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[1.186] Wheel load balancing

Discussion in 'Survival' started by jandraelune, Feb 4, 2018.

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  1. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    This remains a point of a problem. Most wont see this as an issue as simply vehicles hardly are effected. Mining with a wheeled vehicle how ever becomes a massive headache.

    Drills are the second heaviest block per cubic space behind Gyro, thus where one problem comes from. Trying to build a tunneling vehicle is where things get gummed up the most.

    Wheels now function just fine with deformed voxel which they did not like doing before, so one problem gone there.
  2. DragonShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Isn't the way you build the vehicle supposed to be how you balance the load?
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  3. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    You solved the dilemma without even noticing: Drills go front and hmm, where should you put those gyros... :D
  4. Tharatan Trainee Engineer

    Gets better if you put your cargo container(s) at your ideal centre of mass - the more you mine, the more the weight of the stored material will drag your CoM towards it. If you have multiple containers that could upset the balance, try using an inventory balancing script to split the load on the fly between them.

    If your rover is front heavy at the start, I find loading a rear connector with stone helps, and you can jettison the stone later once you’re ready to replace it with ore in the field.
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  5. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    Problem is you balance the load for empty, and drills them self are grossly heavy. Then while mining you have to rebalance the load. You set the front wheels suspension strength high to keep the front up while adding offline gyros to the back to farther help that. But as you mine the load becomes unbalanced needing to readjust suspension strength again.

    Think of a ' Tunneler ' and not a driller. You want to keep an even level surface. Only other option is making something just stupid long and clumsy to move around.

  6. Oskar1101 Apprentice Engineer

    Why gyros? Cargo containers are better. Put cargos at middle, put stones in it that overweights drills and as you mine ore, toggle on sorter with connector that dump out stone from cargos. Simple and satisfying like it should in engineering game.
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  7. jandraelune Apprentice Engineer

    ^^ Problem with that is the front is too heavy and drags the ground with out weight already in the back.

    Remember, must remain fully level at all times to create a smooth bumpless cut out.
  8. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    Your not going to be able to have a suspention set up that works well fully loaded and empty, you have to choose at what weight do you want your suspention set up for. I set mine for when im fully loaded, yes the ride is hard with nothing in it but i dont have to worry about constantly changing suspension settings or bottoming out.

    Mining level is more how you mine then your suspension set up


    And so im not leaving a wall of photos, here are links to more.
    :p if you have a keen eye you might notice where I messed up a bit coming off my iron platform.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.