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[01_154_003][develop] Not enough memory crash

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tygra, Sep 27, 2016.

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  1. Tygra Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys. This has happened two times now since the 1.154 update. Desktop just runs out of memory and warns me to close the programs causing the problem.

    Since I found no similar issues in the bug reports, I can asssume that only I have this problem. Could be the failed cargoship spawns? There are quite a few in the log.
    While this happened I was on the Earthlike planet just flying back to base in a small ship.

    Happens after around 2 hours of playing

    dxdiag https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo54io0ebqq4aej/DxDiag.txt?dl=0

    SE log

    Any help would be appreciated

    edit: restarted the game right after the crash so the log is gone. I'll attach one with the memory crash as soon as I get one
  2. aether.tech Apprentice Engineer

    You're going to want more ram.

    I found out that 8gb, then 16gb, wasn't enough for Space Engineers and it's giant memory-suck-hole. So now I'm at 32gb and it seems to finally have stopped crashing due to low memory errors.

    Sadly, you're going to be stuck with DDR3...which is not exactly cheap for non-ECC desktop RAM. Now, I'm guessing that MSI in all their infinite wisdom with the Z97 chipset of your motherboard (actually, it's more Intel's fault, but MSI did a terrible job in their marketing by not disclosing...) But you're not going to be able to use 2x16GB sticks to hit the magical 32GB stable point of RAM for SE.

    4x8GB it is. The good news is, the Gamer 5 supports a max of 32GB anyway (8gb max per DIMM being the other issue.) So, you won't need to search for 16GB sticks - which I did...for weeks.

    Anyway, if you have an air cooler that is restricting space from the first dim slot or two, (such as the Evo 212 on my Z97 PC Mate) you'll need to get LP or VLP sticks...which are a rare commodity these days it seems.

    Anyway, since you're in Hungary I can't really link a Newegg to you - well, I can, I just don't know how the pricing transfers - but look for the Crucial 32GB kits - they are very reliable and tend to be cheaper (for lack of fancy bells and whistle heat-spreader b.s.) Otherwise, I'd suggest Mushkin's ECO2 line.

    In regards to the LP/VLP ram - you're pretty much stuck with Kingston and Crucial for that. I'm using Crucial's 32GB LP kit (barely fits in under my Evo 212, wish I could have gotten the VLP stuff... but it's really, REALLY rare in 8GB stick form. 4GB sticks - not a problem, but that won't really help your situation much.

    32GB LP Crucial kit: (it's available on ebay for $125 with shipping - not sure price in Euro/Hungary currency.)

    However, if you don't need LP/VLP ram, then really, any half-decent 32GB kit will do.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
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  3. Tygra Trainee Engineer

    Hey @aether.tech ,

    Many thanks for the effort you put into the ram sutiation:p However I was never really into the fancy stuff. No watercooling no sli or whaetever. I have the same cooler as you do and I'm really happy with these hyperx 2x8gb rams. I can fit two more of this hyperX under the 212 evo ( as I have that too). I was about to get two more anyway.

    However, I was running SE just fine befire this update. I had a msi gtx 750ti before with 2x4 gigs of ram, totally different cl and clock:p I really think that it might be some old cargoship mod causing this, I'll try to get rid of them one by one.

    Anyway, thanks for the rundown with the memory, I'll stick with these ones +2 same ones later.
    Upgraded mobo and rams this january and gfxc, psu, monitor, keyboard, +ssds less than a month ago so I have no more to spend on fancy ddr4 mobo and stuff:p
  4. Callum Trainee Engineer

    Hello @Tygra

    I am also having this issue, I believe it started last week for me. I hope the team can put some time to address this issue as it is rather annoying.

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    PC Specs (Just cause by It'll help)

    CPU - Intel i5-6500 Skylake
    GPU - Evga GTX980 4gb GDDR5
    Ram - 8GB Ripjaws DDR4-2133
    Mobo - GIGABYTE B150M-D3H
    PSU - Zalman ZM650-EBT 650W
    CPU heatsink - Cooler Master hyper 212x
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  5. henkbein Apprentice Engineer

    Also having this issue for about a week (16 Gb ram)
  6. Burillo Junior Engineer

    having these issues since the last update. never before. 32GB RAM.
  7. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    Haven't crashed yet, but SE's memory leak has gotten incredibly bad with the latest dev patch. Used to be that I could play for 4 hours and not go beyond 6-7 GB usage, but now I'll hit 11-12 GB inside of an hour or two and have to restart SE to prevent it from maxing out and thrashing my HD with page file swaps.
  8. kittle Senior Engineer

    I found the annoying RAM use went way down when I switched to lower quality textures.

    Also, posting log files from SE may help the developers narrow down the issue
  9. Tygra Trainee Engineer

    Yesterday I monitored the memory usage with the Msi gaming app's osd. Sometimes it dropped below 5gb, other times it was 9,5gb. Both times I was mining. Nothing special, same ship, 85k kg.
    I got rid of some cargoship mods because they were last updated in 2015. Since then I haven't experienced the crash, but it may very well be just a coincidence.
    As others mentioned, before this update this problem wasn't present on this scale. I tried to post the log but SE overwrote it. (should've backed it up I know).
    Well at least it's somewhat comforting to know that I'm not the only one who started to experience this in the last weeks.
  10. Burillo Junior Engineer

    i wasn't mining when crashes happened. most of the time i was doing nothing (alt-tabbed out of the game to write code). no mods, ever.
  11. sepen_ Trainee Engineer

    These crashes had never occurred at my end before. But since last week's patch they are a most regular thing and happen about every 1.5 game hours.

    No mods, vanilla 1-1-1.
  12. Tygra Trainee Engineer

  13. I23I7 ME Tester


    The memory fix issues are being addressed to my knowledge 28.9.2016 had one hotfix for memory leaks and today there should be a new hotfix for more memory leaks. I would like to thank you guys for keeping it civil and keeping a calm head about this issue. Hopefully we have covered them all. But if any of you have more issue after todays updated just bump me up here.

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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.