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Modular construction

Discussion in 'General' started by quotl, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. quotl Trainee Engineer

    I haven't played this game for 3 year or soo and I want to know if modular construction like in this video
    is still possible now. I have tried to do that but is not working anymore. I don't have acces to all keybinds or there just not working ( for example Key R and Y ) ... maybe I do something wrong here and I need to know that. I have searched the forum but I don't see anything releated to this subject here.
  2. MorshuArtsInc Apprentice Engineer

    The game has sadly been disimproved to ashes.
    While many new features (and bugs) have been added over the years, several cool features have been removed for one reason or another, among them most of the mentioned modular construction, the rotor block, the servants etc.
    These limitations were added because they redesigned their structural integrity system.
    They took much of our creative freedom in exchange for somewhat better physics, and abandoned the game with a lot of bugs and a terrible new UI.

    There still is a way to kind of remove at least some the introduced limitations on compound building though, but it requires modifying the game's block definition files, which is pretty risky to say the least. You will have to read into this first, and maybe ask around on the game's Discord ( ; you will need to choose a role first in the #role-selection channel).