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[BUG][1.180.306][MULTIPLAYER] Oxygen Code Produces a Net Gain When Cycling a Closed System

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by mikeloeven, May 6, 2017.

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  1. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    Basically I discovered a flaw in the oxygen code that causes a net gain of oxygen when cycling a closed system.
    Steps to reproduce.

    • Fill a relatively large hanger with oxygen
    • Shut off all vents, oxygen generating blocks, and oxygen tanks
    • Create several empty oxygen tanks to serve as storage during the test and do not connect these to your main conveyor system. Create a closed pressurization system by placing several vents onto the new oxygen tanks.
    • Cycle the room several times using the closed venting system depressurizing and depressurizing only from the buffer tanks record the tanks max fill level after each cycle
    • You should notice that each time the vents cycle the buffer tanks have more oxygen than they did the previous cycle despite all other oxygen generators and tanks being shut off.

    Any way at the end of each depressurization cycle i recorded the fill level of the buffer tanks


    as you can see there is a increase in max fill level. the room has not changed in size and all oxygen generating blocks have been shut off. which indicates that there is a math error somewhere that results in spontaneous generation of oxygen. If anything there should be a small net loss due to imperfect seals

    (Note this was tested with multiple vents active at the same time have not tested with a single vent yet)
  2. Syncaidius

    Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I've noticed this too in multi-vent rooms. It seems like there's some delay in removing the last bit of oxygen from a room, so when one vent takes it out, the other vents in the room still think its there, so they also remove it, which causes it to double-up on the tiny remaining bits of oxygen. Just my two cents. :stare:
  3. Merandix

    Merandix Junior Engineer

    Also goes for a tiny four-block in volume single-vent airlock in single player. I wondered how I actually went from 75% filled tank to 99% filled tank with my oxygen generator turned off. When I cycle my airlocks there's a net gain.

    I also noticed there's a lot of lag in oxygen-related mutations. This may actually be the cause. As I've noticed that when I cycle my airlocks, the vent de-pressurises the room fairly quickly, but the sound of it de-pressurising continues for a few more moments. This would lead to the vent taking out slightly more oxygen than is in there.
  4. NikolasMarch

    NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    it has been for a long time, its been reduced but not completely eredicated, same goes for transfering gasses between tanks, still get some gain
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  5. Dereknor

    Dereknor Trainee Engineer

    you can produce it much easier. Just make a small room with 1 vent and 1 tank. And just pressurize and depressurize it again and again. With each 2 depressurizes, you gain about 1% of oxygen. But this bug exist for more then a year now. I think there is some deeper problem to this bug. It is already known. Maybe it needs some heavy rework of the code or something. Right now, you can produce unlimited oxygen with a small room by just depressurizing it again and again.
    I really hope it get fixed, because oxygen is a very important part of the game for me. I still think that its too easy to gain energy and oxygen right now. The survival aspect usually just last for 1 day, then you got more then enough oxygen and energy for the rest of your life.
  6. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    I remember when it was like a 10 percent difference so is this the same problem but with a 0,015 gain?
  7. Dereknor

    Dereknor Trainee Engineer

    To me, it is about 0.5% gain with each click. But it depends on the size of the room. I just used a 6 block room. It made a net gain of 1% each 2 decompressions. I need to try if a bigger room makes more gain or less
  8. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    It is nice to have "only" a minor gain now ............
    BUt -- for survival it makes not much diff "how" big the Gain is ... exploit is exploit ... and it will always at last one player on the server where make usage of this exploit ..
    I dont understand why it is not a minor "loos" ... this would not hurt much .. and will STOP ALL exploit usages definitly ... (the same goes for Hydro (or all gases) and power ..)

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.