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1st warship?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Krougal, Dec 27, 2015.

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  1. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Can anyone recommend a good survival friendly 1st warship? Something for hunting pirates/derelicts.
    Oh, and in space. This is asteroid start (I know planets are all the rage right now).
    Something light on thrusters, because refining plat on 1-1-1 is a bitch, hence the desire to loot thruster comps.

    Failing that at least an idea of what level of armament and tactics I'd need to stand a chance. I'm comfortable enough with the concepts of kinetic torpedoes & guided missiles. Also not against using mod weapons (I've got battleship coil gun, OKIs guns, chemrail guns mods installed).

    Pretty well stocked on everything but plat and ice.
  2. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I recommend pretty much any ultralight fighter. You want to kite turrets and snipe beyond 800m really.
  3. Krougal Senior Engineer

    What about drones? I guess I should mention, I'm a lousy fighter pilot. I'm guessing I'd need to park my salvager over the 10k mark to keep it safe until taking out turrets and transponder?

    In the meantime did a little bit of exploring in creative. Didn't realize derelicts were not trapped or armed or even owned. Found an Ubumboo, which has 13 large and 8 small thrusters, 2 lg reactors, and a bit of loot. Which I'd consider a pretty damn good find in my survival game. So I guess avoid pirates until I loot a few of those and then I can just build a decent corvette/frigate. Maybe a nice HS model or Whiplash's guided missile destroyer which I'm flying around in now (by the way, it's a pretty sweet ship, and I'd call it survival friendly...more the size of what most other people call a corvette).
  4. Lieu Trainee Engineer

    Probably have to do things manually in that situation. You need a lot of armor bulkiness/redundancy to reliably take hits. Heavy armor is... really heavy; the resource cost shoots through the roof. Also on a small grid ship it's tough because missile impacts have a high chance of "jumping" through armor and taking out all the internal components in a 5 block radius. Which on a real small ship is most of them ;)

    Point is, at the start of the game what you can build is basically gonna get one-shot. So I say embrace it. Use disposable ships until you have more resources. The objective is to get the first strike vs those super accurate turrets. If you're flying by really fast they tend not to hit you, although it makes aiming difficult. Shame really, since gatling guns and rocket launchers are cheap, compact and have good dps. You can always slap a gatling turret on there and, while it won't look very threatening, it will actually hit its target as you zoom into range ;) Doesn't take much to disable a turret. Or, my favourite, bring a bucket of decoys along with you and let it be a swarm of... cheap junk. Missile turrets go nuts. Also, on super cheap designs hydrogen thrusters are your friend. From the looks of my spreadsheet, they're about 30x cheaper in refinery time per unit thrust. FYI, at 1.5 thrusters per O2 generator the thrust/weight ratio is the same as ion thrusters at 32 seconds of ice fuel, including reactors and everything. Not too great but they're just so damn cheap. Not like you need peak performance 100% of the time anyway. I just make a toggle and don't care if the ship explodes anwyay.
  5. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Well I'd go large grid, but hydrogen thrusters for throwaway ships does seem like a good idea Lieu. Refining plat for ion thrusters is my only real bottleneck at this point, which that does solve (of course it likely creates an ice problem lol)
  6. howardxu23 Trainee Engineer

    throw pieces of armour at them :woot: or make player made weapons, they are usually very effective.
  7. Michael_6748967 Trainee Engineer

    The cheap 'n cheesy way:

    Camera zoom + missiles to disable turrets (just enough to create a blind spot) while matching the target's speed at a safe distance (700+ m), then hop out and grind your way inside to the flight seat/control seat and power down the ship. Cost: a few missiles. Beware of interior turrets on some ships though. And booby traps (check for a warhead block in the control panel). Grind down any turrets/traps/antennas, then power up and head home. If your fighter has a landing gear, you can attach it to the pirated vessel and haul it home with you.

    Enemy turrets seem incredibly accurate/lethal and will usually target your cockpit (or flight seat).
  8. Krougal Senior Engineer

    Y'all do realize this thread died 7 months ago?

    PMWs not suitable for piracy; too much destroyed loot.

    So shameless self-plug time: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623513860 was actually designed for capping Argentivis, and I've been quite successful with it (and my piloting skills have not improved sadly). It's a pretty cheap ship yet full-featured and versatile.

    Cargoships are a little more work, with the inaccuracy of gats though, it has become a bit harder. Also drones are working again, so yeah rockets are really good at 1 shotting turrets.
    This little gem by my good friend Nooby http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=614730993 is very handy, and cheap. Also good for sweeping the now deadly interior turrets. Of course you need to follow up with a tug to lock on and disable moving ships.

    I also use my own variant and fighters derived from Zeratul's Shade Mk.Vb http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=619745572 against more difficult cargoships once I've gotten myself established.

    And to reduce the tedium (cause it gets really fucking old really fucking fast) of grinding/welding to take your prize, Kage's hacking computer v2 is highly recommended https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728555954

    Of course if you want to go full bore destructive rampage, PMWs or a self-welding gun/thruster cube are the ways to go.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.