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Ship Name

Discussion in 'General' started by ObjectZero, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. ObjectZero

    ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    What do you name your ships and why did you name it so?

    I'll start my main ship is "Bad Luck", reason behind it I was having a string of bad luck with ship getting blown up from my own errors, other people and other random action in the game. I had a bunch blow up,float away or wrecked beyond repair one day. Out of frustration I name the last ship I made Bad Luck, and despite all the damage it would take and things that would happen to it over time, it would still work. I could always manage to fly it back to base for repairs or make the needed repair there and go. Now it's a flying well armed beast that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
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  2. KirathianUK

    KirathianUK Trainee Engineer

    Lifeboats and respawn ships i call Kirathian's Runabout. My other main ship is called Skylark as it is modelled after the EE Doc Smith ship of the same name.
  3. Communist Penguin

    Communist Penguin Apprentice Engineer

    Darude Spacestorm?
  4. Dice

    Dice Trainee Engineer

    My ship names are generally pragmatic, such as 'Large Miner', 'Welder', etc. The exceptions are my Larger main ships; the 450m ship I'm presently working on in survival I've christened 'Gloria Aeternum', while my my first main ship, which was heavily converted from the standard respawn ship, ended up looking like a bit like a skinny fish so I dubbed it 'Remora'.
  5. Conradian

    Conradian Moderator

    I'm quite military, so my ships get a whole range of names, IDs, and serials. For example, my small ships work on a rough translation of air force designations. Ships are given a classification letter and number per model followed by the name for that model (Like my fighter the 'F-7 Interceptor' or my passenger transport the 'P-1 Starbird'). Each ship is also given a three digit serial number that uniquely identifies that ship when read alongside its designation e.g. The first Interceptor off the line is the F-7-001. Serial numbers of '001' tend to indicate prototypes.
    Large ships on the other hand take the form of Royal Navy ship designations. A ship is built without a name, instead with simply a stand-in name and project name e.g. Project Explorer for the Type 1 Corvette. When finished a ship is christened and if it is the first of its class the class name is also chosen. The ship is given a serial number that indicates that particular vessel, as well as its type. The Type 1 Corvette was designated H01 (Astrographic vessel) and was christened the KNS Challenger. It is an Explorer-Class Corvette.
    Other large ships include the Type 2 Gunboat, called the Sentinel-Class, and the Type 3 Cruiser, called the Archer-Class.
    Turrets get names for models only, and current examples include the multi-axis Crossbow-Class and the single-axis Shortbow-Class.
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  6. Skeloton

    Skeloton Master Engineer

    Freespace 2 and Homeworld are my main inspiration for names.
  7. Gweepo

    Gweepo Apprentice Engineer

    My fighters name is


    Ready Ready Ready?????

    Fighter Chip!

    *Thank you thank you the applause and roses are all i need*

  8. GotLag

    GotLag Senior Engineer

    The first construction ship I felt worth naming was called the Bumblebee, because it was fat, yellow, and had stripes. So naturally the mining ship that docked several of them was called the Queen Bee. So since then it's been female titles: Queen (modular ship), Marchioness (experiment in asymmetry), Contessa and Contessa II (II has same layout but with twice as much of everything), and Duchessa (rearrangement and upgrade of Contessa II). I am a bit worried about my next design, as I've run out of nice-sounding words.

    My drones are insectoid: Combat Wasp, Hornet, and Termite (with drill variant).

    I also give all my ships a three-letter prefix, and include that prefix in all component names - it works wonders for filtering control panels when you have a bunch of drones docked.
  9. goduranus

    goduranus Junior Engineer

    I find that pragmatic names "Small Welder 2", "Big Drill 25" are good for when you play multiplayer, as a ship built when some faction members are offline can be more quickly recognized.
  10. slader1997

    slader1997 Trainee Engineer

    given the fact i make military ships and use them for attacking others, i tend to name my ships after demons and other figures of evil. this way people get the idea of how bad they will get their butts handed to them
  11. Haunty

    Haunty Apprentice Engineer

    I kind of like technical descript names, like MS V140, for Mothership or Mobile Station that measures 140m vertical. Or just fitting names like "Photon" for a solar/battery powered ship.
  12. maxxod

    maxxod Trainee Engineer

    Got one ship named "Erebus", which is a stealth ship. Named for one of the ships used in the Franklin expedition. Part of Canada's history. And Erebus is a demon of darkness so it's fitting in both regards.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.