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[1.183.301][Dedicated Server] - Thrusters permanently disable when docking/undocking ships from grid

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by auge, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. auge Apprentice Engineer

    What happens:
    Starting situation: 2 Players online, 1 Large station, 2 small ships on a planet. One ship is docked, the other is about to, both players are in these ships. This is about the vanilla thrusters, not modded ones.

    When the second ship docks, a notice shows up like "another ship has taken control" (can't remember the exact words) and from this moment on, the atmos thrusters of ship #1 (that was already docked) stop working (like I hit the "disable" button).
    When leaving the cockpit of ship #2, the thrusters of ship #1 start working again.
    Now for the strangest thing: When we undock ship #2 again, the thrusters still won't work on ship #1. They only start working again when leaving the cockpit of ship #2, regardless where it is or if its docked or not.
    And sometimes they never will work again until the server is restarted (that fixes the problem 100% until it reoccures again)

    Server Settings:
    Survival on planet system with procedural seed, 7 mods installed:
    How to reproduce: I'm not sure because it happens not every time, but generally that is what we have done before it happened:
    Build a station on planet earth with power and 2 docking ports, two battery powered small ships with a docking port each and a player inside.
    Dock ship #1 to the station and exit the cockpit, then the same for ship #2.
    Now one player enters ship #1, then one player ship #2. Somebody should have the "other ship has taken control" message now and the other ship has the thruster problem. If you disconnect the ship with malfuntioning thrusters, it will fall from the docking port.
    A server restart fixes all.

    I'll try edit the post and upload the savefile below when I have restored both ships (they got partially destroyed because of this)
  2. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    Your best bet is to uninstall the mods and try to reproduce the issue without them. If you are unable to reproduce the issue, disable one mod at a time until you find out which one is causing the issue described. If it is a mod that is responsible, KSH may not have a whole lot they can/will do about it unless it affects base game play. Good luck!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.