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[1.185.015] Medium Cargo Container small ports not working with Steel Plates

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Hester74, Nov 19, 2017.

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  1. Hester74 Trainee Engineer

    Reproduction Rate: 5 out of 5
    Affected Version: 1.185.015

    Reproduction steps:
    1. Click New Game
    2. Click Cutom Game
    3. Scroll down and select Empty World
    4. Click start to start in creative
    5. Place two Medium Cargo Containers side by side connecting the smaller ports.
    6. Place one small reactor on cargo containers
    7. Press Shift+F10 to spawn in 10 Steel Plates
    8. Pick up Steel Plates
    9. Place the plates into one of the Medium Cargo Containers
    10. Try to move the Steel Plates from one Cargo Container to the other.(In this step the Steel Plates will not move)

    Observed behavior:
    I observed the Steel Plates will not move from one small block cargo container to another small block cargo container when using the smaller ports.

    Expected behavior:
    I expect the small ports on the Medium Cargo Container to transfer Steel Plates.
  2. [MEC] Dr.Thunder7 Trainee Engineer

    Small Ports are really only for ore. A few components are able to fit though but not steel plates
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  3. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    Ammo canisters, construction components, small steel tubes, motors, maybe a few others. Steel Plate, interior plate, missiles , large steel tubes definately won't fit through.
    Working as intended.
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  4. Miguel Viola Trainee Engineer

    Is this supposed to be intended or is it a bug?
    I think the devs didn't mentioned it.
  5. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I built many rovers with medium cargo containers steel plates aren't suppose to go through them.
    although you can access the large port to put them though.
  6. [MEC] Dr.Thunder7 Trainee Engineer

    It's intended. There have always been limitations on small port connection since they added the convory system
  7. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    They did, it was just a loooooooooooooooong time ago.

    introduction of the expanded conveyor system:
    Conveyor system polishing, intro to small grid welder / grinders. about 1m 35 sec into vid they expressly state conveyor size restrictions / usage.
    conveyor system considered fully functional:
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.