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Update 1.010 - Advanced Rotor Settings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. zurdiv

    zurdiv Trainee Engineer

    Awesome! But my friends are still waiting for multiplayer :(
    I can't convince them to buy this game without it.
  2. Stoic

    Stoic Trainee Engineer

    Very nice. Seriously, these guys are the most responsive dev team in the history of dev teams.

    There are some more things I would like to see done, mostly involving ease of use and being able to adjust the clearances on moving pieces, but we'll get there.

    Thanks for the great update!
  3. dantev8

    dantev8 Trainee Engineer

    Love having a weapon finally :D thanks can't wait for more weapons to be available in later updates love the game so far and can only get better
  4. iginho3d

    iginho3d Trainee Engineer

    Another great update! Loved these rotors.

    Again thanks for all your support KSH, you guys are the best game developers ever! Never seen such a community listeners as yours !
  5. TrueThunderCraft

    TrueThunderCraft Trainee Engineer

    this is getting better and better!
    one thing though: the hangar door had to be pushed in the video.. and you were not able to enter it from the outside
    something like a ship sensor wich triggers the door motor would be really cool..
    Idea: a programmable computer (I'm thinking of the computercraft mod for minecraft here) that can control every controllable object/block on a ship + a bunch of sensors
    Idea 2: programmable drones
    (these two ideas are really hard to implement right? ^^)
  6. Zara

    Zara Apprentice Engineer

    i think, we need shields and the tool to repair. i dont want ever to replace the damaged blocks >.<
  7. SGXander

    SGXander Trainee Engineer

    I do wish you guys would stop releasing awesome stuff... I'm running out of underwear!
  8. XOIIO

    XOIIO Apprentice Engineer


    Time to make a friggin wicked drilling platform!
  9. Xeplion

    Xeplion Trainee Engineer

    Hope we will get option to rename all the objects and group them, also hope that rotors would let electricity through them!

    Anyway thanks forr the great update, and for the AR!_)
  10. Kayron Jarvis

    Kayron Jarvis Trainee Engineer

    plz fix this the gap!

  11. K^2

    K^2 Apprentice Engineer

    You would not be able to connect these anyways. Anything you attach to a motor is a new ship. (It's a ship even if motor is attached to a station.) And two ships aren't going to connect together.
  12. Extaur

    Extaur Trainee Engineer


    Points valid but i got the answer you are looking for good sir, game is in Early Alpha!

    Controls for switching back and forth (open / close doors), numeric input of values, renaming and grouping are all needed and sweet but if you look at the history of the updates coming to this here game, thats exactly what they add,

    To dev team: Awesome update, with every single one of them this game takes a step in the exact right direction and only a fool cant see where this game is headed if this is how you guys develop. Keep it up!
  13. chimp_spanner

    chimp_spanner Trainee Engineer

    Just to add to the chorus of voices here, love the changes to the rotors (torque and braking were sorely missed first time around). IMO the most important things next are:

    Power transfer through rotors
    Renaming of rotors/components
    Macros/programming and key binding

    The way I see macros working is you add an event, choose a time/delay, choose a component, and all of its editable values are listed. Repeat for as many components as necessary. It should also have options for looping or ping ponging. In this way you could create chains of timed events to do things like create doors that close automatically after opening or automated mining machines that engage magnets, move a container, disengage, repeat.

    The macro could then be triggered either directly from a console block, or from the ships systems menu.

    Oh yeah and then MP and NPC's/Mobs :)
  14. Bort

    Bort Trainee Engineer

    Yes. This stuff needs buttons to easily turn them off/on which can also be used as directional or open/close buttons. Wiring capabilities needed!
    My thought's exactly. I hope the devs have these thoughts as well. That's quite a pain in the butt to have to go into the control panel menu thing every time you want it to do something.
    BUTTONS! And wiring!
  15. Falidell

    Falidell Apprentice Engineer

    well to solve that 2 motors thing.. from the first motor make that thing and make a motor onto the thing attaching to the base where the first motor originates.... that way you have a strong hold for the thingy attached to the motors.... no gap.. strong..... allows 2 different ways to move the thingy... from the thingy or the base object

    WEARESOA Trainee Engineer

    Hot damn I'm so excited for todays potential update!
  17. XCM

    XCM Trainee Engineer

    I hope it is released today though... i waited all week :)
  18. Spppoikniujhg

    Spppoikniujhg Trainee Engineer

    Nice Update for october as usual!
  19. Willemina

    Willemina Senior Engineer

    Epic necro is epic.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.