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Update 01.024 - Environmental hazards

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Apr 3, 2014.

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  1. Falidell

    Falidell Apprentice Engineer

    loving the hell fire of Armageddon =) makes my world a lot more fun and i noticed that you guys went all out and added increased realism with the Meteor... if a meteor hits a large static asteroid it will place random ore there... makes my all stone asteroid field have ore... before i made it so i had to rely on cargo ships and their parts to survive which is how i intended it but those meteors allow me a high risk reward lol
  2. TGIF

    TGIF Trainee Engineer

    I have not been keeping up with the game progress these last few weeks because im waiting for the heavy guns to be enabled on Large vessels. Anyone know if they are enabled?
  3. Dan2D3D

    Dan2D3D Moderator

    No they are not enabled, but there is so much new you should watch updates videos. ;)
  4. swumprat

    swumprat Trainee Engineer

    O god swump tech ship yard is BONED! i need to hide the ships.....
  5. Dga8705

    Dga8705 Trainee Engineer

    Pissed off at the world much? While I too am definitely looking forward to conveyors, I think this is a perfectly valid update. Also, learn about how a game development works. They've explained this before. They have a list of things they want to add, several people working on different things, and are adding those things in update as they complete them. Things and dedicated servers are obviously going to be more complicated and take longer, while things like this are much simpler and therefore easier to finish a few of them each week while the bigger projects like conveyors are being worked on. The developers are obviously working hard (how many other games do you know of that have updates with actual additions every single week, and not just bug fixes but actual additions) and should be appreciated. I'm fine with the people saying they would prefer something like conveyors, but good god, relax and get over yourself.
  6. JustSomeGuy

    JustSomeGuy Trainee Engineer

    Really? (Face palm!) Sigh! Thanks for the information. Just when I think I made a good suggestion it's already in there. I just keep adding up the things I don't know. Someday I'll know stuff!
  7. TheJoker

    TheJoker Trainee Engineer

    JUP STILL NO SOUND !?! please fix sound before anything else PLEASE !!
  8. DarkS33d

    DarkS33d Apprentice Engineer

    That's a great idea, thanks!
  9. eqweqrrewyey

    eqweqrrewyey Trainee Engineer

    In space, no one can hear you scream.
  10. DovahDog

    DovahDog Trainee Engineer

    Please can you add:
    1)an Uncovered cockpit,to make hover motorcycle
    2) gravity affect the ships
  11. Ice Forge

    Ice Forge Apprentice Engineer

    Hm.. just my game going nuts or did we get hit by another patch ? ( NOT calling it an update ! )
  12. Vxvl47

    Vxvl47 Trainee Engineer

    Very nice but the astronauts are made of fur. One slight hit and instant death. This bugs me too much
  13. entspeak

    entspeak Senior Engineer

    I just played a new survival world 16 asteroids and the meteor storms on Normal. Have to say, the first time I heard them, I was terrified! So exciting! Space is dangerous!

    For all those complaining about features like this being added before others: as with virtual every game in development, not everything gets done at the same pace and development is not a linear task. Why leave out a feature just because another one is not ready to be implemented yet?
  14. Torxe

    Torxe Trainee Engineer

    btw am I the only one that would like a paint brush like in creative mode to use in survival?

    I understand it's not realistic to be able to instantly color a block but coloring would be a whole lot of work otherwise.
  15. Poomanchu

    Poomanchu Trainee Engineer

    ....or complain, for that matter. hehehe
  16. Ash87

    Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Honestly, we need a way to deflect or stop the asteroids. It doesn't need to be super effective, just a means of stopping the occasional rock, that doesn't involve making all bases 4 blocks thick in armor.

    I wont be activating asteroids on my server until that time.

    I would say it's a solid start towards environmental hazards though. I would kind of like to see some non-deadly hazards, like dust clouds.
  17. Alzonian Admiral

    Alzonian Admiral Trainee Engineer

    I didn't know they were doing polls and I'd wager that ALOT of players didn't either. Therefore, all those polls are invalid because they do not accurately show what players want. Players want multiplayer to work. To be able to set teams. Conveyors. Not once have I read on a forum that people want meteor showers. Sure, you could link me one but I didn't find it and that makes me feel like it's not important. The core elements of the game don't work, rotors still don't work but sure, have random flaming balls of crap spawn to destroy your frame rate. This feature is disabled in all my worlds and will continue to be.
    Let's keep the focus on important things devs.
  18. SUPERNERD101

    SUPERNERD101 Trainee Engineer

    Painting works the same in Survival as it does in Creative...
  19. faceit77

    faceit77 Apprentice Engineer

    What you are saying is stupid. You didn't see the poll so that means it's invalid ? the devs try their best and you just complain by telling them that they are not adding what YOU want in the game. Who are you to call it invalid ? most things work just fine so stop whining like a little child.
  20. JustSomeGuy

    JustSomeGuy Trainee Engineer

    A few days ago I noticed a "business shipment" some 300,000 meters out from one of my bases. I passed! The next day it was still cruising around this time at over 500,000 meters out. Yesterday, it was still going at about 835,000 meters. I couldn't take it anymore. I loaded up an heavy fighter and a small recovery ship (like a small freighter with guns) onto a large freighter/recovery ship and started after it. It's going to take a couple of hours at the speeds allowed, but I'm curious. What the heck is out there at that distance? Isn't this "business shipment" supposed to disappear after a while? Is there another "sector" or something out there? Civilization?

    Regardless... I'm going to blow that thing apart and kill its beacon. It just irritates me!

    Anyone else experience anything like this?
  21. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke Trainee Engineer

    Cool update, found a way to protect myself:
    1) Make a "mother" ship and live in it, solar panel powered (with some reactors) and fly around the asteroid field (dont forget to place a beacon) .
    2) Make a rotor at the bottom of an asteroid. Then make a long bridge to the space station and spin it up.
    No way they can hit you on normal and cataclysm :):)
  22. Conradian

    Conradian Moderator


    But the poll is the only clear statistical evidence they have to work off. It's valid because of that. If you didn't do the survey then sorry but that's not their fault. They advertised it on the forums and on the website.

    Now you can complain and be disappointed, but you have to understand that you're not the one making this game and therefore not the one working towards your vision.

    They're trying to implement the game's features once a week. That's a big goal. They're currently getting the low-hanging fruit, the easy bits, in whilst working on the bigger stuff in the background till its ready.

    I'm sure you'd love conveyors, but considering they weren't even working last week or the week before for the devs, I'm sure you would've hated broken conveyors that just ate up your materials and lost them more than you hate not having them.
  23. pirate

    pirate Apprentice Engineer

    It's not like the devs can just press a button labeled "ENABLE CONVEYORS" or "FIX ROTOR PHYSICS" and watch the magic happen. That isn't how development works. These things take time, they're a small team, they've set a (tough) goal to add a new feature every week, the ones you want take longer than a week but they do what they can to hold to their goals.

    I really respect this development model and I love that the community is involved enough in the development that I feel like I can suggest a small but neat feature the developers may not have thought of and possibly see it in the game as early as the next week.
  24. RvnZhef

    RvnZhef Trainee Engineer

    LMAO. I feel kinda bad for you. No, the cargo/automatic/non-inertia-dampener-activated ship tends to disappear at my game about 20.000 meters off. But if you're going to chase that distance, it's really going to take a while. I once sent a ship (in creative) going at 50 m/s far on to the distant space. It's got to the point that it is around 2.600.000 m away. I tried to chase it but just got tired of the emptiness. Then I reversed the ship through the use of SE Toolbox. It still took a long while. I think it took me 3 large ships, and two stations, slight roleplaying a bit to wait until the ship came back, because the game does not load in the background I think.
  25. JustSomeGuy

    JustSomeGuy Trainee Engineer

    Well... I got the SOB! It took a while, but I hit it with rockets until the beacon was dead and it was in pieces. At that distance though my "mother ship" was shaking for some reason and the controls for getting onto the far roving "business shipment" were kind of wonky. Oh... and there was nothing on the darn thing either. It must of been one of those I already raided and let continue on its way. It never disappeared and just kept going is what I am thinking. From now on, my "standard procedure" will be to destroy the beacon on any ship I encounter or the whole ship. I wish they had remote activation for the warhead so I could just plant one and then blow it up from the convenience of my recovery ship or when just floating about out there.

    I'm still on my way back and have some damage to repair to my small "recovery ship" because when I tried to land on my shaking large ship it destroyed the landing gear and did some damage to the hull of the large ship too. Don't know why. I will get back after another 20-30 minutes of flight time (I flew part of the way back last night). It took several hours to get out to where the thing was (finally reached it at about 1,000,000 meters). But I won't be doing this kind of thing again.

    I'm going to have to look into this SE Toolbox thing you mentioned and see if I can learn how to use it. There are a lot of things I would modify if I could. Which reminds me, I still need furniture for my stations. I built a lot of empty rooms in buildings on those things and I would love to make them a bit "homier" if you know what I mean.
  26. Aortal

    Aortal Trainee Engineer

    Was hoping from something we actually asked for like dedicated servers and fixing the survival game modes.
  27. Aortal

    Aortal Trainee Engineer

    They are just static ships with the thrusters left on. Anyone who thought they were 'AI' were sadly mistaken. If you don't catch the ships they will just keep on going and going.
  28. FalloutBoy

    FalloutBoy Trainee Engineer

    Not quite correct Aortal, Generally although the thrusters are glowing they are idle, the ships have been sent off at a certain speed and then the inertial compensators have been turned off - meaning the ship will continue in that direction until either you take it over and do something with it - or it encounters a large immovable object and has its marmalade spread all over the floor in place of its toast I.E it gets splattered or it times out and disappears.

    If you try and do something with one of these ships, fail in your endeavors and it's still got power - it'll hang around forever. If you do nothing it will eventually vanish and the likelihood of the marmalade scenario in realty could happen but I don't think it will in the game.
  29. JustSomeGuy

    JustSomeGuy Trainee Engineer

    I dunno.... I raided several other ships that eventually disappeared. My method was to take a small ship and match speed with the target ship, then bail out of my small ship and board the target. Sometimes if they just had externally available cargo containers I would just empty those and go back to my small ship and let the target go on its merry way. This one I mentioned though, did not disappear as the others seemed to. I did raid a couple of "military" vehicles which I then destroyed upon returning to my small "recovery ship" which is like a small freighter with a small cargo container on it and some guns. I did manage to get one military type ship back to one of my bases after boring into it and removing a warhead (it had a single red block which looked suspicious so I cut that out and found the warhead), but if I try to take over a ship I plant a cockpit on it and control it from there and not the internal cockpit anyway. I just land my small ship on it and fly the whole thing home, but I seldom do that. I normally just raid it and go back to my small ship while the target floats off to parts unknown.
  30. Project2100

    Project2100 Trainee Engineer

    Your already looted ships are most probably still drifting into open space, even if you don't see them.

    My experience: Me and a couple friends share a common world in survival mode with random ships on; every time a ship spawned, we just took it to base before raiding it. Truth is, i actually forgot to toggle thruster damage, but I digress...
    After a dozen ships or more, we just started building our own and stopped venturing... this is what our world looked like some days ago: link
    Now before someone points out that SE is in alpha stage: I know it; and i understand it too.
    Though, having my HUD cluttered by beacons I cannot humanly deactivate in-game without toggling the HUD every time is... annoying.
    I actually intended to retrofit a mining hauler to be an assimilating ship and drive it to all those drifting ones, but after recovering a couple, I forfeited and started looking for a way to actually erase them by file editing. Turns out that Space Engineers' modding page has all the pointers I needed to edit my world.

    When I expunged the last wreck, it was at 4Mm distance from base, and I state this fact to underline my first statement: those ships you raided most probably didn't despawn and are still going where no one has before :).

    What I assume is, you can't see them (they "disappeared") because you looted their reactors too, thus they have no power, which in turn means their beacons are offline; a business shipment can actually keep itself powered without uranium, thanks to the generous amount of solar panels they have.
    Hope I did help with this explanation :).
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