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Random spots on planets where I fall through the terrain (not only when mining)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Zimboponken, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Zimboponken

    Zimboponken Trainee Engineer

    Hello fellow engineers. I know this is a common issue but I wanted to shed some more light on it here on this forum.

    So when me and my friend are walking on the ice we suddenly fell through the planet and couldn't get back up again without dying. We could see a spot that was see through and a little closer up buckly but just thought it was a rendering bug. But now we have fallen through on multiple occasions and lost a lot of resources. This is not very fun as you can imagine and I would appreciate if this could get fixed haha.

    I have seen this bug being talked about on other places but only when mining, this is even more of a hassle when you can't even walk on the surface.

    umm... bye? :)
  2. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    They already know about this one. Trust me, they're trying to figure it out.
  3. YtramX

    YtramX Apprentice Engineer

    I keep hearing about this but have never experienced it myself. Is it a DS-only bug?
  4. tyriael_soban

    tyriael_soban Apprentice Engineer

    I've gotten it on LAN, but it went away after their fix a few patches back - id like to note that i did restart my world after that patch though.
  5. Ronin1973

    Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I've fallen through, and then turned on the jetpack. Now I'm in bizarro world separated by thin layer of world separating me from existence. I whipped out my drill and eventually popped back through by mining it. The place where I mined was just a small divit.

    If I had to guess, the engine isn't reacting fast enough to detect collisions of the player with the voxel and you get sucked through. Perhaps this happens during spikes in performance? It doesn't seem to happen in single player but while two or more players are on a server and there's some decent activity going on.
  6. Anymou

    Anymou Trainee Engineer

    Not so sure about that. The server I am on, there is a hole right next to my base, I didn't drill there and the texture shows a smooth sheet like it's never been touched by a drill, which it hasn't. However, I can walk right up to the spot and fall though, and can fly right back up with the jet pack if I don't shift around much. The hole wasn't there when I built the base but after about a day of building there I was surprised by it by falling through, even though I had previously walked on that ground before. I already posted a video showing it in another thread, but here it is, just as described. It's not the only hole in the area, but it's the one I can readily locate and it's consistently there. I can easily walk around on other parts of the ice and not fall through, until that area.

  7. Kielm

    Kielm Junior Engineer

    I have this as well.

    Interestingly enough, it's happening for most of my players in polar regions. There are specific areas that you can fall through, and fly back out again. It's reproducible, they don't move. Very odd :\
  8. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    I'm trying to wrap my head around this one as well.. Has anyone experienced random holes in SP? I'm not including while mining because while it hasnt happened to me, i could understand the loose ore from mining straight down pushing you through the mesh. Dont get me wrong, it would still be a bug if that could happen, but I want to focus on isolating THIS issue.
  9. Tayrtahn

    Tayrtahn Trainee Engineer

    I found a spot in a SP world of mine a while back where I would consistently fall through the world. So it can happen in SP too. It seems to affect a rectangular region of the surface.

    I'm thinking it's related to the system the game uses to store planet voxel data, and there's some way that a section of terrain can get "corrupted" or zeroed-out, or something like that. Maybe the game thinks that section is underground for some reason, so it ignores it? I wonder if placing voxel terrain above the affected area would do anything. I'll have to see if I still have that save and can find the spot again.
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  10. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    What if you mine the edges around it? Will it rebuild the local geometry and fix the problem?
  11. Georgik

    Georgik Apprentice Engineer

    yes, that's true, modifying voxels around corrupted zone updates it, so the hole is fixed forever. According to many other threads about it, I saw it is something about edges of modified voxel area, but IDK.
    I don't know why someone has not expierence it, it is frequent, even in SP
  12. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    I have put in over 200 hours in SP since planets and I still havent seen it. The camera clips through the planet a lot while mining, but never the player. I keep hearing the issue is most prevalent in the ice biomes, but since I've been builing on earth, I havent really needed ice for anything, so I havent made the trek.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.