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3D Printer vs. Ship-Mounted Building Tools

Discussion in 'Survival' started by trust42, Apr 30, 2014.

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  1. picklerok Junior Engineer

    I like the idea of putting down all the parts and then having the drones fly around and weld all the blocks. This would be especially useful for building large ships in shorter amounts of time. There would probably be a station or something and if there was an un-welded block in its radius then it would send out drones to finish welding it.
  2. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Personally I like the idea for small and medium sized ships, but not sure that I'd ever use it for larger ships. I guess it would depend on what ship based tools they come out with in the future.
  3. TheBlackPumpkin Trainee Engineer


    You mean the tools? or the 3d printer? In the case of a 3d Printer it would make more sense for it to work only on large ships than small ships. If you look at the sci-fi movies / shows out there shipyards are used for construction of large ships in almost all of them.

    Star Trek and Star Wars being the most noteworthy, as far as tools go I used to think grinders made more sense on small ships, but im fine with their choice to put them on large ships instead.
  4. Mattk50 Trainee Engineer

    Toss that noise, i want to print out lines of fighters and throw them at my enemies in great numbers.
  5. Neouni Apprentice Engineer

    If they are allowed on large ships, you could build bombs with artificial gravity blocks on the go ;)
  6. Communist Penguin Apprentice Engineer

    Yeh, i definitely think that the sort of thing verm built is the way to go, although obviously you could build a much smaller easyer to make one for smaller ships.
    I get the impression that you'd place block frames and it would complete them for you.

    For easy of use, it would probably also be a good idea to make the welding arms clip through unbuilt frames to get to other ones.
  7. TheOuster Trainee Engineer

    Well, for me the best solution would be large ship welder. Why?

    1. Because it is easy to implement (all the logic must have been implemented for grinders).
    2. Because it quickly solves solves most of our problems in survival (it is welding that most people complain about).
    3. It is beautifully within game spirit - just provides us enough tools to create more sophisticated tools and more sophisticated solutions.

    Having ship welder, some rails, motors, reactors, conveyors you can construct semi-automatic 3D printer that prints layers of blocks in two steps:
    1. Place a layer of blocks you need (manually, use your imagination!)
    2. Start printer head's that would weld the layer for you.
    In the men time you can visit your assembler to verify if you have all necessary components.
    Or go to the other side of the ship you're building to place downward layer (nobody told that your printer can have only one printing head).

    How do you construct printing head is up to your imagination (and imagination is the only limit then). Make it as big as you wish. Can be a row of welders, or a whole plane of them. Can have grinders on the other side of the head, so you'd have multi-purpose grinding-welding factory accessible through rotors.

    Later on, when other features are added (e.g. scripting, block-placing tool) it may turn out that a dedicated printer is not necessary, because it is already there, in workshop in dozen variants.

    Besides, having a dedicated out-of-the-box printer is no different than switching world to Creative mode and copy/paste whatever you wish. Boring.
  8. Vivicector Apprentice Engineer

    I like the 3d printer idea since it will allow some proper ship to ship PvP, and devs were saying the wish PvP to be here. Only automated building will allow us to loose ships in battles without too much worry.
  9. Gheiter Apprentice Engineer

    The way I see it, 3D printing will involve automated construction ships buzzing around, building the ship. Not a huge block sort of a thing.
  10. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    The Devs have already said how it's going to work in the AMA.
  11. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Was there a update? The AMA i remember says something about 3D printers, but also that ship grinders and ship welders are a "Maybe". One half of the "Maybe" was already implemented, so ...

    Personally I think both ship welders and 3D printers would have a place in game. Ship welders for larger building tasks, 3D printers if you want to build the same thing over and over again, in a automated way.
    For example, 20 identical fighters inside of your carrier. Or a little 3D printer next to your grav gun that builds new torpedo "ships" after every shot.
  12. Strayghost2014 Trainee Engineer

    I posted a suggestion about a life line on the idea forum as to me the only down side about building is the constant running (flying) back n forth to recharge so if we could build a small life line say no more than 20m an attach it to a small ship with a generator it would save allot of time an with it only been a limit of 20m you would not be about to just connect your life line an travel all over you would still need to move the small ship as you progress an you would still need to make component runs but that would be easy with a small cargo contain attached to the small ship this would just mean that you still have to put some work n time into making your creation but just without all the dang energy runs back n forth.
  13. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    People just don't understand the difference between "similar to" and "is".
    Why is it that everyone remembers the reference, but not the actual name the devs gave to the machine?
  14. ramfire Trainee Engineer

    Just so its noted however they implement it these ship yards and building yards should be S L O W>

    IF you want it fast you build it yourself.

    Putting it in a shipyard means constant hand holding with supplies to keep it going.

    If it runs out of anything it just flat stops. ( perhaps get a signal the station is offline) or none at all you have to check it.

    I think ship design should have a convert to blueprint mode for rebuilding.

    I think any ship that is being built in a shipyard needs a blueprint ( in essence you have to make a blueprint for it to copy).

    Not sure what to do with multiple facilities.

    Can u have multiple same blueprints or just one?

    Can blueprints be stolen from a building facility by another faction.

    Are blueprint destroyable or transferable.

    How long does it take to convert a built ship into a blueprint.

    DO we need a facility to analyze and convert a ship into a blueprint.

    And maybe more questions.
  15. tex Trainee Engineer

    check my topic : http://forums.keenswh.com/post/more-efficient-welding-6907348?pid=1282860755#post1282860755

    and say your opinion ;)
  16. Lechai Trainee Engineer

    I believe 3D printing, drones and small ship mounted welding arms should all co-exist

    This is what i would like to see implemented as far as late-game construction goes.


    1. Players Build a 3D Printer/Scanner in the shape of a rectangular cube. The dimensions of this shape determine the maximum size a ship can be printed or scanned.

    Blocks involved would be:
    • Printing/Scanning Controller Unit (1x1x1 large block) - Player interacts with this to print/scan/store ship designs, needs to be connected to the printer.
    • Printing/Scanning Storage Corner (1x1x1 large block) - holds inventory/parts for the construction, connected with arms to form the cube or can connect to conveyors for parts
    • Printing/Scanning Arm (1x1x1 large block) - tubes that connect the Storage Corners together.
    2. Player flies a ship into the cuboid printer/scanner. Interacts with the Controller unit. Selects 'Scan'. The current ship in the scanner including attachments is saved as a design for later use. Scanning is instantaneous. The default name of the design is the same as the Beacon but may be changed.
    3. If the 3D printer is totally empty the player may 'print' a saved design. The printer will start with the first cockpit in the block-list and then begin construction from there adding blocks connected to those already placed. It will add parts at a rate of 1 block/second starting from the initial cockpit. All Blocks are purely wire-frame and will still need the remaining parts added and welded once completed. The new ship remains 'locked' inside the printer like a landing pad until it is unlocked from the Controller Unit (finished or not). Unlocking will cancel any printing in process

    Notes: Any additional item/player entering the printing area will halt the printing process, resuming is available from the controller unit assuming nothing but the ship is present.


    Drones would be used to ferry parts and add them to wire-frame blocks and do nothing else.

    • Drone Unit (3x3x3 large ship block) - Contains 1 pre-built drone inside. Has one interface panel, 1 drone entry/exit door and 2 conveyor doors. If the drone is destroyed the drone Unit block needs to be repaired the cost of the drone parts
    The Player determines the range from the 'Drone Unit' the drone will attempt to complete blocks. The drone draws parts from the conveyor system (or from its small storage if you only want it accessing certain parts) for the closest block (or next closest if specific parts are unavailable). The 'Drone Unit' block draws power from the host ship and charges the drone battery every time it returns.


    A ship welding arm (small ship) that can weld blocks at the same speed as a person. The only advantage being that you can have multiple welding arms. These cannot add components.


  17. Crafty Sentinel Trainee Engineer

    It would be nice if the 3-D printer wasn't 100% accurate, as in it doesn't have a 100% completion rate on all blocks and to ensure the ship is in working order you would have to visually inspect the ship and finish any blocks that the printer didn't complete. It should still be much faster then hand welding but I believe it should have a drawback. So instead of being the constructor you've become the inspector.
  18. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds good until you have to dig up an internal component you may not even see as incomplete.

    Note: This puts you at the mercy of the Random Number God.
  19. Crafty Sentinel Trainee Engineer

    Ahh, true. It's never been an issue for me since my ships are always bare bones so I didn't really think of that. I guess if you had multiple layers of say armor that would be annoying.
  20. ReynoldsXD Trainee Engineer

    Hey Vermillion, so everything i said the game desperatly needs (better welding and grinding options) and how the whole automated building thing had to work were pretty spot on as it seems....

    Have fun picking posts apart over minor details of phrasing ot terminology and missing the point that is being made. I am glad the developer has been in attendance when gamedesign know how was dished out.
  21. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    You are rehashing a random misunderstanding that happened 2 pages back... Really?
  22. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Of course he is, he's a forum troll. He had no reply then, he still doesn't have one now.
    He wanted assembler-made tiny little cheap drones to handle all his welding and raged like a little kid when I told him to use the search function, followed by accusing the developers of being stupid and that the game was the epitome of "moronic game design".
    You saw his nonsense a few pages ago, where he doesn't know the difference between a plastic 3D printer and an production line handling hundreds of different components in dozens of mediums.
    And in every case, not once did he mention ship-mounted welders. He was intent on screaming illiterate garble about 3D printers. In fact, he quite openly stated he was against welding arms, which is what we got.
  23. Zephandrypus Apprentice Engineer

    I am all for 3D printers so you can rebuild ships after you lose them in battle. Though I think it should probably require 25% extra resources and power for the welders to encourage people to repair their ships themselves as THAT is very fun do as ships with patches and holes and scratches look badass and repairing blocks damaged by the destruction engine is so satisfying. For the 3D printer, you should have to always build it the first time to get that good feeling then the rest of the times it should be automated as building the same ship over and over will get boring the second time.
  24. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    well think about what the devs have said, it will print from the bottom up.
    that will mean you Cant repair very much as it would have to go through the rest of your ship to get at it. so you will have to repair you ship yourself but like you said, if it went Proper boom. you can start again.
  25. Brenner Junior Engineer

    Well maybe the printer will be smart enough to figure out the "bottom" of your half broken ship is already there and only the "top" needs building. Who knows, the devs description of 3d printer is vague at best.
  26. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    wow you have totally missed my point. they said it would print in layers. (maybe they will change it but for now that's all we know)
    don't be so nit picky. NO it doesn't matter what way up your ship is but it still suggests that it wont be able to fix the "middle" or "centre" of your ship
  27. Zephandrypus Apprentice Engineer

    No, you misunderstood my point. By saying to encourage people to repair ships themselves, I don't mean that otherwise they would use the printer to repair the ship, I mean they would just print out another ship and grind up the old one. 3D printers shouldn't be used for repairs as we can do that easily ourselves. We can't automatically place blocks to weld yet so that's why we would need a 3D printer.
  28. joebopie Apprentice Engineer

    well personally I would want something that could repair my ship as well, more like arms with grinders and welders. so I could put my battle damaged mother ship into a big dock. and ask the dock to restore this ship to the plan it made it from. so even if it was missing massive chunks it could still repair it. but as for just using it because its easier. maybe. depends on the power requirements. and if it does use arms (or print from one side) it would have to remove some outer parts of the ship to get to inner parts.(where multiple rockets may have made a big hole) this would make it take much longer. therefore encouraging you to repair the inside by hand maybe. also this would be good with just a outer repair option on the dock/building frame. so you could do the inner while it did the hull.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.