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A couple of suggestions.....

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by hi5kba, Jan 3, 2016.


what should be added next

  1. More AI ( at least with a disable option)

  2. More blocks cosmetics

  3. More weapons

  4. New different textures

  5. More stuff for role players

  6. Others ( please post what in topic)

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  1. hi5kba

    hi5kba Trainee Engineer

    To be honest, I like the new features I really do

    However when every new feature tries to maim, kill me or destroy my just completed vehicle.....
    I get a tad bit frustrated.

    So here's a list of ideas

    Cosmetics - we create ships generally to fit a purpose, more so role players.
    The standard block set / colors don't always fit. To fix this how about adding in

    1) a more rundown looking color palette. (Rust, peeling/fading paint, etc)

    2) a couple more block ideas......
    Smashed windows ( Windows that look as if there's a hole)
    Broken doors/ non working doors. Eg ones that look it has been shot through, rusted closed, window segments missing. Or block variations from centuries past than the new standerd look

    In fact more variety of blocks in general....


    While focusing on AI Enmies is all well and good. How about more standard forms of hazards
    Such as reactor leaks, eg radiation/ poison spreading throughout your ships that require certain blocks to contain. Making these travel through air vent systems add to the realism.

    Having to generally maintain blocks is a good starting point.

    What do you all think
  2. gothosan

    gothosan Junior Engineer

    as much as i like this i've heard that the dev will not add cosmetic blocks and therefor it was left for modders to do it.
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  3. hi5kba

    hi5kba Trainee Engineer

    That what gets me.... Most of the work is already done.....
    For example exploration ships. Most of those were originally workshop contents. I'm just sick steam forcing players to be online to use subscribed mods. Although there's a cheaty way around this it has it down sides

    Its annoying having to scroll through to add them to a world.
    You then can't update locally saved mods from workshop
    If you remove a mod you have remove blocks or whatever first or your ship may fall to pieces. Surely taking some of Mods and building them into the game isn't that much of a task.....

    However if they were to move mods away from steam interface that can cause more problems
  4. PilotMax

    PilotMax Apprentice Engineer

    Other: Power source that does not require you to be on the day side of the planet or dig for hours and wires to transfer energy from one grid to another.
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  5. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    Devs won't add cosmetic blocks - yet. Not while the game is still adding important features. Besides they've got a heck of a job replacing the current placeholders before adding new aesthetic blocks. (yes, that's official information - the current models are just placeholders, save for a very few)
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  6. YtramX

    YtramX Apprentice Engineer

    Voted "Others":
    • Netcode
    • Solution to increase speed limit in vanilla
    Once this is done, this game is done for me, minus some bug fixes(I'm looking at you rotors, pistons, and connectors).
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  7. Kingfishercritic

    Kingfishercritic Apprentice Engineer

    Needed updates in order:
    1. Netcode
    2. Bugfixes
    3.Weapons and Tools
    4. New Armor/building blocks
    5. More Drone Enemies
    6. new aesthetics
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.