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[1.185.013 - 1.185.200] [Rotor Torque] [Rotor Brake Torque] [Grid Mass] [VTOL]

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by w0lf3y, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    OS - Win 10 64 Bit
    Affected SE Version - 1.185.013 & 1.185.014 ( Default )
    Reproduction Rate 25 of 25.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Start a Star System Map, vanilla.
    2. Paste blueprint of VTOL test ship.
    3. Enter Cockpit located near antenna.
    4. Thrust Up / Down

    Rotor Torque = max
    Rotor Brake Torque = max
    Rotor Limits are set 0, 90 / -90, 0 (depending on side)
    Inertial Tensors = off
    I pulled nacelles off and their reported mass off the main hull is just under 700k kg, in video they are reporting 5m kg
    Nacelles were constructed with mirroring on, they are symmetrical. There should be no angular velocity on the rotors rotation axis.

    Observed Behavior:
    The VTOL nacelles rotate unexpectedly during thrust.

    Expected Behavior:
    VTOL nacelles should maintain the rotational position during thrust. There could be some drift if angular velocity was applied on the rotational axis. But there should not be, so the nacelles should mostly remain within position.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
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  2. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    Verdict: removal of rotor-lock allows nacelles to pivot since they can no longer be locked at any given angle, braking torque is insufficient.

    They really need to give us back some kind of rotor-lock option, even if it's essentially infinite torque at the max setting so that the rotor simply cannot rotate no matter what...
  3. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    Myself, I think they are going to track it to being something concerning thrust and CoM of each pylon vs the main hull CoM and tied into torque / brake torque. I'm not sure though because if it that, I would think all 4 nacelles would pivot in the same direction instead of opposites, unless whats making them opposites is main hull CoM.
    They shouldn't be rotating though because the nacelle CoM is in line with the rotor, so when it thrusts up or down there isn't any angular velocity to apply to the rotor head.
    I showed the CoM in the main hull and pylons for the reason i believe it is partially responsible for what's happening.
    I'm tempted to add mass blocks until the CoM is directly over the rotor head to get around this, but there isn't enough room.
    Another thing i showed in the vid is the pylon mass. there's no way the pylon is over 5m kg. I should have cut one off and pulled up it's terminal separate but didn't think of it.
    Further thoughts, i could probably engineer in a landing gear to hold the pesky things where i want them....... probably not a bad idea....yes, I miss safety locking.

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  4. Silverwing Trainee Engineer

    I will try to capture a video. I am seeing this torque applied by even a simple rotor powered hanger door. Regardless of settings, when I open the door the ship will torque in the opposite direction, and same on closing. At the end of the door movement (90 deg) the ship will continue to drift in the direction of the last movement (open or close). I have tried setting braking to max but this doesn't correct the issue. When we had safety lock this was never an issue.
  5. nubeees Trainee Engineer

    I've been getting this too. Torque being applied to rotors when it should not on my VTOL. Exact same results that you show.
    I hope this gets fixed.
  6. haibusa2005 Trainee Engineer

    I had similar problems with rotor based welder/grinder. Adding a few gyros on the rotating parts makes them unmovable during normal flight.

    EDIT: Probably related to relatively small mass of the tools, but it helps nonetheless.
  7. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    Actually, I have tried adding a gyro into the pylons as a stabilizer but it didn't work out as intended.
    It DID absorb some swing of the nacelles but it alos added enough mass that the rotor couldn't rotate the pylon into the "Up" position inside gravity.
  8. nubeees Trainee Engineer

    The recent update's addition of rotor lock helps keep VTOL thrusters from rotating out of position, however, this bug still persists.
    Keen pls
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.