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[1.183 to 1.184.2] multiple GUI bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Tigerstripe, Sep 26, 2017.

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  1. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    (all bugs relate to the in-game terminal for grids and inventory)

    Inventory scrolling stuck bug: [still happening in 184.2]

    Standard & expected behavior in all previous versions allows both left & right side to be switched to grid or player inventory mode, and scrolling the mouse wheel while hovering over the left or right side would scroll that respective side.

    Since 1.184.0 was released (if not a little sooner, but after 1.181.3), switching the left side from player to grid inventory "locks" the scroll wheel to only affect that left side, regardless of mouse location. The only way to scroll the right side afterwards is to drag the slider, or switch the left side back to player inventory. This makes simultaneous monitoring of, say, cargo and system inventories no longer as easy or intuitive as it used to be.

    Close button not responding bug: [much less common in 1.184.2]
    Since about 1.184 (perhaps a few versions earlier), the close "X" button at the top of terminal screens often fails to respond to being clicked... I'd say about a 40% chance it will ignore all clicks. The rate jumps to about 99% when in the block selecting G menu; often, the only way to close that menu is to press the G key again.

    Block re-naming invisible bug: [fixed in 1.184.2]
    Since around the middle of 1.183.x, fully re-naming blocks in the terminal causes their name in the block list to appear blank. Refreshing the list by unhiding & hiding the hidden blocks, or exiting the terminal and re-entering it will correct the issue until you change another block name, but it used to happen in real-time. Appears especially if you are repeatedly using select-all + paste to rename many blocks (for example, naming a group of batteries or reactors so you can see exactly which ship they belong to). It's particularly egregious when renaming thrusters.

    Basically, any player-entered changes to the block name are not reflected in the block list, until it is refreshed. The bug is particularly noticeable when replacing the entire block name with your own text, especially if pasting a string in.

    GUI freeze bug: [still happening in 184.2]
    Also since about 1.184, I've noticed a huge jump in incidents where the GUI simply locks up and stops responding to all user input, forcing me to close the terminal and re-open it.

    Happens very regularly when scrolled to the bottom of a grid's inventory list: none of the buttons will work until you scroll back to the top.

    Programmable Block's "recompile" button does nothing:
    Exactly what it says on the tin. Clicking this button seems to do absolutely nothing. Programs do not appear to recompile, and halted programs certainly do not reset. As far as I can tell, this button has not functioned since it was added.

    As of 184.2, this button seems to try to do something... but only with the default code, and it still doesn't correctly recompile. It will clear the permissions change error, but throws a Main Method not found error, even when going into the code and then exiting without changing anything fixes that error. It doesn't appear to do anything to custom scripts.
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  2. Arcwolf Trainee Engineer

    Inventory Scroll bug has been reported couple times. Once by me way back in 1.83 and once here and has been acknowledged.

    I'm feel confident in guessing the Block re-nameing is related to this bug I posted on a while back too.

    Not sure about the others... To me it seems to be the more keen mess with the GUI the more it breaks. Not sure how much more messing it will take before it becomes totally unusable.
  3. Tigerstripe Apprentice Engineer

    Updates on these for 1.184.2
    see edits to top post
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.