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Update 01.111 - New weapon/tool tiers, Performance improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. Natebluehooves

    Natebluehooves Trainee Engineer

    might later. no point though. i have made a proper bug report before. they never get a reply and the bugs are never fixed. devs aren't interested in acknowledging the known issues at the moment, just showing off shiny things to amuse all of the clapping idiots... yes i'm bitter. my game has been unplayable for nearly a month now.
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  2. Avaruusmies

    Avaruusmies Trainee Engineer

    well the mining lag is still there tho. but it lags a bit less
  3. S7E

    S7E Trainee Engineer

    So instead of moving on and leaving the people who have fun with the game, you just go and call everyone an idiot? I would listen to such a person without a doubt, of course .

    Finding a bug is much easier than to fix it. And that should be common knowledge.
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    NewGAMEMASTER Apprentice Engineer

    On my Side:
    Large ships got 2-5 FPS more since last time
    and Planets 1-3 FPS more in the mountain-area where i'm currently building my base.
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  5. Murdock

    Murdock Trainee Engineer

    Fix please projector!!!
  6. Ac!D

    Ac!D Trainee Engineer

    Freezes while mining still happen, the client and also the DS.
    Can anyone confirm that ?
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  7. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    I like it, thanks guys!
  8. g4borg

    g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    must say at first i was disappointed, since i hoped for networking breakthroughs; but nice to see fixes :)

    i am glad the weapons got tiered into specializations, rather than linear progression, i like if every tool has a meaning even in lategame; while the hand tools also can benefit from such a tier system as they fit into the early game, for ship tools however i hope tier systems will not make it into vanilla, since it makes little sense; other than specializations of course (with drawbacks to make both versions viable), otherwise it should be solved with mods or server scripting.

    so basicly, while i am glad, the survival part evolves, i am part of those who still do not re-start playing survival, and rather wait for the countless online worlds to explore which users will create.
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  9. Brocker

    Brocker Trainee Engineer

    DS still freezing...
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  10. Titus

    Titus Trainee Engineer

    Patched! lets see how it goes
  11. <PMMC> Trebann

    <PMMC> Trebann Trainee Engineer

    - fixed game freezes when drilling
    Huzzah! And good show devs!
  12. OmEgA_StOrM

    OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    OMG the first weapon skins in Space Engineers can't wait until the first skin unboxing is coming :woot:

    good update
  13. a2457

    a2457 Senior Engineer

    - various performance improvements -> GOOD
    - fixed game freezes when drilling -> VERRY GOOD
    - fixed crash when loading world -> ABSOLUTELY GOOD
    - fixed sound on alien planet -> dun care..
    - fixed crash with connectors -> SUPREME
    - fixed station not aligning correctly -> dun care

    4 out of 6, keep it up, its pretty good overall :D
  14. TheFlawlessGem

    TheFlawlessGem Apprentice Engineer

    But are there any plans for different models? The colors feel a bit bland.
    Ship mounted weapon tiers? I want a rocket launcher that can strike a base from orbit.
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  15. Suicide_Jack

    Suicide_Jack Trainee Engineer

    KEEN Blew it again!!!

    DS is dead until fix!

    Patchmas yet again. Keen learn to test your patches before release !!!
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  16. doncdxx

    doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    I was getting that sound problem on the Alien world, glad they fixed it. Half the time I went there there was this sound like a a toddler with a xylophone was in a duet with a dial-up modem and the whole thing was recorded and played back at higher speed and higher pitch.
    Minor problem, but still glad to see it go.
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  17. 88ToM

    88ToM Trainee Engineer

    hey keen why you added this tools for noobs? they are too fast... why??? and why i can't disable them in the dedicated server eh? fix dedicated server is a priority where??
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  18. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Can't find out what's going on until I get home as netnanny at work won't let me watch the video :(.
  19. Natebluehooves

    Natebluehooves Trainee Engineer


    thanks for the straw-man. read previous posts and you'd understand all i'm asking for is to them even acknowledge the bug, and say it's on their to-do list. there have been 6 threads to my knowledge on the subject of this bug, and not a single reply from anyone official. stop defending them for not fixing game-breaking bugs!
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  20. Ronin1973

    Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    These tools should be MUCH more expensive IMHO. They seem pretty cheap to construct. There's not enough balance in the price.
  21. Pegas519

    Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome update, just awesome.
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  22. Amerikanovich

    Amerikanovich Apprentice Engineer

    YES, this for the jetpacks, this sounds perfect.
    Also any ETA or infos on ongoing work with the netcode? can we expect a first version anytime soon or is it gonna take another half year?
    The touch of death and other netcode issues are driving us crazy, we die so often for no reason that we can pretty much live off the resources gained by melting down our old tools whenever we respawn....
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  23. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    And we get nicer guns as soon as I leave the orbit of the Alien planet. *emergency U-turn "were going back". A good update again!
  24. Schnitzel 2

    Schnitzel 2 Apprentice Engineer

    more crashes on the servers than before :/
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  25. Nova Wolf

    Nova Wolf Apprentice Engineer

    I would have preferred different weapons, not just the same weapon with slightly different specs. We still need some sort of grenade-like device for dealing with interior turrets because, as it is, multiple interior turrets in one room will still kill you dead with no way to work around them. What we really need is an EMP grenade that will temporarily disable them to allow you to grind them down or destroy them by other means.

    Also, the rapid-fire variant is pretty well useless. It's completely inferior to the accurate version except at point-blank range because you're just wasting ammo for a similar amount of rounds on target.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
  26. Galaxian

    Galaxian Apprentice Engineer

    That Mk4 grinder looks a just a 'little' too quick(A lot), also I definitely agree with a previous commentor that I'd rather have variants of tools than tiers. If someone wanted faster work, they could get a tool that's designed to finish faster without pros like different range or whatever a different effect would be.
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  27. Tayrtahn

    Tayrtahn Trainee Engineer

    Indeed! The wheels sound nice driving along the grassy hills, and is it just me or do they seem to have better grip now too?
  28. chrisb

    chrisb Senior Engineer

    The lighting seems much better, maybe DX11 has been tweaked some, not sure. Whatever it is, its much better for me at least. Performance is much the same, which is good anyway.
    Only problem I'm having is, when I get to a planet surface the game freezes and doesn't come out of it.
    Also I'm using around 11.7gb of memory, is that correct, seems more than before, this is cpu memory obviously. Haven't checked the gpu memory usage.

    Anyway other than that it seems much better, if only I could land without a freeze. This is with existing planets, I'll try adding a new planet and see if it occurs on that.

    Thanks for the update Keen, I can see improvements, but its the first time I've had the game freeze. I'll turn the heating up, see if that helps... :D
  29. Nikecow

    Nikecow Trainee Engineer

    Yes planets also use like 12gb memory for me.

    There is a bug with the new weapons. If you die with it it gets reset to standard weapon in your corpse.

    Also another bug, you can't mine with ships on planets anymore. There is a force shield. Steam thread is here
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2015
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  30. malteins

    malteins Apprentice Engineer

    Amazing! Like this update a lot. Wow that Elite submachine gun looks awesome.
    Good Stuff!

    Thanks Keen!! :D
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