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[1.183.301] Autopilot randomly takes control of ships

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Home, Sep 8, 2017.

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  1. Home Trainee Engineer

    Hey, no matter if a ship is connected via a connector or flying unconnected through the air - sometimes when you log into the cockpit the autopilot takes control of the ship and you as a player lose control. That usually ends in crashing. I haven't found any way to get the control back. Also the ships I used did not have antennas or Remote Control blocks.
  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I would troubleshoot with the basics.
    1.) do you have any mods on?
    2.) do you have any programmable blocks running scripts?

    just encase you have a programmable block that runs a script that enables a ship to use remote control or something.

    what type of ship are you using?

    if all else fails assume the ship is becoming a self-aware AI and you need to destroy it before it becomes too powerful assumes control of your capital ship and then tries to take over the entire of space using the jumpdrive capabilities.....and then calls you an insect.

    I do remember a time when remote blocks would just seem to take control when i locked landing gears....even grinding them away didn't release control....reloading the save seemed to fix that bug but then again it has been ages since I've seen it so i'll assume its been fixed. ^^
  3. Home Trainee Engineer

    1. Of course, ~200 Mods running.
    2. Yes, but only for inventory sorting and LCDs.

    I have the issue with small grid ships aswell as with large grid ships.

    Lol yea, but it is not a very fun way to deal with the probelm. I really don't want to destroy a ship everytime it has that bug. Usually I don't even have the time because the ship crashes into the ground or into the base.

    I read about that landing gear remote block bug aswell, but it is a bit different. I have no remote blocks built, also not every ship has landing gear. Restarting the server seems to help, yes, it is also the only option if the ship crashes, but considering the time it takes to start teh server again and to reconnect it is also not a very fun solution for the problem.
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  4. I23I7 ME Tester


    200 mods running * Laughs in tester *


    Is it very random when the issue occurs? There was a bug in the past that was exactly the same so it could be a zombie bug. If you can reproduce it please send me the world and/or blueprint as well.

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  5. Home Trainee Engineer

    As far as I remember it occured 3 times. First time the ship was not connected, after jumping in it made ultra fast 360 spins that were unstoppable while it said autopilote was active. It didn't stop after leaving the cockpit again. Second time a ship was connected to a connector in base, it was not controllable and said again autopilote was active. The ship "flickered". The third time was in the air, ship unconnected, after jumping into the cockpit, the ship was not controllable and autopilot enabled, but it also didn't move. Auto pilot held it still. I tried to deactivate the ships power and reactivate, resulting in me falling to the ground too fast.
    First two ships had a vanilla cockpit, the third one had a mod control station.

    If it occurs again, I try how I can reproduce it, at the moment I have no idea how as it seemed very random. The only thing that was always the case is that it occured when logging into the cockpit and only a server restart seemed to fix it.
  6. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    ~200 mods... No other rampant reports of autopilot randomly assuming control... I might have an idea what may be causing this and I see 1 to ~200 server restarts in your future.
  7. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    just like in my stupidly ultra modded fallout new vegas and skyrim.
    you're gonna have to dig into each and every single mod and find out what each one does...or which ones in general could be causing this.
    I would surely start with any and all block mods that may have their own type of remote control block...styled it its own fashion because it might be using some old remote control scripting that may contain an old bug that has since been fixed....you see?

    last night i found out ....ehm..... "talk" mod for fallout new vegas caused a bug when you'd go through doors into different cells twice! ^^
    effectively doubling the time you spend traveling between cells.
  8. auge Apprentice Engineer

    I may have a similar bug as you - how do you notice that the autopilot has taken control? Is it just the lack of control of your ship or does it really say "autopilot in control" or something like that?
    Because I get a lot of ship control losses when disconnecting from docking ports (until server / map restart)
  9. Home Trainee Engineer

    I understand, yes, but to be fair, if vanilla had more content, I wouldn't need those mods. Also I don't use any remote control block mods and also I didn't place any remote blocks.

    It says that autopilot has taken control.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.