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Update 1.180.4 Minor - Beta improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, May 11, 2017.

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  1. Vanguard

    Vanguard Trainee Engineer

    I completely agree. The cost, time and complexity necessary to ultimately end up with something that's less efficient and bulky doesn't make sense. Engine + tank + oxygen gen + ice or... small reactor and a drop of uranium. We haven't seen the final results so this is all speculation, but if it is hydrogen, then from a game balance perspective, it would also be broken since on the flight side, hydrogen ithrusters are a "tier 3" achievement and the best performance, and on the land side, it's a poor man's reactor.
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  2. Thomas_Jefferson

    Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    It's doubtful that the block is a hydrogen 'engine', but rather more likely to be a hydrogen electric generator.

    If that's the case, then I agree with @kcjunkbox. The law of conservation of energy should hold true in this case. Perhaps seeing the windmill generators on the building is a clue that the devs are already taking this into account?
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  3. halipatsui

    halipatsui Senior Engineer

    I noticed you already can spawn item "organic" in creative. Altough it is just a pink orb

    EDIT: i would also add that blocks on the underside of the car seem to be new blocks too. Most likely exhaust pipes.

    My personal guess is new organic energy source like biomass or coal etc + actual combustion engines.

    There would even be point to add energy sources to planets because they would make them more atttacting to play on.

    Looking good Keen!
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  4. Yeoman

    Yeoman Apprentice Engineer

    I am intrigued by the possibility of a hydrogen generator. That strange thing on the H2 tank in the background is maybe a passive way to collect H2? These things combined with the other teased items, parachutes, basic assembler, wind turbines etc, looks like the early game planet starts are going to get very interesting. Looks like we're in the 'flesh it out' phase of SE. Although i was worried before, I am definitely optimistic now.
  5. Me 10 Jin

    Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

  6. Dr. Novikov

    Dr. Novikov Apprentice Engineer

    Hydrogen wheels?
  7. Blacky [GER]

    Blacky [GER] Trainee Engineer

    good keen, you lied to us it seems about the survival overhaul wich makes it to a real survival, promissed over a year ago but nothing happen but not even a single word about it. i was about to buy ME but now, after you lied here, i dont trust u anymore and i wont belive in your promises about ME. this results in, nope no money from me. sadly i cant refound SE, wich i would if i could only for the whole reason you lied to us ..

    edit: yes i bought the game because of the "survival" this game tells us in the description. plz change this description because its a lie, there is no survival in this game at all. u need O2 and ignots to build stuff? .. wow .. gj dosnt make the game survival ..
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  8. AutoMcD

    AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Aragath dropped some details in discord chat.
    It's a generator that runs on hydrogen, or directly on ice (with lower efficiency).
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  9. Jikanta

    Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    I feel like your expecting survival elements like Minecraft. A lot of people tend to bring that up when they think survival and comparison.
    Cultivating land for farming produce to stem hunger and rejuvenate health. Raising and killing animals for easy food and materials. Even pets.
    If this is your thinking, I would actually suggest Medieval Engineers. Which I also own. It's looking great really.
  10. odizzido

    odizzido Junior Engineer

    I've been thinking about this a little and I am not sure I like it...First of all how can a generator create power from ice? Second, if you're running it on hydrogen instead of water that means you're converting ice into hydrogen and oxygen which you're converting back into ice and what the heck is going on? This makes no sense. Here is a video for more ideas in this area if we're going in this direction:

    But let's assume it is a net loss of power and it's just a way to power a vehicle.....a small battery or reactor is incredibly cheap and lasts essentially forever. Why would we need this?

    I think for this to provide any benefit it will need to perform a function what a battery does not. I am trying to think of one....maybe running on trees or something......I am not sure. It does need to have a use though.
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  11. Needye

    Needye Trainee Engineer

    I think keen is giving to us a very poor eficient cool fusion reactor rather as a really good combustion engine for the way it is going to work :D
  12. BloodThunder

    BloodThunder Trainee Engineer

    IDK what you did today, but I can FINALLY LAUNCH THE GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 WEEKS.


    Whatever bug was causing the missing checksum file (even on fresh installs) is finally gone for now.

    Now I can finally log in and manage my two servers.
  13. KingDank

    KingDank Trainee Engineer

    I think the combustion engine is really cool. Still looking for the small open cockpit because having to use a passenger seat with your guy's arms just hanging looks silly.
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    FIRE STORM FTW Trainee Engineer

    Thank you very much for the bug fixes. Before I wasn't able to play Space Engineers for more than 5 minutes without it crashing during the past week but since this update I've experience no crashes or any bugs so far. Glad to see the Development team is fast and dependable when it comes to fixing the game compared to previous games I've played from various other companies, certainly encouraging to see the game's creators care about the game they are moulding. Once again thank you.
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  15. Devon_v

    Devon_v Senior Engineer

    The Organic voxel has been in the game forever, I wouldn't read much into it.

    As for the hydrogen generator, it would become a very significant early game block if they made uranium appropriately rare in a readily fissionable state. (Or, God forbid, made the reactors actually large and complicated, with the existing blocks becoming thermal batteries like most of the old probes used) Pushing hydrogen, wind, and solar power into the forefront in the early game by making uranium more of a luxury than a critical component would go a long way towards having meaningful choices in engineering. So would integrating Draygo's aerodynamics so we could use our hydrogen generator to power a sinple jet aircraft.

    Ultimately the issue is that uranium is everywhere and it's magic. It just give you free power, and never hassles you about anything. It isn't even radioactive and apparently undergoes a 100% matter/energy conversion leaving no waste behind.
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  16. odizzido

    odizzido Junior Engineer

    uranium is too good. In a standard game I will use uranium as my main power and if I feel like it I will throw on a few solar panels to lower the amount I use....but honestly I end up with so much extra uranium that it's not something that I really need to bother with at all. If I were playing multiplayer I doubt I would ever build solar panels....they're damaged extremely easily, cannot be protected well, and relatively expensive. If you could protect solar panels with glass that would help a lot I think but even still uranium is just too good.
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  17. Arcturus

    Arcturus Senior Engineer

    No. This "truck" makes extensive use of half-built blocks. I see half built rotors, rocket launchers, and other bits. The exhaust smoke at the back is from a damaged block of some type.

    In the part of the video with a closeup of the new block, you can see animated rotating crankshafts inside, suggesting it is an internal combustion engine.
    Running on ice is stupid.

    What I really want to know is: Will it work on mars/the moon/space? Without grid O2 supply? Will people be able to make all-ice-powered "engine+oxygen generator+hydrogen thruster" rockets?
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  18. Kezat

    Kezat Trainee Engineer

    I think the engine should be a simple electric generator that takes hydrogen and oxygen to make electrical power. In a atmosphere you can suck in oxygen with a vent. Basically it would be a battery that can be charged as fast as you can move hydrogen from one tank from another. Would be great for small cars and small atmospheric flying drones/ships that can be "charged" really fast. Just hope we get a small sized hydrogen tank along with it:)

    As far as balance goes it should make less electrical power then what it took to make the hydrogen, again more like a battery then a reactor.
    Perhaps the exhaust should be ice. (ie water)
  19. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    I can't say for sure but it seems to me the only purpose of the engine block is to make a cool looking truck, which ends up being so out of scale that the only reason to make one is to have something that looks cool. Only other comment would be that I'm sure by 2077 the very idea of an internal combustion engine with reciprocating parts would be so absurd no one would dare say it out loud. If you want to burn fuel you would use a turbine, and if you just want raw torque you use a motor. Both for the same reason: one moving part. Honestly, the only reason we use internal combustion engines with reciprocating parts today is because some people like the sound and vibration. I did my share of engine-revving when I was a lad, drove an 18-wheeler for eight years, owned a few motorcycles. I get it. All I want now is an electric vehicle. They're just better.

    I'm waiting for the wind turbines because the only ones in the game so far are the standard type that have to point into the non-existing wind that never changes direction. At least with the vertical turbines the wind direction doesn't matter.

    If the game is about the Future, you shouldn't be reaching back to the past.
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  20. halipatsui

    halipatsui Senior Engineer


    It just looks like a pipe that has a curve. What block makes a cylindrical curve?
    Look underside of the car during the facepalm.
  21. Essentials

    Essentials Trainee Engineer

    Wheeled vehicles would be awesome if the wheels didn't fall off every 5 seconds. :(
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  22. Silentfighter89

    Silentfighter89 Trainee Engineer

    I like the idea of a hydrogen fuel cell. But it has to be low tear tech. What doas this mean.

    It needs Oxygen and Hydrogen to run (NO ICE!!!!)...So at the Moment the only way to get Hydrogen is with an oversized tank and an oxygen generator and you need a connector to pump fuel arrount from your base. So way to much stuff and a small reactor would beet it by lenghts( Anyway a small grid block that I would remove if it would not break evry second build)
    But why not using the Hydrogen bottles we have. So you can either use an air vent and hydrogen bottels or hydrogen and oxygen bottels if no oxygen is freely available to power the engine. This way you don't even need the batterie. Just put the bottles into the fuel cell and it runs. Easy as that and nearly as compact as a small reactor but way cheeper.

    And! Fuel Cells don't have crank shaft as cool as they look but there should really nothing be moving.
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  23. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Nearly 5000 hours and I have never had that particular problem.
  24. mhalpern

    mhalpern Senior Engineer

    There is a use for that engine, if it runs on hydrogen, then its an effective way to essentially transfer power between independent grids that doesn't involve the loss of storing it in batteries, also due to initial costs and the fact that they require fuel hydrogen thrusters are tier 2, yes they work everywhere, but you can't use them for duration flight
  25. halipatsui

    halipatsui Senior Engineer

    Autonomous drone that eats ice!
  26. Lord_Anubis 2

    Lord_Anubis 2 Trainee Engineer

    Nice Feature...but what about the Fusion Reactor? The Capital Ship Gyroscope? The Pistol? We asked for a more efficient way to produce energy...what did we get? Windmills and an Hydrogen/Oxygen Engine. After 4 years of playing this Game, that is on top of the most hours I played with 5698 hours and there are some things many of the Players wish to have or be implemented. What about teh Conveyor Hinges (working better, than the Rotors for only up and down movement), the Boarding Ramp which is logical to board a ship or Aircraft if it is a way to big to be a fighter, additional Round Window blocks, the abillity to create airtight shuttles, cause it is logical to fly from a Mothership down on a Planet in airtight tin can i will say. Small window blocks, small grid Door for airtightness in the shuttle or Pod. I count these things up especially with the small grids cause, almost every Space Engineer uses the "Small Ship Mega Mod Pack"additionaly the Azimuth Open Cockpits and Passenger Seats cause they don't have this ridiculous Hitbox like many other Blocks have and its kinda annoying. So it makes no sense to have a block limitation that can only stick a special block only on a small grid, or a large Grid. But what was implemented? Corner lights and Corner LCDs. Interior Lights are available for Small ships. okay, I was happy on that...but i have more expected. Since the early steps in Space Engineers I dreamed of a Game that would be the best Game as Space Survival in Galaxy that can be Colonized in a Way that no Game had before and other games that will still come will never provide these opportunities, because Space Engineers is the only first game that finally brings us into this world of sandboxing and should be fun to explore and build. I hope this Dream will come true as Lord Clang would help me.
  27. Syncaidius

    Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of those things make it in to the game with their survival progression overhaul, considering this week's teaser. :)
  28. SchmoJoe

    SchmoJoe Trainee Engineer

    I wonder what kind of lag would occur if many of those engines were running all at the same time. Also the same question for the wind turbine. I'm guessing it could be similar to when a lot of players have turrets on idle movement. At this point I'm not a fan of any parts that have continuous movement. I think those would be useful features once more optimizations are implemented.
  29. Forcedminer

    Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    alright so its clearly a new form of wheeled transportation sweet...since its an engine i wonder will it have proper engine roaring sounds?

    i just hope by getting a new form of wheels transport......that wheels themselves get fixed.
    you know how they jerk around randomly...have awful breaking and are generally just plain hard to enjoy properly without thrusters to aid it ...by then just build a hovercraft.

    i remember they functioned well before all the blocks got a fancy look to them......
    well....before that bug that caused them to sink to the ground while moving at a high enough speed resulting in a high speed collision with voxel it was stuck in...
    they were pretty viable granted they controlled the same way on all voxel.

    either way im excited....its been 4 weeks since they teased the wheels with skid marks...or debug marks?
    followed by windmills....
    and now this engine......

    I kinda hope random generated derelict bases could be a thing a reason to go exploring.......but i'll have to wait and see..
  30. Legas

    Legas Trainee Engineer

    I really like the engine as it hints in more depth and even progression in the power system, but I'm concerned about the fuel source.

    Hydrogen Powered Generator is completely nonsensical.
    You'd spend the energy to separate water molecules through hydrolysis, and then proceed to burn hydrogen into water again to produce energy, what's the point? There is no energy gained.
    I hope they reconsider and add another source of fuel to power the engine.
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