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Update 01.011 - Warheads

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Dec 19, 2013.

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  1. ryudragon27

    ryudragon27 Trainee Engineer

    this is to epic for words

  2. KhaoskillR

    KhaoskillR Trainee Engineer

    Having trouble with a glitch here, can't build on any small ships if there is a big ship directly behind them where my mouse is pointing, it just wants to build on the big ship behind instead. Only started having this since the update
  3. Ihmemies

    Ihmemies Trainee Engineer

  4. Hollow_Knight

    Hollow_Knight Trainee Engineer

    00:00 Explosives enabled

    00:05 Booted up Space Engineers

    00:40 Blew up 1 Warhead block

    03:35 Blew up 400 Warhead blocks

    03:36 'Space Engineers has stopped working'

    Today is a good day.
  5. GDFKingTigerTank

    GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    ROFL annnnnnnd back we all go to the drawing boards having just completed the necessary system designs to evade offensive rail guns!

    I've almost completely stopped actual building other than research/functional testing and am instead logging draft/concept sketches and prototype system configurations/layouts on paper for final ship construction until ship features and component availability stabilizes for longer than a week.

  6. Stoic

    Stoic Trainee Engineer

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone...

    As far as we know, the armor physics are far from finalized, which will affect the final relative power of the warheads. So yes, the warheads might be excessively powerful now, but we'll have to wait and see what the final balance looks like.
  7. Sir_Moodz

    Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    I just placed 10.000 large warheads, and my game did not crash, it was one hell of an explosion :D
  8. Corban

    Corban Trainee Engineer

    I'm thinking way to powerful for survival mode. Ships look like they a very long time to build there, and having a 1 block 'bomb' that blows up half of a normal sized ship is to much.
  9. SigmaViper11

    SigmaViper11 Trainee Engineer

    They are quite powerful and can do considerable amounts of damage to large ships. But at the same time these seem to be pretty much just dumbfire weapons. If these become a bit costly to make in the final game that would be cool. Although something more costly and devastating would be cool too.

    But as some have pointed out this is just the beginning so the balancing of it may be worked on later.
  10. socramazibi

    socramazibi Trainee Engineer

    It's strange the sound of the bombs, as there no sound.
  11. GDFKingTigerTank

    GDFKingTigerTank Apprentice Engineer

    There is no sound in a vacuum...

    Physics lesson for the day: Sound requires air pressure to occur. We do not have pressurized rooms "yet" in the game. Therefore, all you get is the music on your Ipod in your space suit. [​IMG]
  12. Balmung

    Balmung Senior Engineer

    You have forget something: and it is possible that this Block get not into the final Game at all. That is also an Option. ;)
  13. Khell3770

    Khell3770 Trainee Engineer

    At this point I'm not concerned. The devs here seem to be doing an excellent job of building this game and I imagine these warheads will work much like TNT in minecraft. In survival is hard to build more then a handful of these because the key ingredient comes from one of the most dangerous NPC monsters (creepers). Add to the fact that as a dumb fire weapon they will be largely inaccurate against anything but stations or ambushed large ships. Hitting a small ship is going to be choose to impossible. Add to that the fact that if the warhead takes damage it blows up, making any torpedo ship very vulnerable to having its payload detonated in its own hold. Also a large warhead torpedo will be an easy target for small ships like fighters and I image the large ship Gatling turret will probably pick them off with ease unless it's encased in a huge, bulky armored shell.

    All in all I don't see this as extremely OP, and I like the point about this being light armor and that the armor mechanics may not be worked out yet. It could be that armor and internal structure are set for the same level now with changes coming later. This would explain why the assault rifle can shred small ship armor like its paper.

    PS. Devs, your doing a great job here and please keep it going. This has been my best alpha experience yet by far.
  14. Nacon

    Nacon Junior Engineer

    It's too powerful, indeed. However, I am curious about the explosion process, it seem no matter how thick your armors are, it only eliminate in the given range. It's not too late to change this, is it? I'm assuming this is based on diameter range of the warhead. Instead, can it based on raycast with "force" health?

    Say... Light armor is rated for 30Fn and the warhead is 50Fn. Warhead set off a limited number of raycast emitting from the source. That one ray carry a health of 50 points. The first armor it impact on, will subtract with the remaining armor's health (30) to the ray and it will continue in motion until it hit another armor or object. If it impact another armor for second time, the ray will only subtract the armor's health with its remaining health, which will end this ray and leave the second armor a health of 10.

    However, these raycast can be cause to figure out the angle of the impact. At zero degree angle, it's zero effect. At 90* degree, it's on full effect.

    So the formula should be like this in a example.

    Detected_Object_Health = 28 ;This object's max health is 50 but currently at 28.
    Detected_Object_Angle = 0.214 ;This angle is based on perpendicular to 1, thus range is between 0 to 1; ex. 90*=1, 0*=0
    RayCast_Health.23 = 12 ;This shows RayCast_Health.N current health.

    Impact_Result = RayCast_Health.N * Detected_Object_Angle
    ( Impact_Result > Detected_Object_Health ) ? Detected_Object_Health = 0, RayCast_Health.N = Impact_Result - Detected_Object_Health, ResumeRay(N) : Detected_Object_Health -= Impact_Result, EndRay(N)

    This should work and would make the explosion a bit more realistic. If it's a performance hit, you can always tone down the number of RayCasts at explosion trigger. :D
    PS: This might actually help with the performance if you're trying to blow up heavy/stronger armors where there's more objects in the explosion's range that will have no effect but using the health system to end these "logic checking" sooner.

    Other than that, it has been a good progress, keep up the great work!
  15. Xeplion

    Xeplion Trainee Engineer

    I feel like explosion effect should be bigger to hide dissapearing structures, so all the explosion would look much more realistic
  16. moroder

    moroder Apprentice Engineer

    My theory is there's two very different developers on SE: a quiet, serious one, who does all the core engine work, the seemingly boring but essential physics, graphics, sound, multiplayer core, and control stuff. And then there's a a loud, jocular one, who codes up rotors, guns, drills... and warheads. He goes 'wheeeeee!!! BOOM!!!' all the time.
  17. hrdrok

    hrdrok Apprentice Engineer

    Just went through the files. There is no way to adjust it's damage, yet. Hoping they give server admins access to damage multipliers.
  18. Nacon

    Nacon Junior Engineer

    Personally, I wouldn't say the explosion should be this "powerful", but I agree. It does seem like it need more particles and debris come out of a explosion at this scale. Maybe less power to match those effect? (Less is more?)

    I need more boring stuff. :D
  19. warmachine2k

    warmachine2k Apprentice Engineer

    it makes me wonder how many people tested the torpedoes out and then hit save by mistake :eek:ops:
  20. TodesRitter

    TodesRitter Moderator

    Kabooom !
  21. Siward

    Siward Trainee Engineer

    so how's manufacturing and multi-player coming along?
  22. shadow250

    shadow250 Apprentice Engineer

    my game version is 1.011.007. another update?
  23. winterman17

    winterman17 Trainee Engineer

    I can finally make boarding torpedoes! :D
  24. CmdrSkittles

    CmdrSkittles Trainee Engineer

    Throwing warheads at ships doesn't cause the victim ship to move out or rotation or get knocked about unlike when you through the large generators or other ships at it. It feels a little underwhelming when that doesn't happen.
  25. Stonewolf

    Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Great job again! I don't think these are over powered. I had to pack more of them together to make a bigger boom. I don't want just firecrackers. I can tell I'm not an explosives engineer tho. First one I used I bump into it and BOOM!!!! :D
  26. Spiritbw

    Spiritbw Apprentice Engineer

    Adding another design to the list: Bomber.

    Love the updates, but seriously feel like I am falling behind on getting things done. :D
  27. 3trip

    3trip Apprentice Engineer

    made a bomb looking thing, then started hurling them everywhere, very satisfying!
  28. tharkus

    tharkus Junior Engineer

    GOOD JOB. nice update.
    i think im not the only who thinks that the destructive power of warheads is tooooo much!, it should be lowered.
  29. Viranto

    Viranto Trainee Engineer

    This new update a minute ago, was this a fix? o:
  30. kevotjuh

    kevotjuh Trainee Engineer

    Wondering what this little update today is about
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.