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01_131_006 64-bit Lights broken

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by P. Kerman, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. P. Kerman Apprentice Engineer

    The radius slider for interior lights has no effect, the radius is fixed at minium also spotlights seem rather faint.
  2. Forjo Apprentice Engineer

    Lights are not broken. They have changed to be projected instead of spherical. Get in a ship and put a light on it. It works like the suit lights now. The settings are more subtle, but they definitely work. Try it out.

  3. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer


    Thank you for the report. Please make sure to attach screenshots or videos when making a report regarding visual issues, thanks! ;)

  4. Forjo Apprentice Engineer

    Don't really see the need for that in this case. Lights are now projected. It's a change. If anything you guys should have noted it on the video and/or in the patch notes.

    I will say this, I tested the falloff setting at it appears to do nothing on spotlights. But intensity and range now work realistically. In my opinion, fall-off should be the focus of the light -- how wide the beam is. And occlusion still isn't modelled -- lights shine through blocks. But other than that, spotlights are good in my opinion.

    Interior lights, are broken, though. :)

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  5. P. Kerman Apprentice Engineer

    Screenshots in spoiler. As can be seen radius on interior lights has no effect. Spotlights aren’t as faint as I thought though just had to adjust their placement for the new mechanic. Sorry about that.

    But to be fair you were right about the spotlights once I moved them from the wall to the ceiling they worked a lot better. Oops.
    Your Idea about fall-off changing the focus of the spotlights is also great.:)
  6. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    i've noticed this today when i was working on some modded Interior Lights
    sbc setting "LightRadius" is ignored or more like overwritten by "LightReflectorRadius", changing the Light radius setting in terminal has no effect.
    Placing an Interior Light now has Radius settings of Min 2m, Max 120m, Default 120m instead of the sbc setting Min 1m, Max 10m, Default 3.6m.
    If i add "LightReflectorRadius" to the sbc the Terminal will list the values but using the slider has no effect.

    There is definitely something messed up
  7. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Took a little break from the game for the past couple of weeks, but when I returned earlier today and loaded my most recent world, I found all my Interior Lights inexplicably had a new minimum radius of 2 meters (rather than 1) and a new maximum radius of 120 meters (rather than 10), and the sliders had been tuned all the way to the maximum. However, the lights still shone with their old settings, as I assigned them when I built them a few weeks ago, completely ignoring this new maximum setting.

    But when I added some new lights, these spawned with screwed-up default settings, with the radius slider all the way to 120 meters... however, visually, they were stuck at what looked like the default 3.6 meter radius. I tried adjusting the radius slider... and confirmed that on all lights, old and newly-built, the radius slider has absolutely no effect anymore. It is impossible to adjust the radius of any interior light... but the falloff and intensity sliders still work okay. That's gotta be a bug.

    This issue is also affecting every mod that adds new lights based on the Interior Light block type.
  8. Lord Commissar Junior Engineer

    same as above. interior lights now have 2-120m radii, but the slider produces no changes at either end.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.