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Space Engineers New HUD Layout - UNOFFICIAL feedback thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Ronin1973, Mar 15, 2017.

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  1. Bumber

    Bumber Senior Engineer

    Maybe the crosshair should change in size instead of fade? From a dot to a plus. We need a different crosshair for backwards, like an 'x'.

    The spare hydrogen tank indicator should probably indicate how full the reserve tanks are.

    The thread title should be changed to "Semi-Official" now that Rexxar has approved of it.
  2. CrazyEd

    CrazyEd Trainee Engineer

    New HUD and UI

    UI - No real problems there, It appears to mostly be a re - skin, so there are a few things which still need work (search in production for example)
    I do appreciate and love the new highlighting when you select multiple objects for grouping

    HUD is good, though not what I was expecting, back to Digis helmet mod I guess
    The Oxygen, hydrogen bottle indicators are a great idea
    The shipmass shown is without cargo multiplier, I can't recall if this was always the case (I don't think so) but would prefer it to show with multiplier
    The Hydrogen display. We've never really had an actual number referencing the amount of hydrogen on hand. Tanks always have shown percent, so this is great, especially if you give it a point of reference in the for of unit.
    Gravity .. again G's give us a reference frame that m/s/s don't (maybe i'm just a sub par human)
  3. SilentShadow

    SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I like the HUD so far. Though i have a minor gripe now.

    Landing gear. I don't see an indication of how many gear are ready to lock
  4. Bumber

    Bumber Senior Engineer

    We need the gravity indicator back.

    When I dig underground in my mining ship the horizon and velocity indicators disappear, and I can't tell which direction I'm facing. This sometimes causes me to get stuck upside-down because I don't have the same number of thrusters in all directions.
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  5. captainbladej52

    captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    I thought something was off and glad to know it's not just me. To get around the issue I threw up a very basic platform with a beacon, generator, and a few turrets to keep the wildlife away. Not a perfect solution but gives me at least some sense of direction. Perhaps there's a script or something that can be utilized in the mean time.
  6. odizzido

    odizzido Junior Engineer

    From what I've seen I generally like it. Sometimes it's a little hard too see though.
  7. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Master Engineer

    I would hope for four things:

    1. The hud mods allow for custom textures.
    So far for my local mod, the textures have to be within the games main folder and mod folder textures are not loaded. The same issue happened when planets launched and i couldnt upload my planets at first.

    2. A better explanation of the circular progress bar.
    The circular progress bar wont make sense to me in whatever configuration i run it.
    Even for the current one, the speed bar, the values for the segment offset seem very arbitrary. So some proper explanation for that would be neat.

    3. Configureable number of hud modes.
    Right now the number of hud modes is hardcoded to 2. Instead it should be fairly doable to allow any arbitrary amount of hud modes from 1 (no change possible) to like 10 or 20 if one desires.

    4. Add some "helper variables" for optional HUD features.
    In order to further customize the HUD in a non-linear fashion where we cant just circle straight through the appearances from 0 to N, it would be great to have some helper variables like "hud_optional_A". These would be integer variables like the current hud_mode with defineable max values (i.e. hud_optional_A goes from 0 to 5 while hud_optional_B and hud_optional_C go from 0 to 2).
    These could be nicely used to have the main hud_menu as descriptor for the overall appearance of the HUD, like feature-heavy, feature-light and hidden while the optional ones are used to vary the individual features like color, shape, position and more of each individual element.
    Alternatively these could also be defined in a pattern like "hud_optional <intA> <intB>" where <intA> defines the type/option/setting and <intB> the value. That would allow for an indefinite amount of custom options using only four keys (+/- A, +/- B) as worst case or two if only positive increments (like TAB now) are allowed.

    So far i got this "MiniHUD" i made, to reduce the overall bloaty HUD appearance.

    I would really love to add some circular bars as well for the second hud mode or other customizable options. But sadly the current HUD is fairly limited.
    I also agree that the old gravity vector was far superior to the current one. If the one we have would at least be an actually rotating sphere then we could add "offset-angles" as circles on it to make it useful.
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  8. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    Wait, what; disappears? That sounds very much like a bug to me...?
  9. Bumber

    Bumber Senior Engineer

    It's tied to ship heading. When you aim your ship downwards the artificial horizon moves out of view, and as far as I can tell, the velocity indicator with it. Maybe I'm just not moving fast enough underground for it to be visible.

    We certainly can't tell which way gravity is pointing while the horizon isn't visible.
  10. beelzerob

    beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    This goes back to if the HUD were a HUD. Airspeed (though meaningless in SE), altitude, orientation, and velocity vector should ALWAYS be visible and easily understood when in a cockpit. Imagine the fun if fighter pilots lost all reference to "wings level" just by nosing down a little bit at night.
  11. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    @Bumber Aaah, that issue. Yeah.
  12. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Master Engineer

    The velocity indicator on the gravity indicator is messed up anyway.
    It changes orientation based on the magnitude of the velocity, even if the angle remains the same. That in itself is just wrong too.
    The position on the "sphere/circle" has to represent the direction only. The magnitude, and thus the actual velocity, should be given either in "strength of the indicator" or simply through the circular velocity bar at the left.
  13. WhiteWorlB

    WhiteWorlB Trainee Engineer

    Im fine with the HUD i would just like to have a better UI for setting up blocks.
    Ive made a thread about this on the past.
    You can find the link in my Signature.
  14. russo_bolado

    russo_bolado Junior Engineer

    I didn't read all the posts thoroughly, but something I missed in the new HUD is the lack of Spotlight indicator. The light referred in the HUD is the suit light, not the ship's Spotlights. Currently, the only way I can figure out if the Spotlight is ON/OFF without going to the Control Panel is either by scripts (MMaster's Automatic LCDs 2) or wasting a slot in the toolbar.

    Don't know if it's a bug or intended.
  15. Spets

    Spets Master Engineer

    any chances to hide the cursor when you hide the HUD coming back? who the heck even requested this change? tell me so I can beat the shit out of that person...
  16. Jas

    Jas Apprentice Engineer

    Ship mass should be better readable
    Horizon and velocity vector indicator is near useless, you almost never can evaluate the true direction of gravity or your velocity vector
    horizon and altitude in seat/cockpit/rc is fine
    velocity semicircle speedmeter should change a bit in color when approach to the max limit, and they shoul moddable to increase the limit for the speed mods
    there is no landing gear proximity indicator like before
    there is no active batteries count like before
    there is no powergrid (called: generator) used/max indicator like before
    there is no atmosphere density indicator, or thrusters efficiency indicator
    there is no Aim assist in the cockpit when using fixed weapons, so i have to use a semi-bugged mod .... it has no sense a turret have trajectory prediction while a cockpit, thousand times more complex, does not have any
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  17. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh Apprentice Engineer

    How about giving us a modifier keybind, or toggle keybind, that gives us a mouse cursor so we can hover for tooltips on things like HUD icons.
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  18. Timuroslav

    Timuroslav Apprentice Engineer

    Pretty much agree with everyone else about the Gravity Simulation. Pretty much for the gravity attitude ball just go with what's in Airplanes already, don't try and reinvent the wheel on that one.

    It's hard as hell to read ship mass now.

    Move the old Hud information display box and post it into the Info panel on the Control Screen. All that information and coding is good for people who like to do blue prints and do some math. Knowing how many gyroscopes and Batteries are active is actually useful. Especially, when people like me like to use batteries as emergency reserve power.

    My other issue is Stream line the Hud so it doesn't block my field of vision. I like to play on First Person only survival and it pisses me off so much when anything is on the top of the screen or it takes up too much space, when I'm leaving a planet or dog fighting.
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