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[01.180.106] - Cannot disable Airtightness

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tylus, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. Tylus

    Tylus Apprentice Engineer

    Hello fellow engineers,

    today I did some scripting and to check if my pressurization detection methods also work on worlds where air-tightness is disabled, i tried to disable it on my world.

    Sadly it had no effect. After going back from the Advanced menu to the Edit Settings menu by clicking ok the changes are lost.

    Since I have no intention of manually changing my save files I will now try creating a new world where air-tightness should be disabled by default.
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    Edit: Here is some additional information:

    I just tested it on an old world where it worked without problems. The difference between thoose two worlds is, that one of them is in a sub folder and not directly in the main save folder.
  2. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    This one confuses me a bit. If you are intentionally disabling Air-Tightness how can you possibly test a script checking it? :)
    Also if you are using an existing button panel to trigger your script, you are possibly running into my bug post I have about scripts not running on existing panels air vents etc...
  3. Arcturus

    Arcturus Senior Engineer

    How do you know that the changes were lost? I saw a strange bug recently with a different button or two on the Advanced menu where the changes were saved, but the button status reset on entering the Advanced menu. It only happened one day and not later, so I couldn't repeat it.
  4. Tylus

    Tylus Apprentice Engineer

    Well I noticed after changing the settings, and entering my world again.

    I expected my Air-Vent to report something like "Airtightness is disabled in World-Settings" or something, but they still pressurized the station.

    So I went back into the settings again and noticed that the box was checked again. After unchecking and once again trying to load the world did once again not work, I noticed that reentering the Advanced menu infact resets the button. But even when not reentering it wont work.

    I tried two different worlds. Interestingly one of which worked as intendet. the other one (located in a subfolder) didnt.
  5. hlws

    hlws Tester Staff

    Thank you very much for your feedback. Try checking which sound mode you are using, because when sounds are on Realistic, the airtightness cannot be disabled.
  6. Xanthyn

    Xanthyn Trainee Engineer

    Interesting. Perhaps the menu could offer a tooltip that would provide more clarity - I'm unlikely to remember that detail, and few will figure it out on their own.
  7. Roxette

    Roxette Senior Engineer

    The way this is implemented is bad. If the airtightness is set disabled in the extra options menu, it is silently re-enabled when returning to the previous menu. Also please clarify the situation on a dedicated server, as from the configuration menu and testing there seems to be no indication of this restriction.
  8. hlws

    hlws Tester Staff

    Ok, the ticket was made to make the option enabled and grayed-out, while the realistic sounds are enabled. Also tooltip explaining the restriction should appear while hovering the mouse over the grayed-out option.
    Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day :)
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  9. Syncaidius

    Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Perhaps the two options can be consolidated into a nice clean "Oxygen realism level", then give us a few choices:
    • No Oxygen- arcade sounds + no airtightness
    • Arcade Oxygen- arcade sounds + airtightness
    • Realistic Oxygen- realistic sound + airtightness
    Maybe suit/tank oxygen can be incorporated into the option too?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.