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01.173 [STABLE] - building (low-poly models)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by vymasteny_pankac, Feb 4, 2017.

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  1. vymasteny_pankac Apprentice Engineer

    Can't determine orientation of the vertical window due to lowest polygon model selected when placing the block. Also the transparency of the block is set such it is hard to determine orientation of many blocks.
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  2. max1998t1 Trainee Engineer

    this is a huge problem at times, although it has gotten better already. If you want to add a block to a grid the game often shows you a low-poly model of the block as ghost instead of the full high-poly one(i think it goes at least one or two LOD steps down), with some blocks this makes rotating them a pain as you cant see how they are rotated.
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  3. abrtn00101 Trainee Engineer

    This bug still occurs in 01.179.0, and since none of the mods/devs have acknowledged this it, my guess is that they weren't really able to replicate it because it requires a peculiar set of circumstances to manifest. I published a video on YouTube about the bug. The video's a bit cheeky, but I'm hoping it will at least catch the devs' attention:

    To summarize, basically, the LOD of holograms is directly affected by the distance of the hologram from the origin of the object it is attached to. This is unlike the way LODs are computed normally based on the distance of a block from the observer.

    WARNING: This workaround may affect the game's graphical performance, however, I haven't had a problem with it yet running on a two-year-old laptop with a GeForce 840M mobile GPU on custom medium/high settings.

    This workaround requires that you load a creative world to access the game's developer menu (by pressing F12). In the developer menu, select Render -> Lodding, and enable LOD selection. This is, by default, set to an LOD of 0. This will cause all blocks (not terrain) to use the highest LOD, even blocks that are extremely far away from the player. If you're playing in survival, you can load a creative world first, exit to the main menu, and load up your survival world. Any settings you make in the dev menu will stick until the end of the session (until you exit the game). I usually have a small, empty, fast-loading creative world for doing this.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.