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[1.184.603] Turret Targeting Inconsistencies and Shooting at Already Dead Characters

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by abrtn00101, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. abrtn00101 Trainee Engineer

    Reproduction Rate: 7 out of 10
    Configuration: 1.184.603

    Reproduction steps:

    # Load up any planetary world
    # Built any type of turret on a powered grid
    # Wait on the ground for wolves or spiders to spawn
    # Observe the behavior of the turrets as they target and attack the characters (Behavior 1)
    # Wait till the turret kills a character or characters
    # Observe the behavior of the turret after it kills a character or characters (Behavior 2)

    Observed behavior 1: Turret doesn't always target characters even if they have line of sight and the characters are within their arc of attack.

    Expected behavior 1: Turret should consistently target characters if they have line of sight and the characters are within their arc of attack.

    Observed behavior 2: Turret continues to attack characters even after they are dead, wasting ammo and causing other targets to be ignored.

    Expected behavior 2
    : Turret should stop attacking characters after they are dead and should move on to other targets or return to their idle state.

    This video shows these observed behaviors:

    Additional notes:
    In addition to wolves and spiders, I was able to reproduce this behavior on player characters by setting the turrets to an enemy faction and switching the world to survival. After the player dies, the turrets continue to fire on the player's body until it despawns.

    Also, the negative effects of Behavior 2 are more dramatic on Earth-like planets. For some reason, wolves take longer to despawn than player or spider characters. This causes dead wolves to lock turrets for longer than spiders or player characters do.
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  2. Fyury Trainee Engineer

    I have experienced the same incorrect behaviors as noted above consistently in 1.184.603 and the hotfix this morning 1.1184.604.
    In addition, the issue where spiders are flung up into the air seemingly already dead is still occurring. This last part occurs for some spiders, but not all spiders. I have not attempted to test/recreate with wolves.
  3. Deus_Ex45 Trainee Engineer

    Can't put defense turrets in my base anymore without the fear of wasting every bullet on 1 wolf

    Also, if I disable the turret's "Target Characters" option, it stops shooting at corpses. Downside being it also stops shooting at players and live wolves.

    Can confirm that this is also happening to me!
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  4. Ray_CZ Trainee Engineer

    And I ask why? My base is in threat. I can not play this game now. Please correct !!!
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  5. Sebastian Höhne Trainee Engineer

    Problem ist in Version 1.185.1 immer noch vorhanden. Muss zwangsweise auf eine erhöhte Plattform weil ich keine Geschütze bauen konnte weil die sonst die ganze Munition verschießen.

    Translated with Google: Problem still exists in version 1.185.1. Must forcibly on a raised platform because I could not build guns because otherwise shoot the whole ammunition.
  6. InertFurry Trainee Engineer

    Having this issue still in 1.185.8 Have to turn off spawning for dogs etc since it's a broken mechanic atm.
  7. henkbein Apprentice Engineer

    'Shooting at Already Dead Characters' still not resolved in 1.185.9
    This is game-breaking in survival.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
  8. Saren Trainee Engineer

    Had a the same issue, so I turned off wolves only for my turrets to start shooting my own grids. Had a interior turret, set only to shoot characters and small grids, witch after some time randomly decides to shoot my own large grids. Afterwards it slowly spread to other turrets. Reloading world hepls for a while but it always comes back.
  9. Morloc Apprentice Engineer

    Still shooting the corpses here too.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.