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A couple of questions...

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Voqar, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Voqar

    Voqar Trainee Engineer

    ...from someone new to the game - about survival mode.

    We're finding building ships (well, building most things) to be painful because you need to hit G - hover to see what mats you need (or hover structure in progress - either way it's a glimpse and gone situation) - and you lose that switching to any screen (container/assembler) where you might GET those mats. The question is, how are people dealing with this OR are we missing something that makes this less painful? I have a really good memory and some day might memorize all this stuff but early on it's kinda brutal. Plus one should not need to create a notebook or use some out-of-game resource for things like this - it should be in the game - so - are we missing it?

    We seem to need ungodly quantities of iron to construct stuff and we gather it but spend most of our time moving the stuff from our mining ship drills to refineries - which despite being around 50x the size of a drill can't hold as much ore as a full drill. So we're both having to dump just one "load" of a mining run (small ship with 2 drills) into multiple refineries and/or storage containers just to get fully unloaded, and we have to make about 20 trips to/from the drills to unload (playing at 3x storage since 1x wasn't all that much fun). So the question is - IS there some more efficient way to move stuff around and/or IS there a more effective way of handling refining that matches the quantities you can easily mine?

    We could bump up to 10x but that feels cheap and then we'd just be able to mine even more at once and it would just compound the hauling problem immensely.

    We're digging the game but I have to say that at times it feels like we're playing more of a dock worker sim than anything engineering-related because we spend so much time shuffling stuff around between containers.

    Since the name of the game IS "engineer" I'm hoping there's a solution to these problems that we have overlooked or haven't figure out yet in the game. (Because an engineer would quickly realize the horrific inefficiency of manually moving stuff between containers and automate it - at least I, as an engineer, would!)
  2. Vermillion

    Vermillion Senior Engineer

    To place just the frames for most structural blocks, all you need is 1 steel plate. If you're building, just carry a lot of those and lay down the basic frame, then go back and weld them one by one.
    If you're holding the welder or grinder over a block frame, it'll tell you what items that block has installed, completed and how many it still requires to be completed. There's currently no way of knowing the amount that you're already carrying without bringing up your inventory.
    Conveyors and all their attachments will be implemented in the near future. They'll allow you to automate cargo loading and unloading as well as processing and storage.
  3. Ash87

    Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Welcome to the game!
    Right now you just kind of have to remember what you need. If you are playing with a group, Teamspeak or mumble is nice for this, because you can say: "Hey guy, I need 25 steel plates and 14 motors, and 3 large steel tubes and..." so people can bring it to you.

    It would be nice to be able to keep that little screen open, might want to make a suggestion about that on the suggestion page.

    Yes, but it's not implemented yet. You are looking for the conveyor update, which as of last week was a few weeks away. It'll have conveyor tubes that move objects between containers and ship systems, a docking clamp that will offload inventories from one ship to another, and other useful tools for helping organize your ships and keep all the systems supplied. There are a few threads on it, and most of it is speculation

    Here is what we know officially:
    Developer AMA Transcript
    Q&A Video transcript

    Yeah, I changed the name of the game on TS one day to: "Space Teamsters"

    But yeah, sorry I can't give you a better answer, but the solution is coming, it's just a couple weeks off.
  4. dpurgert

    dpurgert Apprentice Engineer

    Conveyors and Ship-to-station transfer isn't in yet (is coming soon(tm)) ... so that'll help with the "moving stuff around" problem once it's in.

    For now, it's just a bunch of messing around with 400L chunks at a time.
  5. Merinsan

    Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    You can tell the assembler to build all you need for a specific component, using the appropriate menu there. I don't use it anymore, since I've become a space pirate and harvest parts from ships.
    I generally just check the first item and place using that, then build based on what it tells me.

    I also have a small ship I use for deconstructing captured ships, with 2 large containers. I don't mind filling it, it's realistic, but unloading it is a pain. I sometimes exit the game switch to creative, go back to unload it, then go back to survival. I can't wait for conveyors!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.