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Capital ship sections.

Discussion in 'General' started by Steelpanther, Nov 29, 2014.

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  1. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    So I've decided to make the jump to making a few capital ships since I lost my main survival game to HDD failure.

    I'm making two of them. A base ship with all the basics and made for practical comfort and a light carrier with a assortment of warships that will have a cramped submarine feeling.

    I'm attempting to make them fairly realistic. Maintenance ways to physically access every piece of equipment and sections to make them seem real.

    So what sections would these ships need? I'm starting with the base ship, the USS Constitution.

    So far my sections roughly planed front to back are:

    Hamster wheel and forward observation deck
    Nav deck
    Rec hall
    Mess hall and barracks
    Hanger bays
    Main cargo
    Processing and manufacturing(includes collection and this is where I have started building since it is the ships focus.)
  2. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    Sorry about muti posts, however I couldn't make that one bigger and see what I was writing due to my phone not letting me scroll the box down. As I was.

    Rear ob. Deck and a hamster wheel.

    Along with this I plan to have at least one per side a observation tunnels spanning the length of the ship.

    I have not started thinking about the carrier other than the name. One thing at a time.

    So anything I missed? Any ideas or comments? Suggestions for mods?
  3. andbruu

    andbruu Trainee Engineer

    I think a medbay, perhaps combined with a science lab.
    A conference room, with a guest suit, if the CEO should come by.
  4. Hatchie

    Hatchie Apprentice Engineer

    Definitely crew quarters.
  5. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    Forgot about a med bay and a lab is a good idea. Didn't think of that as this is a military support ship, but considering this fleet is ment to be solo capable for exploration and behind the lines action a lab makes sense. I'll place those behind the mess hall and barracks.

    The meeting room is interesting, I'll carve a spot out of the rec room and another off the bridge for it. Gives me the idea that I'll put the captain's quarters near the bridge as well.

  6. Infekted

    Infekted Apprentice Engineer

    Here's the sections I have in my latest big build:

    Main/Battle bridge
    Fire Control Rooms - Turret Control stations.
    Auxiliary forward bridge
    Flying/Nav bridges
    Multiple medical rooms.
    Crew Cabins. Singular cabins.
    Barracks. Multi-person accommodation, for marines etc.
    Mess Halls/Canteens/Rec Rooms/Social Areas.
    Briefing rooms.
    Sensor Room - Where you place Antenna, Beacons, Ore Detectors etc.
    Hydroponics bays.
    Utility rooms - Mainly atm for placing Gravity generators that are accessible and provide the grav coverage you want. Also could be for "air scrubbers" "water systems" etc.
    Security Check Points - At any Entrances to the ship or bridges.
    Security Office - Armoury/Brig/Camera room.
    Gravity Shield Room - Lots of Spherical Grav gens set to -1g 400m to repel grav weapons.

    Hangars, with observation/control deck - Even non-carriers are going to want to carry something. Or at least somewhere shuttles can land/supply ships drop off supplies.
    Construction/Repair areas. Connected to hangars, somewhere to build/repair things.
    Manufactury - Refiners and assemblers.

    Main engineering control room.
    Reactor rooms.
    Gyro rooms/halls.
    Storage/Cargo Spaces.
    Gravity Drive Room - N.B. G-drive the ship also needs to be mass symmetrical. And you need to think about "lethal" gravity fields.

    There's also other considerations like:
    Main Crew Access routes: Halls/Corridors/Passages
    Engineering Access Routes.
    Airlocks into/out of the ship/Bulkheads Sealing up various sections of the ship
    Conveyor System.
  7. gFleka

    gFleka Junior Engineer

    Infekted that's impressive :D
  8. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    That's pretty sweet and full of things I never thought of. Thanks.

    You use any mods? How do you handle the security zones?
  9. Communist Penguin

    Communist Penguin Apprentice Engineer

    You might want to look at these ships I made for some idea's on how to do a more cramped 'submarine-like' interior
    ISS Kepler: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=272471687
    ISS Astron: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=289092185

    The Astron's interior is more compact, but both might be worth checking out.

    Things to take into account that may not be imediatly obvious:
    Conveyor placement - it can be tricky when your tying to fit as much interior space in as possible
    How well armoured critical rooms are - what will be in the center and what will be at the edge of the ship
    Stairwell's/elevators - they take up more room than you think
    If your going to have crew quarters, they take up a surprising amount of room, even really small ones.
  10. Infekted

    Infekted Apprentice Engineer

    I've been trying to build a decent big ship for a whiles now, hence the list :D I think I am on version 7 atm.. Tho I have high hopes for this one!

    I try not to use mods if I can help it. But I do use Titan Engines, as big ships without them look gimpy imo.
    They are also cool, because a large part of the engine is internal, allowing you to have proper engine rooms as well. Which I really like. I can just imagine my engineer dudes repairing them on the fly etc.
    I also had to get a bigger/more powerful gyro on my last build because it ended up a bit mahoosive... And I couldn't even come close to putting enough normal gyros on it without crippling my system :D

    Other stuff I tend not to go with. I find a lot of mods, the skin just doesn't fit very well with the space engineers theme (titan is a little guilty of this too). I also go light on details, as I usually have to save processing power for more important things... Like I will build for example a hydroponics room, but wont get the mod and fill it full of hydroponic looking things. With big builds you just got to nurse your FPS.

    With security zones. Well this is all a bit imaginary. I try to limit the number of exits and entrances to the ship. Each entrance will have a airlock, and straight after that a security checkpoint. This check point is just a small room with a control station, a camera and an internal sentry gun or two. I try and create a mirrored glass look, where like security personnel could observe people coming in and out without them being able to see back too well. And I find that the tunnel part, if placed with the open side down kind of looks like a airport scanner type thing.
    Then it has a security office next to the main bridge. This controls access to the bridge, fire control rooms, as well as the medi rooms near to them. I usually build an armoury room, where ammo etc is kept and brig/s. It also has lots of control stations, configured to view/control security checkpoint cameras and turrets. I again use the mirrored glass effect a lot, and the tunnel scanner thing. It's basically where most of my imaginary on-shift security personnel would be. With another one or two manning each check point.

    Incidentally, a few tips for building large ships I have learnt: Double hulls are great for providing lots of protection, but also be able to make it look nice and still have a sensible internal structure.
    And, never be afraid to leave plenty of gaps between things. Just because you can pack things tightly together, doesn't mean you should. Allowing a little lee way can be a very handy thing to do. Just in case you need to slip in a sneaky conveyor or grav gen or something later on in the build.
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  11. Sprize

    Sprize Trainee Engineer

    Honestly I don't waste space on interiors, either I make exterior doors to each room with a block or two to walk in or possibly just have a 1 block wide halI to walk in, connecting the rooms.
  12. Infekted

    Infekted Apprentice Engineer

    Well really, it all depends on how far you want to take it. What design parameters you set for yourself at the beginning of the build. Most of the stuff I listed is just fluff at the end of the day.
  13. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    And I'm wanting to take it pretty far. One of the few exceptions I have right now is access to engines.
  14. fabricator77

    fabricator77 Apprentice Engineer

    Powder Room, as in a bunker of heavy amour for the containers of ammo to be stored in.
    Should be away from the outside of the hull, and vital areas like the bridge and reactors.
  15. Steelpanther

    Steelpanther Apprentice Engineer

    Ok, At work today I worked on rough designs. The deck plans aren't shape design, just layout. I'm making it fromt he inside out, so I have no idea what the outside is going to look like yet.

    I threw in a screenshot of the rear of the ship so far and also my plans for the forward observation deck, which I would appericate if anyone can tell me if it's viable or not.

    I have yet to do anything for the carrier yet, one thing at a time



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