fully geared fleet of frigates, destroyers and other large ships, supported by space stations and stationary AA defences...

    Don't know how you, but I'm not afraid somehow...
  5. Evito

    Evito Apprentice Engineer

    Not concerned about that in the least.
    As Radma said we already have a ton of experience more than any new comer will have for the first few days or even a week.

    Infact looking at how flimsy most people build stuff in workshop i'm not in the least concerned about even most of the other alpha players.
    (and im not referring to copied designs like star trek ships etc, but original designs in there)
  6. Kamoba

    Kamoba Senior Engineer

    Build, test a bit in flight, test damage resistance against kinetic weaponry, if still a working vessel, use my tug boat to drag it around a bit.

    I also often start new games and delete old ones in an attempt to not 'copy' old designs
  7. redneckpirate

    redneckpirate Apprentice Engineer

    How do y'all think multiplayer will start? Will everyone start with a set amount of materials and go from there or will you start with the most basic scrapheap ship and have to scavenge from there?

    Or quite possibly, will we be able to have unique settings for all of this on a server? Imagine the server admin having control of what ship everyone starts with. "okay guys, everyone's gonna start with battlecruisers with a hundred mining drills mounted on the prow, enjoy"
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.