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Discussion in 'VRAGE' started by BigDog, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. BigDog

    BigDog Trainee Engineer

    When calculating physics and rendering blocks does Vrage use more than one of the processor's cores? So if I had a Duel Core Intel i5 processor would it use both cores?
  2. Stradosphere

    Stradosphere Trainee Engineer

    You can simply look at that if you have HWinfo with Riva Tuner Statistics,it can show you the usage percentage of cores while playing the game.
    P.s : Which generation Core i5 you are talking ? Laptop or desktop ?
  3. BigDog

    BigDog Trainee Engineer

    laptop (I5-2410M @ 2.30 GHz
  4. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    It seems to be using 4 cpu cores, I have an 8 core CPU, but it does appear to use all four GPU cores on dual core gpu video cards in crossfire, which is a first, bugger all games address all 4 GPU cores and RAM, this game is addressing 4 GPU's @ 830mhtz and 8 gigs of video RAM each core having 2 gigs of its own, my cards are an older generation, the 6990ATI line , and still out performs a lot of the new cards that come out, I think its just a matter of time before they tweek VRAGE2 engine to access all CPU cores like the GPU cores are.

    Im not sure if its using all four GPUs the temps all go up instantly on them all when this game starts, but that doesn't always mean all four gpus are running, its a bit of an assumption at this stage.
  5. Guest

    It uses all cores but not fully.
    The game is going 'slow' on me while the CPUs are at merely 30%. There's a bottleneck in the game's physics engine that isn't related to how fast the processors are.
  6. BigDog

    BigDog Trainee Engineer

    Exactly my suspicion.
  7. The_Director

    The_Director Junior Engineer

    Could we get a dev to answer this?

    I was working on one of my carriers and I barely started, added 6 reflectors and boom, bad framerate.

    Oh, and I have a custom PC, 4 core, AMD graphic card. (Srry I don't have model version) And I play Battlefield 4 on medium with 68 fps on avrage.

    I know Devs will often bottleneck a game while testing for bug squashing, but since the game engine is a minecraft grade, it may be stuck at where it is at.
  8. Guest

    I think they're too busy trying to code.
    I mean, the thing about this engine is that it does so much more than just display. All of the collision tracking that is going on. And also - the huge numbers of objects in game.
    Every block you place is an object by itself..
  9. Mishka

    Mishka Junior Engineer

    The game will use 2 cores during gameplay, 4 during saving game and 1 during loading game
  10. TechyBen

    TechyBen Junior Engineer

    What CPU do you have, I'm guessing it's an AMD 8 core? Might be a limit of the cores/hardware as I'm not sure all software can utilize it (it has limited memory allocation or something).
    So you have 4 double GPU AMD cards in quad Crossfire?
  11. Falidell

    Falidell Apprentice Engineer

    do you have a 4 core processor with Hyper threading?
  12. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    AMD 8150 8core @ 3.6ghtz to 4.2ghtz.
    Two ATI video cards, each card has 2 GPU's on it, totalling 4 GPU's in the system.
    Systems RAM is 1800htz.
  13. Helghast

    Helghast Trainee Engineer

    I am having the same issue here, Core i7 3770k processor with HT enabled 16gb ram and 2x670GTX. The CPU never gets over 30% load, even when the game starts dropping in frame rate.

    With kerbal space program the same issue popped up with the CPU never getting over 30%, the problem was the physics calculation is being done single-threaded. I am getting the sneaking suspicion space engineers suffers the same problem. If the physics was done multi-threaded the CPU should be able to scale up to 100%.

    Can the devs elaborate on this?
  14. The_Director

    The_Director Junior Engineer

    Devs any chance you could get a translator and answer a few questions from the players? I will still know what is up with the computer bottlenecks.
  15. piddlefoot

    piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    My MSI software shows 4 gpu core running when I run this game in one instance, then next time I run it, it shows up as 1 core ! wtf !
  16. The_Director

    The_Director Junior Engineer

    Any chance you had/have background programs . A anti virus programs are known for using most of your computer resources.
  17. aberration

    aberration Trainee Engineer

    I am running an Intel Core i7 3770k at stock clock. 32 gigs of Crucial Ballistix ddr3 1600 mhz memory. 256 gig Samsung 840 pro ssd. 2 AMD radeon hd 7870 in crossfire. All tied into an Asus SaberTooth z77 mobo.

    I have noticed SE only utilizing 1 physical core of the CPU. The game is crawling or me. Obviously not a multicore friendly game. Is this going to be remedied in the future or are we stuck where we are at?
  18. elch

    elch Apprentice Engineer

    Simulation limited only to two threads would explain why with my HW ( read below ) I get a massive simulation speed drop when I turn on my small fighter factory.
    It's build in nearly empty world. It has 2 pistons 4 sensors and 7 timer blocks and abput 40 velders, 1 grinder and together it's made of less then 100 blocks.
    When I turn the automated building on the Simulation speed keeps spiking.

    Note: FPS are just fine.
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  19. Kyle Hilliker

    Kyle Hilliker Trainee Engineer

    Why would you ever need 32 gb ram. Anything above 16 is a waste and actually has a negative effect.
  20. Martinineter

    Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Ram disk, rendering, many virtual machines, servers, browser tab-moster, and much more. Not every pc is focused on gaming.
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  21. SyKo232

    SyKo232 Trainee Engineer

    Do you suffer (or more so gain ;)) from opening a tab for every page you visit?

    i've managed to use up all my 16GB with Web browsers + Games + Teamspeak before :)
  22. Anthropy

    Anthropy Trainee Engineer

    ..How is more RAM bad? You're going to see a lot more 32GB configurations with the new DDR4, considering the norm seems to be 8 RAM slots instead of 4. Seriously though, don't talk voodoo you don't know anything about, it damages progress.

    On topic: The recent blog from Marek Rosa should explain it all: https://blog.marekrosa.org/2015/02/space-engineers-planets-oxygen-directx_18.html

    Additionally there seems to be a thread for logic, which basically handles all refineries, programming blocks, assemblers, energy systems (batteries, reactors,etc), and so forth. It would be really nice if they could thread that too, that's generally the first thing that starts slowing down for me in larger servers (causes refineries and assemblers to take aaaaaaaages).
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  23. a2457

    a2457 Senior Engineer

    interesting, on my fx 6300 it seems it uses only 3 cores.
    got it up to 4.8ghz via overclock, the game runs fast.
    but i would like a full 6 core support :D
    or more.
  24. captainbinary

    captainbinary Trainee Engineer

    I had a similar problem, however i fixed this by unparking my cores. https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2646060/en-us
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