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Usefull Decoys and "Dynamic" targets

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by RedWolf, May 6, 2014.

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  1. RedWolf

    RedWolf Trainee Engineer

    Hi all!

    As we know, in a recent update, turrets were added for large ships. they automatically shoot at decoy blocks. But for now these decoy blocks have no use apart from being shot, so i thought about something.


    Each large ship has to add decoy blocks in its construction (renamed computers). They are used to control each systems of the ship, meaning they will be needed to control thrusters, guns, gravity generators, and so on. The presence of such a computer is needed in a certain radius from the block that you want to operate. Without that computer, you won't be able to activate/deactivate any of these blocks, or to interact with them via the console. As these computers are essential to the construction of the ship, they should need uncommon resources in survival, as big ships should be luxe, and not simply be given to you.

    They would be arranged in 4 categories:
    -Propulsion (needed to use thrusters)
    -Communication (needed to identify the ship, it's side and name (could replace beacons))
    -Weapons (needed to operate rocket pods and activate turrets)
    -Systems (needed to operate all non-primary systems as gravity generators, assemblers, and refiners)

    The category of the computer can be changed by interacting with it.


    these computers, replacing decoys, will be the targets that the turrets aim for. Depending on the primary target of the turret, it will attack the closest target in range in the right category, then the closest target. Thanks to these, space battles will become a great thrill, as you could loose your rear thrusters to a group of enemy turrets specially programmed for this, and the space battles will also look cooler with fire trails that would shoot in a lot of different locations, and not only to one or two random decoys. When these computers are destroyed, all the systems depending on it will become unavailable, and thrusters would stay in their current state (making moving spaceship encounters very dangerous).


    Small ships would only need one type of decoy, used for all systems of the ships in range, so that small ships don't become too big and without graphical purpose. This decoy would be targeted by all turrets, without taking care of the category it was designed for.

    Thank you for listening to my idea, don't forget to comment any idea that would perfect this one.

    Red Wolf.
  2. Littleturn

    Littleturn Trainee Engineer

    That's a pretty neat idea actually. I think they have other plans on how to do it though but this could serve to inspire them :)
  3. RedWolf

    RedWolf Trainee Engineer

    And also, I forgot my other idea:


    You can change the type of the ammo, by crafting other ammo. Each ammo type would have a different purpose, each usefull In a different way.

    -Armor Piercing: Ammo type that shoots and travels more slowly than the basic one, but that can shoot through a layer of block when inflicting damage to it, very useful to hit systems that are hidden just under the hull.
    -Explosive: Ammo type creating a large explosion, but not dealing much damage. The impact zone would be big but superficial, great for impressive first strikes, or to make a ship drift more without totally ravaging it.
    -Hot Bullets: Ammo type that disables computers, and every other systems it hits really fast but that is really slow at destroying any armor, or at destroying the lower part of system hull bars, so it's only good at neutralizing systems. Great to attack the inside of a ship, or to finish off an assault without destroying part that you could be scavenged later.

    Thank you for listening to the rest of my ideas!


    (PS: thx Littleturn ^^ )
  4. Rochendil

    Rochendil Trainee Engineer

    Except maybe the small ships, they have their cockpit, that should be enough.
  5. RedWolf

    RedWolf Trainee Engineer

    But if the turrets aimed for the cockpit, you would be OS at every run on the MotherShip, so it would be a bit over powered...
  6. Falidell

    Falidell Apprentice Engineer

    they could just aim for the ship systems like ion-drives, generators, gyroscopes, etc.
  7. OracleTX

    OracleTX Apprentice Engineer

    -1 because I think decoys are just a placeholder. Also, placing those would be obnoxious and there is nothing stopping people from putting the gun-bait out on armored balls away from all the truly essential components.

    That said, I expect that the eventual gun turret system will allow for some targeting options like shooting at radiation signatures (generators), heat signatures (thrusters), radar signatures (center of mass), or manual targeting.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.