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Survival content mods?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by obstkorb, May 3, 2017.

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  1. obstkorb

    obstkorb Trainee Engineer


    I just got SE and played it for a few days and was disappointed that the survival mode has minimal content. It's more a sandbox physics simulation with crafting and not a game. Are there any mods that add some content to the survival mode and make this more into a game?
  2. odizzido

    odizzido Junior Engineer

    There is a scenario called escape from mars you could try. AFAIK it's the most fleshed out content for SE. But yeah, I am hoping there will be a full coop campaign for this game eventually.
  3. Jas

    Jas Apprentice Engineer

    EEM (cargo, drones, neutral bases for trading, encounters for space, it's huge)
  4. Echillion

    Echillion Senior Engineer

    As a new player I would suggest you play Duckroll's Escape from Mars mod it has revitalised this game for everyone not just new players especially people like myself who have over 2400 hrs in it. Be warned though it forces you to use your brain as well as brute force and as I've said before Duckroll is a Evil Genius with what he's done with this scenario! I highly recommend it for any SE player to see what a proper campaign in SE could be like. (P.S I would revert your version of SE to 1.180 before attempting EFM as the 1.181 patch screws SE singleplayer up)

    I would also suggest you use CJ's original battery recipe mod so that when you grind a battery down you keep the powercells but lose the partially charged battery as that's something I don't agree with Keen doing and it makes setting up a base a bit easier especially for a new player without much uranium just makesure you add the battery mod to the worlds mod list 1st before Duckrolls EFM mods and everything should be peachy.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.