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Update 1.180.4 Minor - Beta improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, May 11, 2017.

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  1. flexx

    flexx SE Asst. Producer Staff

    Hello, Engineers! We’ve got a new round of crash fixes and general improvements in this week’s update as the team progresses behind the scenes on bigger tasks like optimisation, physics and of course multiplayer.
    For today’s work in progress section, we would like to share a preview of the new in-game chat currently being programmed. It’s been completely redesigned, both visually and functionally. The new chat will have private messaging, faction messaging, chat history, and more all without having to open the terminal.

    In other news, next Monday we will be streaming at 8PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. During the stream, together with Marek, we’ll be talking more about performance optimisations in the works and also taking a look at Rexxar’s Server Link mod which can create a multi-server PVP environment.

    - fixed crash while detaching advanced rotor
    - fixed crash in GUI
    - fixed crash with wolves
    - fixed conveyor having green emissive color while not powered
    - fixed center of mass not being rendered properly
    - fixed gravity values on HUD
    - fixed sensor still having same color
    - fixed voxel hands material bar
    - fixed free falling when doing backwards jump on cover wall
    Last edited: May 15, 2017
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  2. Telquel

    Telquel Trainee Engineer

  3. Iskaroth

    Iskaroth Trainee Engineer

    How will the motor be powered?
  4. Caia

    Caia Trainee Engineer

    Yay! That centre of mass of was annoying, nice work!
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  5. laci4321

    laci4321 Trainee Engineer

    Thank you :)
  6. Harrekin

    Harrekin Master Engineer

    An engine...

    With exhaust?!

    Tasty...so tasty.
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  7. Jikanta

    Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    Awesome preview! But that end quote though...
  8. Super_Happy_Alien

    Super_Happy_Alien Apprentice Engineer

    Kill All Humans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And good work :)
  9. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Crash fixes are always good. So are performance ones!
  10. Syncaidius

    Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    New in-game chat!

    THANK YOU KEEN! :tu:

    (apologies to anyone I just blinded with caps)

    EDIT: Damn that teaser!
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  11. EnjoyCoke

    EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer


    Anywho, please tell me that exhaust will actually require a (small?) conveyor frame and an exit of sorts. Holyshit this will be so awesome I can't wait MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW NOW NOW OMG OMG OMG OMG!
  12. ATMLVE

    ATMLVE Apprentice Engineer

    Ah so the sensor WAS supposed to still be changing color when triggered...
  13. odizzido

    odizzido Junior Engineer

    Neat. I guess burning hydrogen would be the simplest way to have fuel in SE's current state.
  14. R41D3R

    R41D3R Trainee Engineer

    An engine? Nice. I assume it burns hydrogen. Hint hint devs, we want a open small ship seat for rovers!
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  15. Sade

    Sade Trainee Engineer

    New in-game chat!
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  16. Silentfighter89

    Silentfighter89 Trainee Engineer

    I hope this is not an petrol engine with pistons but rahter a fuel cell or at worst a gasturbine and E-Generator combination. Love the car design thoe.
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  17. Lord Wraith

    Lord Wraith Apprentice Engineer

    nice updates if we get them, looking forward to the wind turbine, like that, hydrogen car engine, hmm not sure about that one, will be limited to ground vehicles only or can we have props to power aircraft with it, as for the fixes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix the bug that causes me to crash my game when i go into the server list for MP, have not been able to join a server since 1.180, so have not been able to play MP since :(
  18. Ronin1973

    Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    A combustion engine... how quaint.

    But that leads to a few questions: since a combustion engine is mechanical, how will we power wheels? You would need some sort of linkage to a drive shaft, differential, etc. to power wheels. Else it's just a mod for a water'ed down reactor. There's also the question of fuel. How will a carbon based fuel be created? There are current experiments with micro-organism produced petroleum that are live rather than fossilized.

    I'm not against it. But I'd really like to see rotors and pistons solved for multi-player. They are the only true 'engineering' blocks in Space Engineers. More of these types would really bring back the engineering feel... like hinges for example (available as a mod).

    I like the idea of introducing wind into the game, as long as it's not just a passive force that only turns windmills. If it's a factor on visuals (sand storms etc.) and makes flight difficult or incredibly dangerous during a storm, then it has some real game-changing merit.

    Rexxar's server linkage looks promising. But in its current state, it just uses another server as an arena for battling. I'd rather be able to travel between servers that are linked to a master server (same mods, same inventory/welding settings). A mechanism for traveling between servers (like a secondary type of jump drive that enables the move), etc.
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  19. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    No need for direct drive...just think how a diesel electric train works. Or....in fact....how some prototype German WW2 tanks would have worked. Engine drives a generator. Power is then sent to motors on each wheel. The BIG question will be what it runs on. Fossil fuels.....hydrogen from ice.....or in other words, a whole new thing or a variation. I suspect the latter. Good thing if it's power to weight ratio makes it less viable as a flight engine so it encourages wheeled vehicles especially early game.

    Wind.....not blown away by it ( I'll get my coat )
  20. 1stBiker

    1stBiker Trainee Engineer

    can anyone confirm a better stability on rotors/MP since the last Patch ?
    .. in my case they still behave loud wobbling shaking weird

    but yea, thanks for another update KSH
  21. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Ooh, interesting. Anyone notice that thing on the hydrogen tank. I'm guessing some kind of dedicated hydrogen farm/collector?

    Thanks all :)
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
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  22. GrindyGears

    GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    I'm very excited and also very leery of this new engine block, I really do hope the functionality can be extended to running things like pistons and rotors, it would introduce a whole new level of design for me and my heavy equipment.

    While I shouldn't complain they cost basically nothing to run, it does seem kinda silly to me that they run on less energy (hp to kw is a weird conversion but still) than a modern day mini excavator. I mean were talking something on the upper end of a vehicle that runs on like twin 1500 hp engines, hell my stuff is heavier than most commercially produced units.
  23. AutoMcD

    AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    My thought exactly. Engines are garbage compared to electric motors, with the battery and reactor tech in this game there is literally no reason for it.

    My thought during the teaser was "and bring back coal! :rolleyes:
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  24. Harrekin

    Harrekin Master Engineer

    At 2:02...whats the structure on the roof of that building? What tank is that?
  25. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Ride = Pimped. I'm more interested in Wind Farms than an engine block but thats a good idea for added realism I suppose. How would it be powered? I always assumed the SE wheels were electric motor powered like a Prius or something. Like the fixes. I still remember the parachutes teased a month or so ago, would love to see those Vanilla! Cool update.
  26. druppi

    druppi Apprentice Engineer

    are the simspeed optimizations already in ?
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  27. Nacon

    Nacon Junior Engineer

    Oohh new guy!
  28. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    damn...youtube is still blocked at work.

    people are speaking of exhaust pipes.....a damaged thruster pumping out fire or smoke?
  29. kcjunkbox

    kcjunkbox Senior Engineer

    Ok so after watching the video more closely a couple of times it is clear that the "engine" is a hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen in (hopefully requires oxygen too), electricity out. If you notice before he modifies the truck it does not have the new "engine" block or a hydrogen tank. He fixes the wheels and a few other things then looks at the dead battery and hits himself in the head. He then adds the "engine" and a hydrogen tank which you can clealy see when he drives it out. If you look closely, there is also conveyors from the tank to the "engine." So clearly the hydrogen tank fuels the "engine" or hydrogen fuel cell which creates electricity to store in the battery which powers the wheels. So no exhaust pipes or drive shafts necessary. The problem I see with it is that you need to still put hydrogen into the unpowered tank which means lining up the vehicle with a connector which will not lock to the vehicle since it has no power...I personlly use the single cell battery mod so throwing one of those on to power a connection is easy. Hopefully the "oxygen generator," which really needs a name change, uses more electricity to process ice into hydrogen than the electricity the hydrogen fuel cell produces or else we will have an exploit and some broken laws of physics.

    However, when you think about it, it is far easier to just throw a solar panel in the back of the truck and forget the hydrogen tank and hydrogen fuel cell and of course the oxygen generatory to turn ice into hydrogen in the tank. The more I think about it the less it makes sense...

    Also, hydrogen fuel cells can be used in reverse for electrolysis to separate oxygen and hydrogen using electricicty just like the oxygen generator so now we have some overlap in function. I wonder if they thought of this... I hope they are clearly and logically rethinking power generation and use.
    Last edited: May 11, 2017
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  30. High Ground

    High Ground Apprentice Engineer

    Hydrogen powered from the looks of it.
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