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[v01.111.011] - Batteries still not recharge properly from Solar Panels

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Teladion, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. Teladion

    Teladion Trainee Engineer

    Only tested on Dedicated Server so far - same issue as in last version:

    The Batteries only charge if one person sits in a Cockpit or Flight Seat - as long as nobody sits in any the batteries won`t charge even though the correct input W and time to fully charge is displayed -> The batteries just slowly discharges

    following tested (no one in flight seat / cockpit without reactor active)

    - no box checked - battery discharges slowly (correct values for input and recharge are shown but - it discharges slowly

    - and recharge box checked - correct input value and recharge time are displayed but the battery does not charge at all

    when the reactor is activated suddenly the batteries charge from the reactor power even if nobody is in flight seat / cockpit

    when someone sits in flight seat / cockpit the batteries seem to work normal (passive mode / charge / discharge)
    doesn`t matter if the reactor is active or not - the batteries show correct values AND charge properly

    Keen please try to find the reason behind this ... it is pretty annoying to try playing on survival with this (mostly impossible unless you use some stone reactor mods)

    Best Regards
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  2. TheDuke540

    TheDuke540 Apprentice Engineer

    In the previous version, this was happening on SP survival as well. Will check later after work if it's fixed with this update. VERY annoying since solar and battery power are a necessity! Please recognize and fix this issue Keen!
  3. Natebluehooves

    Natebluehooves Trainee Engineer

    i spoke with a forum moderator regarding the lack of any response to this issue from keen. regardless of how i feel about the individual and their methods of dealing with disagreements on the internet, they said there's a dedicated server netcode update in the works (source apparently some of the twitch streams) and i'm assuming this would fix that. other than this i can't find a justification for this issue persisting for almost a month now without any response at all.
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  4. Baalrog

    Baalrog Apprentice Engineer

    I have noticed that solar panels stop providing power to the grid when there's a large power draw and batteries are set to automatic (no checkboxes). This is while I'm in a cockpit, but maybe I was sitting in a different grid than the batteries that should've been charging.

    With the batts set to "recharge", solar power was used. Without recharge, the solar seemed to output 0 power.
  5. TheDuke540

    TheDuke540 Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I tried to test the solar/battery situation on SP survival a minute ago, buuut the game crashed before I could get any tangible results (bug report submitted regarding the crash)...
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.