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Newbie first thoughts and a few questions

Discussion in 'General' started by KirathianUK, Oct 4, 2014.

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  1. KirathianUK

    KirathianUK Trainee Engineer

    Hi everyone :)

    Just started playing SE and having fun. Some first impressions and questions are:

    It seems very dark mining in asteroids, even with lights on. Is there a gamma setting i'm missing somewhere?

    I'm trying to play MP with my wife in survival. Every time I save with us together, but when i load, I come in at that place, but she has to "revive" somewhere else. Are we doing something wrong, or can you not load where you saved? Makes it hard to roleplay a genuine survival situation.

    Having to chase after the mined resources when you drill seems daft, especialy when you can only pick up with the reticle (the damn rock is always at your feet and you cannot look down that far). Could we have a mode where the resources automatically go to inventory (providing you have space of course)? IRL i'd set up a net or something to auto catch stuff so it doesnt fly off, should have an in game equivalent available. If there is one, please let me know! Having T pressed while drilling is a PITA and still misses most of what you drill.

    Meteor shower frequency on "normal" seems like every 5 minutes? Is that really normal? What the heck must armageddon mode be like???

    Even though my wife is on the same LAN as me, the game I start doesnt show in the LAN group when joining a game?

    When looking for another game to join, how do you tell what configurations they have set for the game? Is there a way to exclude (mark as dislike or whatever) some servers so they dont show up (eg they are full of griefers or whatever)

    Anyway, thanks for creating a great game - hope to get many thousands of hours enjoyment out of it :)

    Edit: oh, one other thing, in one game, i took ownership of a bunch of stuff, but when i took ownership of a gattling gun, it proceded to trash most of the stuff i'd owned, like a couple small ships? Whats that about? Only way i could stop it was reduce its range to practically zero. Can we have a "target meteors only" mode or something?
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  2. jcalis1994

    jcalis1994 Apprentice Engineer

    Hello and welcome to SE!

    Yes, it is intended to be dark. In fact there are some skybox mods that make it even darker, you know, for the more "realistic" outlook. But yes, there's no gamma setting.

    Yes, as of now, in multiplayer only the host gets the saved inventory, toolbar and location. On dedicated server, no one does, so before logging out you always have to make sure to have a medical room to respawn in, and to always leave your inventory in a cargo container.

    There's no other way to first mine once you start in survival. However it is fairly easy to get the needed resources (along with, if you'd prefer, tearing down your respawn ship) to build a drilling small ship going which will make things a lot easier and better. Further down the line you can make larger drilling ships, as well as gravitational funnels to get nearly every single bit of ores you can get from a mining session. But at the beginning, yes it is hard and intended to be hard to start off. My advice is to enjoy the rough times, once you get going things like mining will be nearly automatic if you engineer yourself a good drilling ship that can be hooked to your main refineries/assemblers and have an automatic system in place.

    Can't speak for the meteor showers, I don't use them at the moment. I believe the few times I tried them, yes they were a bit frequent. The best strategy is to build inside an asteroid until you have enough resources to get some defense system going on. Can't speak for LAN either since I've never connected that way.

    When looking at the server list, you get the basic 1-1-1 style description (#x inventory size, #x assembler efficiency, #x refinery efficiency I believe), and a list of mods they run (unless the list is fairly large) by simply putting your cursor on the mod count. There's no way to exclude servers.

    Hope it helped!
  3. Wizlawz

    Wizlawz Master Engineer

    i think there is a mod for the meteors.

    i think it is less occurrences or something...i do not remember.

    Armageddon? good luck if you ever try that setting.

    as for the automated guns yes there is a target meteors only. as for the ownership i believe you have to create a faction and then take ownership in order to prevent the auto guns from shooting non-faction things..... i think.
  4. gFleka

    gFleka Junior Engineer

    Welcome! :D
    The manual drilling should only happen at the beginning in the survival as small mining ships are much more efficient in doing so. You should start building a small miner asap!
    As for the meteors, either defend yourself with chainguns, hide in the asteroid, or just build a heavy armor frame(don't weld it) around your ship/station.
  5. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Welcome to SE (to both of you)!

    There's actually a technique that makes manual mining much less painful, until you can get a ship to mine with. It comes in two parts:

    The main trick is to not sit on the drill, because that will indeed cause little fragments that fly everywhere; you want very short bursts, just enough to break one chunk free at a time. For some reason, this tends to cause the chunk that gets broken off to be quite big (pretty sure this isn't just a fluke, it's been around for some time now). Because the chunk is quite big, you end up spending less time overall mining, because you only grab three or four chunks before your inventory is full and you can drop it off in your space truck or what have you.

    The second part of the trick stops bits and pieces from flying everywhere in the first place. When you start drilling, plaster yourself right up against the face that you'll be mining out of; get your astronaut's chest right up against it. Burst-drill a chunk out -- you'll likely have to chase that one down. Now, wedge yourself into the hole you made, and repeat. The ensuing chunks won't be able to get very far, because you're blocking their path, and since you're drilling a little channel into the rock, they won't be able to go any other way. These two together save me a lot of time, not to mention cutting down on all the little bits and pieces you have to track down and that can slow your game down.

    The technique isn't foolproof. Sometimes you just get little bits and pieces. But this should help quite a bit. I'll see if I can get a clip of it up tomorrow, it's a little hard to describe.

    And yeah, as far as the meteors go, hiding on the asteroids' dark side works well. You don't have to actually hide inside the asteroid; the meteors always come from the sun, so as long as you're on the dark side, you'll be safe.

    Armageddon is exactly what it sounds like. I use it to test warships. :D
  6. Volfram

    Volfram Senior Engineer

    Also, hold down T while drilling, you'll grab the majority of ore as it spawns. Less chasing down the little rocks flying everywhere in zero-G.

    And bewere the right-click on drills. It hollows out a huge area, BUT all of the material that was hollowed out that way is destroyed and can't be collected.
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  7. KirathianUK

    KirathianUK Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the welcomes and tips so far :)
  8. Spets

    Spets Master Engineer

    sry for this, but, this is not the first time I see people complaining about the game is too dark, not only in this game, or that the colors are not vibrant, whatever, so, the question is... do this people knows that the actual monitor have buttons where you can adjust at your preference? like, color, gamma, etc? also the drivers settings? and you can configure that as you like? what the heck? :confused: and I also saw mods, software, I think is called sweetfx or something, it only changes the colors, saturation, levels, like wtf? you can do that just adjusting the monitor....

    and welcome :p
  9. Xocliw

    Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    Welcome to the madness.... :cool:
  10. MegaMiner

    MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    There is a technique in C?C++ where you can acquire a handle to the Direct3D instance of another application, and then change the gamma settings. Granted thats not the user friendly way of doing it, but its the engineer friendly way :D

    Manual drilling is a PITA. That is why getting a drill ship is a high priority for me when I start a new survival game. My todo list is basically -

    1. Make a base,
    2. Perm you ship.
    3. Get a drill ship going.
    4. Solar power.
    5. Defences.

    Depending on if you are going to pirate cargo ships, you can substitute number 3 for getting a missile ship with landing gear. Capture a single Mining ship will give you tons of ore and jump start your economy.
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  11. Communist Penguin

    Communist Penguin Apprentice Engineer

    The ownership thing is pretty bad with turrets since they will attack things with no ownership. If your going to use it, make sure you put ownership on everything before the turrets.

    Also with lighting, It actually looks better with the darker higher contrast mods, more atmospheric.

    One helpfull hint though, on ship lights you can adjust the intensity and radius - very usefull since lights are one of the biggest lagmonsters!
  12. Wizlawz

    Wizlawz Master Engineer

  13. Blako

    Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Welcome to Space :wave:

    Building an expensive medical bay and setting it to allow faction members to spawn there will let your wife spawn in with you. Light radius controls the distance which a light stops illuminating while light intensity behaves like brightness. Some players like the soft glow that a high radius and low intensity light provides. A turret set to shoot moving objects will fire on any block without an owner (armor, thrusters). A online turret not set to fire on anything will still fire on blocks with enemy ownership (cockpits, reactors). These options can be found by walking up to the blue keypad on the sides of a turret or by sitting in a station chair opening console, typing in turret, and clicking once on the turret you wish to modify.

    Normal Sunlight with a different background.​
    No Sunlight with a different background.
    Simply finding then landing on this asteroid was one of the most memorable and rewarding moments in my time on S.E.​
    Functional if ugly Funnel
  14. Zerat_kj

    Zerat_kj Trainee Engineer

    Have not tested armagedon for a while but 2 months ago armagedon also had the 5 min spawn rate. It simply has more and bigger asterooids.
  15. Ortikon

    Ortikon Apprentice Engineer

    In regards to having issues in the dark, the spotlights are broken. They shine the lenseflare and volumetric sprite in the right direction but the actual raytraced light is pointing the wrong way, which is why rocks don't illuminate until you have pretty much crashed into it at the moment.
    took me forever to realize what changed, then found tons of pages on it. The spot lights used to actually work incredible distances.
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  16. ObjectZero

    ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    I miss my working spot light to the little time that I had them.
  17. Ortikon

    Ortikon Apprentice Engineer

    I thought I was just crazy. I tried to show off the lighting to my friend and I hadn't booted the game up since it broke apparently.
    Interior lights still work beautifully though. I wont be using Pitch Black until its fixed though, just too ridiculous trying to mine like that.
    So in the mean time I have been alternating through all of the lovely homeworld 2 skybox's. Keepers of Sajuk sky is absolutely lovely.
  18. Infekted

    Infekted Apprentice Engineer

    In the early game on the manual mining part, the main tip is use a gravity field, ideally mobile and quite small.
    Simply drill in a "downwards" direction and all your loose ore will gather in front of you allowing trivially easy pick up. Basically hold down T and you should get it all.
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