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[1.181.103] hot fix destroyed the simspeed

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Baltazar Exo, Jun 11, 2017.

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  1. Baltazar Exo Trainee Engineer

    After the 103 hotfix the simspeed on my rig is now constantly fluctuating and dropping as low as 0.25 without any mods.
    Did test with Easystart mars scenario and it was not a bad as in my more complex world, so it's kind of scalable.
    With mods it's even worse...
    Log file from my world without mods:

    i7-7700K / 16GB
    GTX 1070
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  2. Matze1984 Trainee Engineer


    Even a fairly large but jet not too complex build in a new 1.181.103 save causes the simpeed and FPS to drop if it is interacting with the physics of another grid (like rotors, small ship) or just opening closing doors on that single grid. "To many individual objects interacting with each other"

    I have landed a large ship in new test save in version 1.181.103, also the visual effects of the thrusters hovering low above the ground causes the issue. Only 12 out of the 88 thrusters are facing down and are causing particle effects on the ground. "Rendering transparent objects and particles"

    This are the things I have tested so far. The ship used with 5,571 blocks is the only one used in the test world.

    Windows 7 64
    i7-6850k / 32 GB
    GTX 1080

    Screen shots via imgur below:
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  3. Kali Trainee Engineer

    I'm having the same issue with all 3 of my servers. Sim speed is stuck around 0.25.
  4. Kali Trainee Engineer

    Also, these servers are located in different regions and different world files.
  5. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    I also have insane lost of sim speed single player on a world where it was about 0.7 no i have 0.05 ...
  6. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Confirmed. In fresh single player world, spawnship inside asteroid: .25 sim speed.

    Crawled to .12 sim speed and 7 UPS as i moved out of the Asteroid voxel, then POOf 1.00 once clear of asteroid boundary box.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  7. starmindfr Apprentice Engineer

    how hell did they test theses fixes, with an empty world and 1 player ? :)

    have to revert again to 179
  8. chrisb2e9 Trainee Engineer

    Same problem here. Was fine before the patch, but now my sim speed keeps bouncing from 1.0 to .22...
  9. TurboTuck Trainee Engineer

    I'm having the same issue. This has happened once before last year around the time they dropped DX9, so I quit playing for like a year, now I thought it was finally fixed and started playing again, but didn't take many updates before this was an issue. I've used SEtoolbox to remove a lot of objects in my world but it doesn't have an effect.
    Also same issue in new worlds, as others confirm.

    I just did a fresh install of Win 8.1 Pro(I had other issues on the PC) and hoped it might solve something, but no change in SE.
  10. Maybesomeday85 Trainee Engineer

  11. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Guys! All good on my side and following the ''Guide on how to do a good bug report'' will show you how to share your world with the Devs.

    Without the world > Devs will not be able to reproduce your bug.

    Well done Maybesomeday85, for sharing your world. :tu:
  12. Maybesomeday85 Trainee Engineer

    Always remember that log after i have posted bug report. Took a little too much time to figure out where it is it. (Next time i know where to find it easily.) I sent the logs to support@keenswh.com
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  13. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    Happens mostly when zooming out on things. in this video it seems to be the tank, but any vehicle has the same problem.
  14. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    All those trees, or their shadows, could be the cause.
  15. Kroant Trainee Engineer

    Happens to me and I have the same rig except with a 1060, restarted computer, restarted game, removed all mods, can confirm it happens. Needs to be fixed ASAP. Game is unplayable.
  16. Alli Trainee Engineer

    Well, I have copied all the data from my main server to another one, deleted 1 to 1 asteroid data (/ profile / Saves / "YourWorld") and so once the "ProcAsteroid-XXXXXXXX.XXXXX.vx2" deleted the server is back to 1.0 sim speed.

    This corresponds to manual procedural asteroids...
  17. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    I can confirm. My DS went from a solid 1.00 with 5 or 6 players to .25 to .58 a mix after the hot fix. It is unusual for a hotfix to roll on a Saturday/Sunday.
  18. kittle Senior Engineer

    Similar problem here - simspeed is tanking. Seems MUCH worse when a player is driving a vehicle, or sitting in a cockpit with the vehicle stationary.
    Standing still, staring at the sky, simspeed is 0.78-0.90 (used to be 1.0). when I get in a vehicle, simspeed drops to 0.48 - 0.52.

    Singleplayer offline
  19. Legion40k Trainee Engineer

    Yep simspeed has decided to sit at 0.42 (down from running perfectly framerate locked 60fps 1.00 simspeed) on my single player creative world which has a planet.

    Worlds without planets run just fine.
  20. chrisb2e9 Trainee Engineer

    I noticed something with the camera and sim speed. 1st person camera, sim speed = 1.0. Switch to 3rd person camera, sim speed would drop to .08 at the worst and hover around there. Going back to 1st person camera, back to 1.0

    I also noticed that with the nanite mod on, sim speed would go from 1.0 to .22, back to 1.0, back to .22...
  21. Kroant Trainee Engineer

    Please fix this, I really want to play :/
  22. Captain Dawnbreaker Trainee Engineer

    We have a dedicated server with mods that was doing great before this hotfix. Can confirm after this mornings hotfix on our brand new world going near a planet or asteroid would result in server sim speed dropping to unplayable. If another world file is needed let me know and I will PM. I hope you guys can revert this hotfix or fix the issue soon as the game is no longer playable thank you.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  23. Sumyunguy Trainee Engineer

    Single player game. Something to do with being near a voxel while zoomed out all the way (1.0 sim to ~0.1 sim). Not being next to voxel allows zoom out without problems. Just rebuilt my computer with new parts, so I can safely guess that I'm not getting symptoms from running on a baked potato of a PC.

    Would it be something related to LOD?
  24. chrisb2e9 Trainee Engineer

  25. bronxae Apprentice Engineer

    Sim speed issue with me and my friend as well....cant be anywhere near voxel objects (asteriods...planets) with out massive sim speed drop and our hardware isn't being utilized properly.
  26. zarozak Trainee Engineer

    Dedicated server on a hosted DC in Sydney,
    the world is 500km radius roid only map, no npc's and grid limited to 3k to maximise sim speed and has been going great till now.

    its been running great till this update with up to 15 players, 40+ grids. 0.8 sim was average when loaded. now I'm getting .1-0.2 with 4 people on, and an initial start of 0.8 with just 1 player (me)

    hoping for a quick release of a hotfix as at .2 its like watching a slideshow, not playing a game :-(
  27. Alli Trainee Engineer

    2nd server at 0.15 speedsim passed to 1.0 after 2-3 change

    <VoxelGeneratorVersion>0</VoxelGeneratorVersion> ==> 2
    <EnableOxygen>false</EnableOxygen> ==> True
    <ProceduralSeed>2081972147</ProceduralSeed> ==> 2147483647

    Do not ask me why, but I forgot that I did not have the same parameters as on the 1st server.
  28. JimTheSoundman Trainee Engineer

    I'm also having simspeed problems on my server.
  29. J.R. Ewing Trainee Engineer

    Confirm this issue - sim speed rised up introducing multithread physics in update 1.181 to acceptable 0.7. Timeline and systems when I played it -
    Game mode single player, my only game with 20km tall space lift structure.
    PC1: CPU Intel Celeron J1900 QuadCore - base speed 2GHz, boost speed 2.4GHz
    PC2: CPU Intel i7-4710MQ - QuadCore - base speed 2.5GHz, boost speed 3.5GHz

    Before 1.181:
    Intel J1900 - simspeed 0.3-0.5 - thanks to nvidia desktop graphics playble
    Intel i7 - simpseed 0.7 - thanks to mobile nvidia graphics rather slow

    After 1.181:
    Intel J1900 - simspeed 0.7-1 - thanks to multithread physics and graphics fairly playble
    Intel i7 - simpseed 0.7-1 - thanks to multithread physics is no so slow as before

    After 1.181.1 (last thursday):
    Played at Sunday evening Intel J1900 - simspeed not checked, I havent noticed any worse performance than before
    Played at Sunday morning Intel i7 - simspeed not checked, I havent noticed any worse performance than before

    After 1.181.1 this morning (12. June)
    Intel i7 - simspeed 0.3, dropped to 0.05 - totaly unplayable.

    Something must went wrong during sunday afternoon or evening.
  30. I23I7 ME Tester

    Hey guys i am looking into this issue with my QA there is def. a drop in sim speed since yesterday. Sorry for that :(
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