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[1.074.006] [MP] [x64] AI Turret Lag

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ChickenNugget, Mar 22, 2015.

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  1. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    AI Gatling Gun Turrets on random ship/station grids will cause unbearable sim speed drops and rubberbanding until Idle Movement is enabled.

    Had been running since the conveyor sorter update with turrets disabled to avoid the issue, just found today that its idle movement that causes it. As certain turrets move, the game basically freezes.

    But it is only on some ship grids. On my world of me and one client, I have a station and two large ships with gatling turrets. They all can have idle movement enabled with no lag.

    The client owns a station and two large ships as well. Both his ships cause the game to die when idle movement is enabled. The stations doesn't seem to cause this issue. All grids have maybe 10-20 turrets and are connected by conveyors. One ship with only a couple interior turrets will cause the game to freeze as long as their idle movement is enabled.
  2. hellokeith Apprentice Engineer

    The DS where I play is getting it too. So you are saying it is only Large Ship.. and any turret type with movement enabled.. will cause the lag?
  3. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    From all my testing, I've narrowed it down to only large ship or station turrets with idle movement (gatling, rocket, and interior) and only some ships will do it.

    As I said, I only play with one client, so we just manually turned off all idle turret movement (and we only had 6 grids to do it on).

    The alternative is editing the world options to simply disable turrets. This basically makes them unpowered and thus, they do not move.

    It should hopefully fix your issue until they fix it.
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  4. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    I already reported that one about week ago. Still no fix. And yes, all turrets on large ships and stations (small ships have no turrets) with enabled idle movement will wreck your sim-speed. Mine wen't from 0,6 to 0,08 average, my record was 0,04 :D And man the tearing, that was fun.
  5. hellokeith Apprentice Engineer

    DS where I play is down to .3 average Sim. Today's update had no effect.
  6. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    What's odd is, on my world with one client, only his ships and station cause the crazy lag. But not only for him...

    If I am near my ships, I have no lag.
    If he is near my ships, he has no lag.
    If he is near his ships, he has lag.
    If I am near his ships, I have lag.

    Every single one of the client owned ships/stations cause this issue, yet none of mine (the host) do. Its strange...

    And I know his structures, nothing weird going on compared to mine. We are on a LAN connection so its not a connection issue.
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  7. Phand Master Engineer


    could you please send worlds? We tried to find lags with turrets several times in the past but with no luck. To be honest. Thank you.
  8. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    Phand, if you wan't send me PM, Ill tell you the DS IP and set my medbay so you can spawn on my base and I'll enable the turrets movement. Or I can just show you my steam broadcast. Luqin sent you my creative world, but since then I managed to get the admin of that server to my friends on steam, but I don't think he would sed me the save just like that...
  9. Acceso Trainee Engineer


    This is a link to my DS where this turret issue is happening. It's a backup from yesterday where I was trying different things to fix it aside form just plain wiping all the turrets.
  10. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    Here, this one is consistent. http://puu.sh/gOsuW/f5ebe56d79.zip (zipped worldfile, guessing you know where it goes. Thought it might be easier than the whole workshop thing. If not, or you don't trust it or whatever, I'll put the world on the workshop, just tell me)

    It now has all ownership reset (so that turrets don't kill you). Tested with no clients, just hosting like I normally would. Haven't tested full single player. Issue persists.

    Might want to increase max speed to get to where the massive lag is. Fly to the base that's 22km away from start location. (has a ship named Shark, black/yellow color scheme) Get within about 1km or so and your sim speed will get crushed at random and you should have immense issue moving and functioning at all. Tested on two completely different computers (different hardware, different graphics card) and the issue exists on both. Happens if you are a client or a host.

    Is fixed when idle turret movement is off, weapons are disabled, or all his structures are unpowered.

    Really hope you all can find a fix! :|
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2015
  11. Potter Apprentice Engineer

    Is it possible that specific operating systems/hardware are suffering from this glitch? Maybe we should all verify specs to see if there is a pattern?

    I have suffered from this lag from turrets only with idle movement enabled usually after there is a decent amount of things going on in the world, such as a large amount of distance in which multiple players have set up bases far apart and refineries and assemblers are active. We had this issue on my server with idle movement enabled,but eventually it got to the point in which sim was at .4 tops. I also have the problem on a locally hosted game on the same PC (after shutting server down).

    Running on Windows 7 Professional, AMD FX-8350, 16GB DDR3, R9 290X graphics. Any other additional info available upon request.
  12. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    It doesn't seem to be the case. In my world that has this issue, it occurs consistently on:
    • AMD graphics card
    • Nvidia graphics card
    • Host's machine
    • Client's machine
    • Windows 7 64bit (don't have multiple OS to test)
    • With clients connected
    • Without clients clients
    • With affected ships owned by a player
    • With affected ships reset ownership
    • Affected ships with idle turret movement enabled (unless unpowered or weps disabled)
    • Being within about 1km of an affected ship (will not lag if it is in view distance yet very far away)
    But what is not consistent is:
    • Only some ships cause this issue (but will consistently cause the issue, not random each time its loaded or anything)
    • Some affected ships have weapons connected by conveyor, some don't
    • A single turret on an affected ship can cause as much lag as an affected ship with 20 turrets
    • Slicing out part of the conveyor and putting it back in will sometimes fix the issue, sometimes it will do nothing (even if you take out the exact same conveyor piece on a world reload)
    • Seems like it might lag more when turrets are moving? Might not, hard to tell.
    Other information that I have not looked into:
    • If this occurs on DS
    • If this occurs in Single Player
    • If this occurs in Creative
    • If it does occur in Creative, will pasting a blueprint of a bugged ship cause this issue
    • Does distance from center point matter? (Currently all bugged ships in my world are about 20km from center, all near center are not bugged. Not all ships 20km from center are bugged though)
    • If bugged ships manage to move to another location (such as center point) will they still be laggy? (hard to test because of the massive lag...)
    • Would grinding out all turrets and putting them back in on an affected ship still make the affected ship cause lag?
    Haven't played much recently, so can't test too much :( But I linked my world earlier, so maybe people can figure things out if they want.
  13. Potter Apprentice Engineer

    Hmm. The first I heard of this glitch was when they implemented the new turret control options. Is it possible that the turret control is somehow looping feedback to another block? I say this because now my cameras are causing serious lag as well as the remote control block. I am not a programmer, so my uneducated guess is just that the turrets are all sending some kind of unnecessary information (perhaps their camera feeds?) to something else is the game that is not the player (maybe the cockpit?). Also, I will download your world when I get home from work this morning and will do my best to spot a pattern.

    Edit: I can confirm that this glitch has also happened on a dedicated server, mine specifically. I cannot confirm that it happens in single player though.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2015
  14. Acceso Trainee Engineer

    It does happen on my DS.
    It did carry over to SP when I loaded it up there trying to fix it, so yes to single player.

    I can also confirm it is not every ship that causes it. However, being that I'm using a DS it's tough to pinpoint the exact ship causing it.

    A bit more info:
    When I use SE toolbox and set all turrets to have a 1% build progress (so they are just the frames), the lag goes away...but once I rebuild these frames the lag returns.
    However, if I flat out delete all the turrets all together, the lag is gone even if a new turret is built in the same places. Though, the lag does return after a couple days.
  15. MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    ASAIK it should be turrets laser pointing at asteroids (thats hat ive been told... wont tell who told me tho), and todays patch should have a temporary "fix" for that by disabling turrets lasers untill they fix it.
  16. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    That would make sense, all ships causing massive lag in my world are near asteroids. Glad they know the cause finally. (I hope)
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.