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Medieval Engineers – Early access to the early access – this Wednesday at 14:00 CET

Discussion in 'General' started by George.Mamakos, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. George.Mamakos

    George.Mamakos Apprentice Engineer

    [SIZE= 10pt]Dear Engineers! We have good news for you![/SIZE]
    [SIZE= 10pt]Medieval Engineers is going to be available for purchase during a 24-hour pre-launch window. This is your chance to get the game before it officially launches on Steam! Early access to the early access! See more info here: [/SIZE][SIZE= 10pt]https://forums.keenswh.com/post?id=7288987[/SIZE]

    NOTE:[SIZE= 13.3333330154419px] during the 24-hour pre-launch window the discount will apply only for those who purchased Space Engineers through our e-shop (we would love to be more helpful here, but unfortunately our e-shop has no information about your Steam purchases so it is not technically possible to do this).[/SIZE]
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  2. Dylantriskel

    Dylantriskel Apprentice Engineer

    Hype train at 104 m/s! =P

    I´ll definitely buy the deluxe edition, I want that soundtrack! Maybe Flac and MP3 320 kbps?

    And 24.99 $, is with or without the discount?

    edit- Oh, but what if I bought SE with Steam? I wont have a discount with the wednesday purchase?
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  3. Martinineter

    Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Is the medieval engineers purchase transferable to steam?
  4. Wintersend

    Wintersend Senior Engineer

    From what I read on another thread. It seems to be before discount and you don't get the discount if you buy it through their shop on the 11th unless you also purchased SE through there. So as much as I hate to say it. I'm waiting until the 19th so I can get mine for 15$.
  5. Silas

    Silas Trainee Engineer

    I don't have either game yet so lets hope the bundle deal gives us little discount. Maybe something like $40 for both games?
  6. Manaravak

    Manaravak Trainee Engineer

    I think Keen deserves the money so even though I bought it on steam I'm going to purchase the deluxe on 11th without the discount. Thank you Keen for the hours of fun.
  7. Warki

    Warki Trainee Engineer

    I also wish for a steam key!!
    tho in either case 400h will breake quite easily with this :p:p
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  8. Warki

    Warki Trainee Engineer

    And indeed. Keens crew is the best dev team there is. When studios get too big they often get slower in the process
  9. waterlimon

    waterlimon Senior Engineer

    They shouldve just made everyone get the 25% discount for the early early access.

    I mean, how many players who buy it through there buy it because they have SE?

    And the profit they get from this 24 early early access cant be too high compared to what theyll be making after its on steam and stuff?
  10. Mix-martes86

    Mix-martes86 Senior Engineer

    Is that in euros or dollars? Will they be the same price?
  11. pardusian141

    pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    My reaction when seeing this....

  12. Grendel

    Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    Dang it Guys! I have work this weekend! and I already took time off to play this all weekend when it comes out on the 19th!

    As to the 20$ vs 15$... If you are hyped enough about it to buy the Pre-Pre Release 7 days early then spending the extra 5$ shouldn't bother you in the least...
  13. Thedevistator

    Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    Just to let everyone know how the eshop works is it basically gives you a steam key to unlock the game so yes you will get if for steam and you will keep the game through development and final release.
  14. jztemple

    jztemple Trainee Engineer

    I'm thinking that the extra $5 USD it's going to cost me isn't that big a deal, since I've got the free time to play (I'm retired). Also I'm assuming that by buying through the Keen store they get a bigger profit than if it is bought through Steam.
  15. Jones-250

    Jones-250 Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I've bought SE trough Steam, so the 5€ discount will not be available for me. I do think however, that you've earned a small bonus for:
    1. an early launch
    2. keeping up your great work with SE
    3. being an European studio
    4. staying honest and honourable while surrounded by the alluring vices of the hive of scum and villany that's more commonly known as "Steam Early Access".
    5. providing quality products at these dire times... blahblahect
    ect. ect. ad infinitum.

    So enjoy your extra 5€, Keen, you've earned it. Don't spend it all on candy, you'll just ruin your teeth.
  16. Xocliw

    Xocliw Public Relations Staff

    This is probably correct :).
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  17. Percy

    Percy Trainee Engineer

    Thank you Keen for this early release!!! I have been waiting to throw money at you!! Finally!!
  18. Ravager

    Ravager Trainee Engineer

    At first I was happy to hear of the early-early release... Then I noticed the "Only in our eshop"-bit. T.T

    I basically can't use anything but Steam for online purchases. (Because reasons. Very VERY annoying reasons)
    So having to wait is going to annoy me like hell.
  19. Burillo

    Burillo Junior Engineer

    nah i don't care about the discount, just gimme the game. i'd buy it if it were $50.
  20. PeterHammerman

    PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    Money calculated;
    Bank account: active;
    KSH e-shop profile: active;
    F5 button: error, critical malfunction
    Initiating coundown... :p
  21. Iamus

    Iamus Apprentice Engineer

    That's the main reason I'm going to do it tomorrow. I was under the impression that they'd get more money from their e-store. So, I decided to buy it there anyway. Bonus for me, and I hope, bonus for them. :D
  22. Jizzlobber

    Jizzlobber Trainee Engineer

    RIGHT ON!!!! Very excited to play this game!

  23. Annopedia

    Annopedia Trainee Engineer

    I would buy it if I could, but I don't have skrill or paypal :/
  24. Travisfv

    Travisfv Trainee Engineer

    Have everything set up. I leave for school at 8AM EST. So, I have the "Buy" page loaded up, and the keen store page loaded and logged into. Seconds before I leave I'll make my purchase and quickly throw the key at Steam.
  25. Martinineter

    Martinineter Senior Engineer

    Commence f5'ing. Build the f5 catapults, assemble the f5 trebuchets and let it come. This isn't a day to give in, it is a day to stand your ground and let the enemy have it! Show those barbarians what we are made of when we conquer their lands with architectual masterpieces. Bring the f5ire down upon them and build away!

    /weekly f5 rant
  26. Jones-250

    Jones-250 Apprentice Engineer


    Edit: Swapped the image for a more suitable one that doesn't take as much space

    Edit #2: Success!
    Published on the KSH shop about 3 minutes early. Downloading now.

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  27. nissefika

    nissefika Trainee Engineer

    I bought the game but where do I get the code. I did not get it when I bought the game.
    It is possible that I got it. but I did not notice.

    What should I do?

  28. Evito

    Evito Apprentice Engineer

    Got 30seconds left on my download!!! YAY

    Thank the spaghetti monster for 100mbps mobile internet!
  29. shimonu

    shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    Didn't have to create skrill account. It redirected me (skrill) to local company for online payment.

    Did you activated it while buying? If yes then check your steam library. If not, check your keen shop profile
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  30. Balmung

    Balmung Senior Engineer

    Hm, 30 Mins full Price and now 25% lesser Price? Not really nice...
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