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[1.182.0] Doors, lethal or just do not exist

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Hyomoto, Jul 21, 2017.

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  1. Hyomoto

    Hyomoto Apprentice Engineer

    I started up a new game on the 3 world start. I chose the planetary landing option. I was enjoying watching my descent, walking around the lander and it appeared everything was working wonderfully. However, I realized I could walk through the door on the lander. No troubles whatsoever, just right on through. I was playing on Private so I thought, perhaps this is just a server issue and I swapped to Offline and... entering the door killed the ever loving heck out of me. So, at the bare minimum, doors on ships while moving are quite deadly on Offline, and seem to be ghosts Online.
  2. Robosheep

    Robosheep Trainee Engineer

    I noticed my airtight doors doing the same. I could not walk through normal doors but the problem fixed its self after a copy and paste of the ship.
    I was in creative so the doors could not kill me.
  3. Hyomoto

    Hyomoto Apprentice Engineer

    So, gave @Robosheep's suggestion a try but no joy. What I did find is that the first time was apparently a fluke. The doors always kill me now. But, apparently, they only do it when the are closed. So, yeah, whatever that is I guess. What could cause it I am sure I do not know, but apparently the full block doors on a moving grid are quite lethal when closed.
  4. Pegas519

    Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, you have to run through the doors while a ship moves or it will kill you.
  5. ACrazedZombie

    ACrazedZombie Trainee Engineer

    I've encountered a similar bug, I'm offline too. I haven't had any issues until tonight when three airtight hangar doors will kill me when I pass through where the door would be if it was closed. I can walk through normal or sliding doors just fine, only seems to be with hangar doors. I'm using .50 gravity on a space station attached to an asteroid.
  6. Syncaidius

    Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Lethal doors here as well. If I walk into a bugged door, I either get stopped from entering, or thrown across the room and die.

    If I fly a ship into a bugged airtight door, it just destroys the ship and throws pieces everywhere.
  7. starfight

    starfight Trainee Engineer

    Yup, can +1 the airtight doors killing you, can't walk over them or you get catapulted 300m backwards
    Here's a video of this happening:
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  8. kittle

    kittle Senior Engineer

    same problem here with the doors -- this time on a station. half-built doors will let me pass, but fully built doors kill on entry.
  9. Sirhan Blixt

    Sirhan Blixt Apprentice Engineer

    Having the same problem with sliding doors. It was fine until suddenly it wasn't, and then approaching meant being flung back a couple hundred meters. If I weren't in Creative mode, I'm sure I'd be a bunch of grease stains by now.
  10. susu

    susu Trainee Engineer

    Same issue here. Yesterday I was playing MP, tried to enter my large ship (connected to my base) via Sliding Door, Airtight Hangar Door and Door, I have died or bounced off so strongly that the asteroid killed me upon impact. I've tried re-login, didn't help.

    However after I disconnected the ship from the base, the problem disappeared. (Maybe one could try renaming the grid?)
  11. Arcturus

    Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Are people only having the bug when the thing with doors is a station on a planet/asteroid voxel or a ship attached to a planet/asteroid voxel with a landing gear?
    Are people in multiplayer, dedicated server, private online, offline singleplayer?

    KSH generally won't fix bugs until they can reproduce them on demand.
    Reproduction usually means being able to start a new game and then reliably cause the bug to happen within a few minutes.
  12. Hyomoto

    Hyomoto Apprentice Engineer

    Well, as I said in my case, the door was the single block enclosed door and it was only lethal while the ship was moving and the door was close. I was playing on survival, using the three world start and the planetary lander. I tried both online and offline modes. If they can't reproduce it from my original post which covered all of this, then maybe it's as random as the bug seems based on all the other descriptions.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.