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Massive mountains piercing the clouds

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by waterlimon, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. waterlimon

    waterlimon Senior Engineer

    The terrain gen should support mountains that seem actually big. If infinite terrain is added, this shouldnt be too difficult.

    Basically: Dont limit the game world within some height range. If the amount of terrain over 'bedrock' is limited, lift the bedrock to make mountains. I dont care, just gimme mountains.

    What mountains should be like:
    • Big (as in have to use 10 real world hours to reach top with medieval equipment, including camping a few times along the way and maybe having to backtrack and take the other route)
    • Interesting (should have caves and winding passages and cliffs and more level locations where trees could grow and such)
    • Challenging (fast winds, low temperatures, snow, fog/clouds)
    • Beautiful (should pierce the clouds, should look pretty from distance like in intro vids of ME)
    • Should have nice view from top
    • Should allow making mountain fortress (from resources point of view) without too frequent trips back down
    • Landmark visible from anywhere
    • Volcanoes would be cool too, you can copy meteor storm system straight from SE lol
    What mountains should not be like:
    • Slippery impossible to climb giant cones (mountain ranges instead of single mountains also!)
    • Not visible due to stuff being unloaded from RAM when you walk 100m (=keep very low level of detail data in RAM and render it even if mountain is a few km away)
    • Big piles of useless rock
    • 100 m high hills you can walk around in 5 mins (it should be a real achievement to cross one, or even get up to see whats on the other side)

    For implementation, the world on a high level could be represented by a heightmap with biome data. This is what would be used to render the mountains from afar (the low level of detail version). Actual terrain would be generated when you get nearer. Voxel terrain would get generated at the level of the heightmap at that point (the surface of the world). This is assuming that a pure voxel based solution wouldnt be able to generate really far away terrain features cheaply which it might be able to do (not sure).

    The point of the game should be to set up a base on top of a 5 km mountain and engineer sleds + a ski lift. Then youll make big profit selling people tickets.
  2. Chrono13

    Chrono13 Apprentice Engineer

    As much as I would love a high in the clouds Bastion... I can also see them eating computer processors for breakfast. Perhaps if some kind of world pre-loading could be done that would improve the overall rendering time of the terrain... Programming isn't my strong suit so that's just a stab in the dark.
  3. HadrianRomulus

    HadrianRomulus Trainee Engineer

    I really like your idea of large scale mountains, not just hills, as well as them having differing terrain varying from sheer cliff faces to flatter areas where trees could grow. The larger the mountain, the more challenging it could be to climb, similar to real life.

    It seems like you put a lot of thought into this, and it should be interesting to see what the developers do with this aspect of the game.
  4. LcsFletcher

    LcsFletcher Trainee Engineer

    Alongside large mountains having varying terrain/biomes would be nice also chasms and ravines would be cool. If a large ravine generated on a world that took 5-20m to get around if a player or kingdom build a bridge that would open a trade route!
  5. jokernthief

    jokernthief Trainee Engineer

    Great idea! Want that too! :)
  6. waterlimon

    waterlimon Senior Engineer

    They should code it so that if the mountain is big enough, you will invariably find the mordor biome on the other side.
  7. FishBrains

    FishBrains Apprentice Engineer

    Mountains would be amazing especially if they were legitimately massive, not quite real world massive but close enough for comfort. Assuming there is infinite terrain we know based of SE there is no real limit up or down(which also means massive underground lairs) so really we could have mountains that take engineering feats to make climbing realistic. Not to mention you could have a massive mountaintop castle with gondolas down to your farms and mines all around you. I'm tired of "mountains" in games that you climb in a measly 5 mins, give me something that I can explore for hours.

    As for how big they should actually be with a tangible measurement, if a castle is 25 meters high at their tallest we should have mountains that easily go 2000 meters up. That should be enough that when you see it your just stand in awe.
  8. Evito

    Evito Apprentice Engineer

    Minimum to consider it a mountain would be 120 (200meters or so) times the size of an average person, enough of an optical divergence to feel dwarved by it.

    As a minimum.
  9. BB.JoeNado

    BB.JoeNado Trainee Engineer

    I definitely like the idea of having to build grappling hook ballistas to climb mountains. Also it could be possible to get enough explosives and make a mountain fall over.
  10. waterlimon

    waterlimon Senior Engineer

    1. Find mountain
    2. Place explosives
    3. Trigger explosives
    4. Mountain falls over
    ^ *hnnng*
  11. FishBrains

    FishBrains Apprentice Engineer

    clearly you need to place so much explosives on a mountain that it becomes a crater, then build your castle there.
  12. TheAquaticSeal

    TheAquaticSeal Trainee Engineer

    Even though the title isn't misleading I found it misleading :D. A mountain like the one from skyrim would be cool. They would need a better way to climb. What I'm thinking is a giant ballista with a rope attached to the bolt to climb :D
  13. Grendel

    Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    I'm hoping for Mountain Ranges so I can build a fortress on either side and connect them with tunnels and passages :D
  14. Dr. Krunch

    Dr. Krunch Apprentice Engineer

    We need this, not just mountains but all sorts of large environmental barriers - giant raging rivers, miles-long canyons, mountain ranges, etc., which would make trading / trade routes a possibility.
  15. sammyson9

    sammyson9 Trainee Engineer

    Great idea I would love to see that in a game. It seems as if most games lack in that aspect.
  16. Annopedia

    Annopedia Trainee Engineer

    In terms of rendering Keen could make it like Minecraft: it will only rendered what you see. No caves. Not the area behind the large mountain. Only that what you see.:idea:
  17. extraammo

    extraammo Senior Engineer

    You mean how it is in every game?
  18. KissSh0t

    KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Future Dream...

    Make Wooden Go-Kart

    Friend makes a Wooden Go-Kart

    You both travel to top of mountain

    Go-Kart race down mountain

  19. Deadlyapples

    Deadlyapples Trainee Engineer


    My future dream.

    I make a cow launcher and me and my friends play hit the pig.

    This game involves herding cows and then firing them at pigs at a great distance. The person who squishes the most pigs gets a ride in the cow launcher.
    Then we play a game of piggy in the middle which involves 2 players where they catapult a pig between each other and the player in the middle has a mobile pig swatter and they have to try and catch the pig.

    Damnit I should have kept that idea to myself! Derp!
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