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02.008 ABT spec thread

Discussion in 'General' started by aboredteen1, Mar 14, 2015.

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  1. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    Well after numerous people asking for this it is here. This is the first spec thread. I honestly am not sure with this game what to speculate. I haven't really played it much either because it is really unstable on my laptop. :( So this week although i will speculate some, I really just want to know what you guys want in the game. Im not nearly as active in ME as i am in SE so i will try harder. Now to the actual speculation!!!!

    I think we could see perhaps more functionality to player tools and perhaps even an automated sun rotation thing. Maybe a sword even.

    So as with the other spec thread all posts about...um... flying whales that really belonging in space and general community shenanigans are to go under this one. merry patchmas on tuesday
  2. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Ah, well, I already had one up for this week, but time to speculate anyway. What I would like to see for starters is a better lighting radius on torches, currently in night mode you need an obscene number of torches to get half decent visibility and not looking like something from a horror movie.

    Additionally, I would like small spikes that can be used to make things like ballista bolts, spike pits, and spikes for barricades.

    Not really sure what else to ask for atm except for the standards. MP and procedural worlds.
  3. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    i want to be able to sit down on the chairs.... would love to sit at my throne :woot:
    and besides that doors, round windows gothic style and bigger towers...
  4. sku08 Trainee Engineer

  5. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    Yeah, traps are my big concern right now. Do you have any idea what a massive pain it is outfitting a maze of death with traps with what we currently have available?

    There are only so many different ways to kill someone with rocks.
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  6. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Axes, tree removal. A Herring.
  7. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Priests to perform exorcisms...... On all the possessed wood that likes to rip itself free. You know the ones.
    They go flying, like to smash through walls.
    Even had a few that thought they would spend their time better wondering though the forest than staying attached to the catapult.
  8. HunterX Apprentice Engineer

    More Fun
  9. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    Barbarians who say...

    ... "NI!"
  10. sszaki Trainee Engineer

    Arcs! They need to work proper way as currently they work same as normal wall... force is pulled straight down instead to the sides.
  11. maagz Trainee Engineer

    • Fix SI. Before last weeks update i got around 30 operations/s when destroying a particular building. Now it's 0-2 ops most commonly followed by a crash. (Filed in bug reports; claimed to have been fixed; isn't)
    • Automatic day/night cycle with moving sun/moon (the objects, not only the light)
    • ModTools overhaul and proper documentation so we don't have to mix and match vrage files from SE&ME to get anything to work. Right now the ME texture guide refers to textures that ME doesn't even use as far as I could see when scavenging the "textures" folder.
    • Pulleys and hooks(grabbers?) as seen among the wip blocks
    • More mechanical blocks (I hope they've finished and'll give us the gear boxes).
    • Diagonal wood anchoring at the visual anchor points, not the center of the block
    • Basic in-game nodal AI scripting.
    • Tools that work for repairs.
    • Resources and gathering of the same
    • Containers that contain.
    • Planets and oxygen :cool:
    • Harpoons
    • Space whales

    +errytang they are working on
  12. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Given that this is the third variant of this question, changed only by the number related to the last update....

    So after every update there will be a new one of these threads, and basically people will note down everything they expected in the previous update but did not see accomplished.

    This will become an exercise in regurgitation ad nauseum.


    Why not use the suggestions forum, as intended?
  13. zerovirus Trainee Engineer

    I hope it is multiplayer, the game is buggy yes and need a lot of work all around.. But i'd have alot more fun with what is available if i could play with a friend.
  14. Vicomt Trainee Engineer

    The ABT spec thread has been going for a long time in the ME forums, it's not usually a suggestions type thing, it's more a "What do we really want in this specific patch" thread and it's become a bit of a KSH "thing" ;)
    I don't see why we can't have one in here as well, so please, don't spoil everyone else's idle "spec"ulation and fun. If you don't want to read it, don't.
  15. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Its also used to have a bit of fun, suggesting random crazy stuff such as space wales in SE
  16. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    ...because its speculation, not suggestions here mate. These threads are something of a tradition, thanks aboredteen, and can be good for a laugh or get a feel for what others are anticipating. Participation isn't mandatory, its just for fun. :)
  17. galacticon Apprentice Engineer

    Id like to see procedural world generation. Cant wait to see it with all the beauty the current world's have. Then time for them to bring it to space engineers...
  18. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Procedural generation could be it.

    They already have a bunch of code for random generation (based on moisture and heat maps), caves, and trees etc was in there too IIRC. Plus its been there for a long while now so theyve had a lot of time to work on it. Something about chunks too so infinite generation could be a thing too (Might be too much though, maybe they release random generation before making it infinite so they dont have to solve bugs in 10 systems at once)
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  19. Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    i'm just waiting for the pulley and the Gear blocks
    A tool to properly clear small tress and brush would be nice as well
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.