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2-stage Shuttle for two engineers too

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by J-Cataclism, Mar 19, 2019.

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  1. J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer


    Was about time to try a new, clean, small grid stuff.
    Much more effective, now.

    The rusted launchPad will be delivery together the ship, and the "Best of Jacques Offenbach" must be downloaded separately, if you will. :-D


    Regarding the drop pod/autoland feature:

    This ship is configured to deal with a max speed of 242 m/s (I used Midspace´s Max Speed script), which means the drop pod/autoland may properly work only if you:
    -change your ingame speed limit to the same above; or:
    -adjust the "custom data" settings in the "Programmable (Ejector) drop pod".

    Anyway, NONE(*) of that is needed if you don´t want to recover the Ejector and rather let it crash back down into the ground.
    (*)After you detach the Ejector, a timer block starts the 3´30" (3 minutes and 30 seconds) countdown to activate the dampeners and DEACTIVATE the large ion thrusters override (which had been automatically turned ON with the detach).

    If your max speed is 100 m/s, that time MAY NOT be enough until you reach zero-G.
    In that case, you can either increase that countdown BEFORE start the lift-off procedure, or disable both that timer and the large ion override, so you must control the 2nd ascending stage by yourself.

    To be sure, you might as well turn OFF its respective PB, the one with "dampeners" in the name, which would be automatically activated at the end of the countdown.


    If you know scripting, you could add some lines to make the ship enable dampeners and disable override as soon as it detects gravity. I haven´t done it because, currently, I don´t know how.
    In that case, instead of using the timer block above, you could make a sensor or what else detects gravity to perform the activation of the dampeners´ PB.


    Also, please note that the main vessel is NOT meant to work in atmospheric environments. In fact, it will probably fall down in whatever scenario in which the gravity is stronger than 0.30G.


    A few scripts/mods that are inside the blueprint:
    -Whip´s drop pod/cargo pod (which is the main jewel of this stuff!)
    -Blarg´s fancy flight (look for his "Dot Matrix" font on the Workshop as well!)
    -Whip´s artificial horizon
    -Midspace's Configurable Speed Mod


    If you paste (Ctrl+V) the LaunchPad into your world, the gravity assist (original 'B') might bring it straight up (desirable).


    Despite the suggested procedure bellow, if you decide to press '9' once you´ve reached about 2500 meters high, it´s most likely you could just exit from your cockpit and both stages will decouple and hence successfuly handle by themselves:
    the main engine will autoland while the shuttle will continue going on toward´space and perform an emergency stop a few minutes later, probably when it´s somewhere between 50~60Km high/away.


    My suggestion for a proper semi-automatic lift off:
    -Before take off:
    1.) seat the main/front Cockpit ("Left");
    2.) If you will, perform a checklist or make any of those suggested changes at the beginning;
    -Ready to take off:
    3.) hit the FORWARD key (original 'W') and disable the dampeners;
    4.) while continuously throttling, hit the '4' do disengage the group "merges (LaunchPad)" (merge blocks connecting the shuttle´s Ejector to the LaunchPad);
    -DO NOT use 'P' to unlock the ship from the structure: it won´t do anything;
    --Please note that the group "gyros (shuttle)" might be turned OFF. Their toggle key is '7'. It´s up to you to ON/OFF. It will not intervene on the whole process, and I use to let them OFF just to avoid accidentally moving the 2nd stage around after the main engine detach;
    5.) once you hit the 5500 meters mark (more or less, don´t have to be obnoxious about that...), release the acceleration (make sure the dampeners are OFF) and press '9' at the very next second: the large ion thrusters will take command and, after 3 seconds,
    the 1st stage will detach and begin the autoland procedure;
    -From now on, both the Ejector and the shuttle (main vessel) are controlled by themselves - but you can intervene, if you wish.
    --You can press 'Ctrl+2' and use '1' key do decrease the large ion thrusters override, as the gravity well gets weaker. It´s likely you won´t need much after the 0.16G mark;
    --You can just remain on your seat and watch/monitor the trip until you reach zero-G, but PAY ATTENTION to the timing, as I´ve mentioned above;
    --You can hit 'Alt+F10' and, from the "Entity List" menu, search for the new "Small Grid" and watch its automatic drop and smooth landing;
    --You can disable both the timer block and the "Large Ion Thrusters" override and pilot the ship by yourself.


    Once you´re in space, after the dampeners have been turned ON and the thrusters override is OFF, you could:
    --Just let it be and the shuttle will stop by itself (it could take up to one minute, as the backwards small thrusters will need time to stop the vessel);
    --If you are piloting the shuttle, you could make a quick 180 degrees turn, so the large ion thrusters will fully stop the vessel WAY more quick.
    --Teleport your astronaut back to the launch pad (pretend it´s another player or a member of your ground staff), search for the recoverable ejector (1st stage), add a passenger seat on it and flight it back to the launch pad.[/MEDIA]
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.