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MedBay doesn't respawn the player that placed it.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Acela5, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Acela5

    Acela5 Trainee Engineer

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a feature that has not been added yet but i couldn't find it anywhere on the forums so i am making this.
    When placing a medbay it doesn't matter how i do it i never spawn there when i die unless its on my rescue ship i started in. If i disassemble my medbay and take it into my friends rescue ship that we built on and enhanced then it should spawn me there, but it doesn't. It treats the medbay as whoevers ship it is built on, but what classifies it as someones ship? I have ripped the cockpit out, replaced tons of blocks, and blocks under the medbay but it still treats it as my friends respawn even though he has nothing to do with it other than he spawned with that ship. I think this is a game breaking bug as flying far away from civilization is a must to survive in online games, and because i cant spawn in the ship with him it makes it impossible to find each other. And no beacons are not a good idea unless you have a death wish. I know there are ways like using landing gear or motors to link it to the ship, but this is very space consuming and risky as landing gear and motors are very buggy in survival online. Other than not being able to walk in someone else's moving ship and ships jerking there really isn't much wrong with the game that needs fixed. I'm really just hoping we can get a fix for this medbay bug soon.

    SUPERNERD101 Trainee Engineer

    Medbays need to be powered to allow a player to respawn there. Make sure you have a reactor that is on and has fuel in it wherever you put your medbay. If you put your medbay on a separate platform with nothing other than it and a reactor, you don't really have to worry about running out of fuel (from what I've seen, idle medbays don't draw power).
  3. Acela5

    Acela5 Trainee Engineer

    Yes i am aware of this and in all of my tests they have been powered. And like i said about landing gear and motors its way to bulky to do any decent design with it on a separate part of a ship.
  4. Joeliosis

    Joeliosis Trainee Engineer

    I am having this problem as well. It only seems to happen when playing MULTIPLAYER for me, but no matter how many times I teardown and remake my medbay, as soon as I log off, and relog back on, I start in a brand new rescue ship.
    After many times of this happening, I got mad, parked the new pod in an asteroid, built and set a parking brake, stripped out all other components, making the rescue ship into a spawn platform. After doing this, I killed myself a couple times, testing it out. I respawned in a wall a couple times, but after many tests, seemed to be fine. I was about to accept the fact that I could not build a working medbay, I figureed Id just use the rescue ship forever.
    Well I relogged, and son of a bitch, another brand new rescue ship

    Building several Medbays from scratch, both in ship, and on a separate platform with 1 year worth of power, at least

    building the medbay in several different configurations; upside-down, backwards, etc) w.e.

    Keeping the Rescue pod in mint condition, parked in a hangar

    I dont log off without sitting in a console with plenty of power.

    Maybe loggiing off too far away from the medbay is the problem, I noticed that I spawned from the nearest medbay at time of death, even though I didnt build it. a few times this has happened.

    IVe verified the files using steams preferences

    Pods are laggy and jittery, cannot be docked hardly at all, and the medbay function is very annoyingly broken.

    Hopefully theyll fix it Acela5, My survival experience is being altered due to the huge amount of pod ships on server. Ive had to constuct a shipyard JUST for pod ship salvage, letting me build an asteroid base completely out of pod salvage. Not really the wway the game was meant to be played, but at this point, Im basically farming refinery parts.
  5. SparkyRailgun

    SparkyRailgun Trainee Engineer

    I engaged in some tests of the Medical Room today, after having issues with people respawning in new ships on our server. My observations are as follows:

    • The player's first medical room, or any consequent medical room in a respawn ship, remain linked to the player and he will continue to spawn there.
    • Building a new medical room while acting as a client connected to a server achieves no effect; the player will continue to respawn at his original medical room, or create a new respawn ship if there are none available.
    • Building a new medical room while acting as the host of the multiplayer game, works as (presumably) intended. He will continue to spawn at the new medical room even when he is not hosting the game (using the same save file).
    The takeaway from this is that there is obviously some problem in the communication between the clients and the server as far as respawning goes (among other things).

    There are two current workaround that we are using:
    1. Keep your respawn ship. Attach a docking clamp to it and dock it somewhere, then turn everything but the reactor off. It will need a bare minimum of Uranium to keep the medbay running. This will ensure you always have a valid respawn point.
    2. Have the player run the save file himself, build his medbay, then send it back to the main server host. This allows you to use the medbays as intended, but is kind of goofy and time consuming.
    Running on Easy Start 2, Extreme Size, Survival Realistic x10.

    Hope that helps you all in the meantime, and that this bug gets squashed ASAP.
  6. Phand

    Phand Master Engineer


    thanks for reporting this bug! It should be fixed soon (in next update). Please let us know if it is still happening by then.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.