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Update 01.091 - Bugfixing, New scenario editor options

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Jul 16, 2015.

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  1. George.Mamakos

    George.Mamakos Apprentice Engineer

    In this week’s update, we are focusing on fixing various bugs. We are planning to have a more intense bug-fixing period during the upcoming weeks, so you should expect more fixed bugs in the next updates. Additionally, we are adding some more options and possibilities for the scenario creators. Designers are now able to display videos in the scenarios, either at the start or triggered by a condition. They can also add the option to load a map based on a scenario condition (currently available for offline/single player mode missions only). In addition, there is a new option to view the scenario’s progress and inform the player about all the rules set in the current scenario (list of win / lose conditions and basic settings). Moreover, there is a new option to add a player directly into a faction when he spawns in the medical room. When this option is enabled, the player that spawns in the medical room will automatically join the faction that the owner is part of. There is also a new world option for starting in respawn screen. Any player that plays a scenario should start in a spawn screen with listed spawn points. Even if the player plays an offline single player game, he should still start in the respawn screen. Lastly, we have improved the ownership/faction options in the scenario edit mode. When a player creates a faction, it is possible to add a 0 entity that will be added to the faction. He can then assign ownership of blocks to the NPC (the NPCs should be hostile to each other).

    Developers’ note: We thought it useful to give you a bit more information regarding the importance of the Scenario Editor, since we’ve noticed that many players are not happy with the additions that have been made lately. As we have already mentioned in a recent blog post, part of our development plan is to add missions into the game. The purpose of the scenario editor is exactly this – to provide all the necessary tools to our Level Designers to create various missions that will be implemented in the vanilla game. If the scenario editor didn’t exist, then we would require occupying programmers for doing that. But now, with the help of the scenario editor, our level designers can easily work on designing missions without the help of any other person in the studio and programmers will have the time to work on other planned features. More dev notes will follow shortly regarding planets and other development plans. Stay tuned!

    - large bug fixes
    - more ownership/faction options in scenario edit mode
    - option to play video at the scenario start/condition triggered
    - option to load another map based on a triggered condition (in offline/single-player mode missions only)
    - option to view scenario progress/rules ("U" key)
    - new med-bay setting: assign to faction when player spawns
    - world option: player starts in respawn screen

    - fixed crash when turrets were tracking a target
    - fixed recharge time not calculated correctly on DS
    - added recharge ON/OFF action for jump drive
    - fixed conveyor system ignoring sorter block
    - fixed right click on a completed block gives error
    - fixed cargo containers not transmitting inertia to the contents upon destruction
    - fixed remote control and freelook conflict
    - fixed no thruster sounds
    - fixed cannot click X in blueprint search
    - fixed hand drill taking up too much volume space in the inventory
    - fixed placing armor corner 2x1x1 tip glitch
    - fixed speed on HUD updating too frequently
    - fixed gravity generator slider inconsistency
    - fixed dedicated server console not remembering settings
    - fixed GPS locations jump back to the top
    - fixed turrets crashing server when being welded
    - fixed interior lights color issues
    - fixed auto-healing working even after disabled
    - fixed conveyor system ignoring sorter block
    - fixed small advanced rotor part name
    - fixed merge block are disconnected after owner change
    - fixed hand tools can be transferred trough small conveyors

    community changes by tyrsis:
    - Allows mods to be notified when damage occurs to various entities (blocks, ships, characters, etc), and also allow mods to modify or even nullify that damage. It even stops deformation. This gives a lot of power to mods to modify damage as it comes in. Following these events can be found in MyAPIGateway.Session.DamageSystem interface.
    - Allows mods to move clients to different multiplayer servers. - ( MyAPIGateway.Multiplayer.JoinServer() )

    Community fix by joemorin:
    - Fixed ammo being consumed by multiple clients for the same gun (multiplayer ammo bug)

    EDIT 07/17/2015
    Update 01.091.011

    - fixed infinite welding
    - fixed crash - Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.PlayFallSound
    - fixed Scenario 02 crash when playing under different localization
    - fixed added null checks for steam service
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  2. Ra'Jiska

    Ra'Jiska Trainee Engineer

  3. Pro3Display

    Pro3Display Apprentice Engineer

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  4. SilentSymphony

    SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

  5. Anister

    Anister Trainee Engineer

    Fitst........ And GAH! NO PLANETS YET! DAT HYPE!
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  6. MiChAeLoKGB

    MiChAeLoKGB Junior Engineer

    Hmmmmmm, nice. So maybe we will actually get the MP before planets as I hoped for.
  7. xephyr1

    xephyr1 Trainee Engineer

    Welp, back to playing ARK then....
  8. Koder

    Koder Apprentice Engineer

    No planets, but I still love the hard work you guys do, keep it up! THANK YOU for the fixes!
  9. bajascot

    bajascot Trainee Engineer

    good call! Stabilize before planets
  10. joemorin73

    joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    Ummm, what about the community fixes?
  11. Mosseman

    Mosseman Apprentice Engineer

  12. eviltek2099

    eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    First Page
  13. Ellionas

    Ellionas Trainee Engineer

    Planets... :eek:ops:
  14. Potter

    Potter Apprentice Engineer

    Didn't expect this, but I'm happy to see it. Always glad to see bug fixes rolling out.
  15. Replic TuaniOne

    Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    At least there are some bug fixes :)

    Hopefully we will get something awesome again soon though
  16. Martinineter

    Martinineter Senior Engineer

  17. francogp

    francogp Apprentice Engineer

    why do you state that here? nobody cares about that, specially the devs.
  18. Odious T

    Odious T Apprentice Engineer

    Very happy about the fixes. Almost as good as new features. Thanks for the increased sense of communication too.
  19. Robbie

    Robbie Trainee Engineer

    Think about this... Why would they add planets on a crappy multiplayer code? I expect them to add planets once new multiplayer has been added and some bugs from that transition have been fixed. Good job Keen, love the fixes:)
  20. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer




    Tru dat in terms of the scenario editor. Why can't we gat a nice table for a filler week too? Or a couch. Or something as simple as a Passenger Seat in the middle of the grid block instead of faaaaar in the back. You know. Something nice.

    How "short" is "shortly"?
  21. Kittani

    Kittani Trainee Engineer

    What was the bug with the conveyor sorters? Is it that odd time where it will allow items to not stack up in containers when you have a sorting loop? I thought I was just doing it wrong.
  22. Cruzz999

    Cruzz999 Apprentice Engineer

    Best thing about this patch: Info from the devs about why the things that are patched in are focused on!
  23. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin

    Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Not a particularly glamorous update, but to my mind a very good one.

    Can I just say to the devs how cool I think the scenario is? It looks like we'll end up with all the tools we need to create our own campaigns, even down to narrative elements. As someone who's fiddled around with that in pretty much every game I have that has features like that, this is very exciting, and not something I expected SE to have when I bought it.

    Also, +1 for bugfixes before adding planets.
  24. Nova Dwagon

    Nova Dwagon Apprentice Engineer

    gives me 1 week to finish my new ship carrier specaly designed for planet use.... And any other use...
  25. Thedevistator

    Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    One of the devs explained them having problems with modlers leaving and lack of staff has slowed down directX11 models and other model related things.
  26. CheeseJedi

    CheeseJedi Apprentice Engineer

    There were community (GitHub) fixes in this build? Changelog doesn't seem to reflect this. (wouldn't be the first time!)
  27. kittle

    kittle Senior Engineer

    Good to see another round of bugfixing.

    .... still waiting on the mining/drilling to be fixed
  28. Big C

    Big C Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for all the hard work KSH

    I'm seriously going to scream if I see some whiny 12-year old whine about no planets or some crap again
    They don't know how hard it is to make a game like this
  29. Thedevistator

    Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    I hope keen fixed the directx9 planet atmosphere bug it may not be public, but they still need to fix it before releasing planets.
  30. Thnikkalemur

    Thnikkalemur Apprentice Engineer

    It's a cool idea to do the user-friendly(er) level designer up-front instead of as an after market / separate app deal. Bungie did something similar with Reach and I had a blast with that for a good long while. Looking forward to all the fun shenanigans Keen *and* the community can come up with in this.
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