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[1.101.020] DX11 crashes on start, shader compilation fails (likely Nvidia specific)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by roothorick, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. McSwaisy Trainee Engineer

    Its MSAA. I tried different configurations and it starts with FXAA but crashes with MSAA.

    Edit: I made a new Account to tell you this but because of mod aproval you cant see it. So please forgive me if it comes too late.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2015
  2. Morloc Apprentice Engineer

    GeForce GTX 980 / Driver: 355.60

    Game would launch once I changed the config file back to DX9, but graphics look poor/different. Things are painted that weren't....my gatling turrets all became missile turrets....yech.

  3. welkar926 Apprentice Engineer

    I can confirm the gatling turret to missile turret bug.

    At least I can paint doors, pistons, and turrets in DX11 again...
  4. Klaern Apprentice Engineer

    GTX 770, same problem.

    DX 11 works, but if I change Anti-Aliasing from FXAA to MSAA it crashes.
  5. Lichan Corrine Trainee Engineer

    so, running windows 10, unable to get into the game, it crashes as soon as the world is finished loading. I even cut back on mods until I've got exactly zero mods, and still no joy for getting in. This is happening with DX9 and DX11, no matter the settings I put in.
    GTX 970M, 16 gigs of ram, so it's not like I'm running out of resources or something.

    oh, and for reference, the world I'm unable to load into is a brand new instance of Asteroids
  6. Klaern Apprentice Engineer

    I'm also on Win10 and had the same problem. I deleted my config file (it rebuilt itself on relaunch). you can just move it ot the desktop to test. DX 11 works for me, but not with MSAA selected (only FXAA)

    Config file found at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\SpaceEngineers.cfg
  7. Lichan Corrine Trainee Engineer

    so I tried that, and sorry, STILL no joy. crash to desktop the instant finished loading into the game. deleted the cfg, loaded in, crash. deleted the cfg again, changed to DX11, restarted, loaded into world, crash to desktop. Heck, I even tried creating another fresh world. Still no joy.

    *pouts* I want to play with the new stuff!!!
  8. Ceztu Apprentice Engineer

    Can confirm. Game runs with DX11 if I set it to FXAA.
  9. Klaern Apprentice Engineer

    Could try removing the shader cache folder at the same path. It's just cache and also gets rebuilt. Not sure if that will make it playable though. I didn't have the problem the same way you are :(
  10. tharkus Junior Engineer

    i have an AMD radeon HD 6800 and can play a lot of new games. as i did with SE until now..
    please devs FIX it, so i can play on DX11 again....
  11. Legotaz Trainee Engineer

    ok guys ive found a work around to run the game in DX11 !! : it seems that its something to do with antialiasing fxaa and msaa in direct x11. what you need to do is go to your config file in C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers then open up SpaceEngineers.CFG file
    now scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the line that says:

    <Key xsi:type="xsd:string">AntialiasingMode</Key>
    <Value xsi:type="xsd:string">1</Value> the value >1< might vary depending on what fxaa or msaa you have it set to, just change the value to: 0 then save the file and fire up the game...... HEY PRESTO game fires up like a charm in DX11:) :) :)
  12. gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    My 660Ti doesn't work on this game now. lol ;\
    I can get it to load after 2 tries, if I quit to menu screen it locks up but I can still click buttons, just no screen updates.
    Had tried previous and latest 355.98 driver.
  13. tharkus Junior Engineer

    that helps legotaz, thanks :)
    anyways , devs you gave me a good fright... fix it.. :)
  14. (S)lave Trainee Engineer

    Hello All,

    Can confirm for Ati GPU (290) that NO FXAA or MSAA

    <Key xsi:type="xsd:string">AntialiasingMode</Key>
    <Value xsi:type="xsd:string">1</Value> the value >0< )

    is required to start SE in DX11.
  15. Lichan Corrine Trainee Engineer

    Well, I pulled up my log, and lo and behold, I find an error :/

    2015-09-24 20:45:45.378 - Thread: 1 -> MyGuiScreenGamePlay.LoadData - START
    2015-09-24 20:45:45.764 - Thread: 1 -> Importing asset failed Models\Characters\Animations\Creatures\Spider\spider_idle_1.mwm
    2015-09-24 20:45:45.769 - Thread: 1 -> Exception occured: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

    So, I'm re-downloading the entire game, because SOMETHING is obviously missing.

    and several checks later, still can't see any spider_idle_1.mwm

    Something tells me I need to copy files from medieval engineers?
  16. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    If you load the config file into notepad++, you will find it on line 1464
    just make sure you change the DX 11 to DX 9. Your line should look like this: <Value xsi:type="xsd:string">DirectX 9</Value>

    This will put you back in DX9.
  17. Redtachi Trainee Engineer

    Game crashed at startup as well. saying I didnt have the recommended graphics card. GTX 770 all updated. on DX11 with antialiasing set to 4. Found a fix in the config to set it back to 0 nonetheless wouldn't have been able to start game unless changing the config file in the appdata/roaming folder.
  18. Jureth Trainee Engineer

    Same issue, AMD Radeon HD7800 Series
  19. Ribs Apprentice Engineer

    GTX 770, Windows 10
    Game crashes roughly 8 seconds after I start up a world and move around.
  20. Jack Honert Trainee Engineer

    Same problem, AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
  21. GeekWere Trainee Engineer

    Surprised at how many 760s are in service here. Mine is doing the same.
    Edit; Turning off AA via CFG files worked.
    DX11 without AA is successful. Significant FPS drop however. 80 down to 40.
    Along with instant 3GB of ram in use just from SE. Might be the issue. (12GB total in in system)
    Stats; Nvidia 760 on Windows 10-64bit. 12GBs of ram & an Intel i7 4790K.

    One last edit. Whoops. Running server on a separate desktop over lan. Gaming desktop for play is purely a client.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2015
  22. PainGifter Trainee Engineer

    I'm having the same issue with Nvidia Titan on Windows 10-64bit, haven't tested my brothers PC yet he is running the Titan black.
  23. RAmar Trainee Engineer

    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    AMD R270X Hawk
    8 Gib DDR3

    Get error message after splash screen saying my graphics card may not be supported. It was before latest update... SO what the heck?
  24. Phand Master Engineer


    we will fix as fast as possible. Thank you for report. :)
  25. thedarkdragon89 Trainee Engineer

    Something about the DX11 renderer, if you want, check the past submissions for instructions on how to change it to DX9 manually, which should work.
  26. thedarkdragon89 Trainee Engineer

    Thank you!
  27. thedarkdragon89 Trainee Engineer

    That worked, change AA to 0 in the config and I'm in with DX11, thanks.
  28. The Judge Trainee Engineer

    Just adding my gtx970 to the mix. same issue. "below min spec" message with the game failing to reach the menu screen before shut down.

    16gb mem
    SSD install
  29. Magnetar Trainee Engineer

    Hi, I got the same issue too.
    Setting the AA to 0 works for me, but it seems that lightning is much
    too bright now.
    GTX 750 Ti OC
    I5-4690 K
    16gb Ram
  30. Merandix Junior Engineer

    I've seen few AMD reports here, so for the sake of completeness: same error (card doesn't meet minimum requirements) on an MSI HD7870.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.