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Solution for Armor Deformation Destroying attached non-armor blocks

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Squidtank, Aug 13, 2020 at 16:29.

  1. Squidtank Trainee Engineer

    I have run into the problem mentioned in this post, that I just recently ran across while trying to solve the issue:

    This still seems to work to correct the problem, or at least a slight variation of it, as I added a flag to the block that was not mentioned in the other post in addition to adding a deformation ratio.

    Basically, armor block deformation damage is deleting/destroying connected non-deformable blocks if an armor block takes a large amount of damage (compared to the health of the block) or possibly just the ratio of deformation caused at once? Modded weapons show this problem very clearly whereas vanilla weapons don't do much damage, so they dont cause much or extreme deformation quickly, so it's not as noticeable (or so i assume from testing, I rarely play vanilla). But this means you can shoot an armor block connected to a large hydrogen engine for example and the engine will be destroyed even if it was at max health and should have taken many shots to destroy. In an attempt to solve this problem I used the flags I found on wheel cubeblocks and changed deformation to true. I just used .4 as a deformation value since it was the same as heavy armor and I hadn't read the post I linked above yet, so I am not sure how changing this variable will affect block damage.

    After adding the above values to thruster blocks as a test, I was able to shoot and destroy all of the surrounding attached armor blocks and the thrusters were not destroyed. In case I am phrasing that poorly, it seems to fix the problem and armor works like armor again and protects things instead of destroying them. So I am very happy with the results so far, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight into this who has gone down this road before and also I was hoping someone might be able to help out. I do not have any formal scripting knowledge, so I was hoping someone out here might know how to write one to add these values to non-armor cubeblocks in a similar fashion to the way the deformable blocks or other armor mod scripts apply new values to armor blocks. I assume this is possible, but again, no scripting background. I use a lot of mods, otherwise I would just edit .sbc files and take care of it. I am generalizing on some points above and the other poster probably described the issue with more elegance, so if I was wrong or made invalid assumptions please feel free to chime in! This change really makes a HUGE difference in ship combat, so I'm either going to edit a boatload of mods manually soon and see how it all works out, or I need one of you modders to save the day so I can see if this a practical solution or not. I do love me some space engineers, and all your mods have helped me tweak the base game into pretty much exactly what I want it to be. This is one of the last big issues I have been wrestling with on my personal server. If they give me an option to turn off reputation change notices when you shoot NPCs and fix the issue where particles on weapon fire don't draw at close range (distance of which seems to be determined by projectile velocity) I will be one happy camper.

    Video showing results before and after the "fix" is applied, results are dramatically different (just using some star wars weapons that have been edited to do less damage than the original mod, but still more than vanilla):
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