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[01.108] Bugs playerdamage, fraction, landinggears,hydrogen

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by zeronio, Nov 12, 2015.

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  1. zeronio Apprentice Engineer

    - Playerdamage seems to be way too strong. e.g. you run against a rock -> you die, you jump one block -> you die
    - simple running on e.g. ice can give you damage
    - Players can join only fraction if option is set to " allow everyone to join" otherwise fraction leader cant see joining players
    - Landed ships are moving while landing gears locked at planet
    - You loose more hydrogen in jetpack while your helmet is off
    - Client sim speed is 1.0 , server sim speed 0.08 with about 15 players online cpu of server at 24% and 3 GB Ram (server has some mods)

    Maybe suggestion:
    - Allow players choosing not a landing ship but space ship to spawn in space more outside of a planet
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
  2. RedneckMasterpiece Trainee Engineer

    I am also having these problems. Also, you cannot pick up steel plates and you seem to fall through planets. And free rotation of "Build New Station" Block would greatly aid in building stations on planets. Currently you have to build a large ship sideways to get a new station on a planet. Also, gravity doesn't pull you staight down. It pulls you in weird directions, e.g. I'm on a hill but I'm tilted 6 degrees over because of gravity. It isn't perfectly spherical.
  3. NoBlackThunder Trainee Engineer

    there is a free rotation for station block .. hit b before placing the first block.

    and now . finally find a post that mention the same issie i have .. and i feel this is currently game breaking ,, also it has been there for me before planets also .. it looks like some strange physics happen when a landing gear is locked to a voxel .. when you build a new ship it can rip it apart .. while landing makes it shaking like ..... wooohooo ... ( gets worse with time ) a
  4. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Can confirm that running on planet surface gives you damage and will kill you. Also jumping down couple blocks will kill you. Both in DS.
  5. Space Oscar Trainee Engineer

    Same Thing on my DS, everybody die just by touching each other ( :p ).Same thing when you try to dig or run on different cubes.
  6. RedneckMasterpiece Trainee Engineer

    Any way to address the falling through the planet while trying to mine glitch? I get stuck under the surface of the game, which the game counts as space. So I fly back up to mine back through the surface and die instantly upon activating my drill.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.