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A guide on how to use Air Vent actions

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Jarod997, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Jarod997 Apprentice Engineer

    So this thread is for people who would like to know how to use an Air Vent to trigger other actions. I'll include a test blueprint at the end of this post.

    Here's how to set up a vent to trigger actions.
    1. Select a vent in the control panel.
    2. Click on the "Setup Actions" button - the Toolbar Config screen comes up with two open toolbar slots
    3. The unmarked slot on the left is the event that will trigger when the room reaches 100% full of atmosphere (oxygen)
    4. The unmarked slot on the right is the event that will trigger when the room reaches 0% full of atmosphere (or 100% empty, your choice)
    5. Put action blocks in those two slots, similarly that you would with a Button Panel or Control Station/Flight Seat - they will trigger automatically when the vent reaches either state
    You're not limited to one event, you can put a Timer Block on one of the toolbar slots which could activate lots of events, and loops, and other timers, etc.

    For an example, see a simple station I made in the Steam Workshop. This is basically a small cube station with a few doors, interior lights, gravity and a button panel. Place it in a creative game in space, and enter the station through the man door (as opposed to digging your way in or opening the hangar doors - which are not accessible from the outside). Go to the Steam page for "Vent Test Station Alpha" and there will be specific instructions on how to set up the Air Vent using actions on that small station.

    I hope this helps, please feel free to leave comments below.

    Edit: The link now goes to "Vent Test Station Alpha", which is a slightly updated version of the station and includes steps for the user to "program" the vent themselves.
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  2. Krougal Senior Engineer

  3. Jarod997 Apprentice Engineer

  4. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Do you think it may be worth mentioning that the actions will never really trigger right for Air Vents used on a Small Grid ship? (unless I'm experiencing a bug)

    The problem I see:

    A small grid air vent behaves in a slightly different way than they are intentionally used on a large grid.

    For example; in small grid, you cannot really have any airtight areas made from blocks. So this renders the air vent unusable for that situation. What the air vent can only be used for, is attaching directly to any conveyor port, and used simply to draw in atmospheric air (if any exists). Otherwise the vent just sits idle in space, neither triggering one action or the other.

    Even the terminology of use of the air vent on small grid seems misleading to me. You toggle it to "Depressurize", to make it actually "Pressurize" the cockpit air from atmosphere. You can actually even leave it set to that while in space, and nothing catastrophic happens.

    ANYHOW! Great guide for air vents, but, I cannot seem to get actions to trigger while used with small grid vents (even though they still have to two slots).

    If I'm COMPLETELY WRONG here, please, do set me straight. I hate thinking the wrong thing :/
  5. Jarod997 Apprentice Engineer

    Yes, you're correct - which is why I mention to place the station blueprint in space.

    I believe the (only) benefit of using the Air Vent on a Small Grid (ship) is to re-stock the on-board oxygen storage while you're flying through atmosphere. Just set the vent to "Depressurize" and leave it there. Turning off the "Depressurize" would only drain your on-board Oxygen supply.

    For those of you who are slightly puzzled after reading this, the only place in a small ship you can benefit from an oxygen generator/storage is in the cockpit. Therefore, the only place you can really use an Air Vent is on the outside of the ship. Using it this way is in effect, changing it from an Air Vent into an "Air Scoop" or "Air Intake" of sorts - just make sure "Depressurize" is checked or it won't work. (Yes, "Depressurizing" in this setup doesn't make sense - but that's because this block was originally meant to function as an oxygen supplier, not an oxygen gatherer.)
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  6. Frigidman Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, I did see your example was for large grid construction (nicely done), but I was just making sure this ability (the two auto-triggers) was not also possible with the small grid. Looks like not! Shame, but, yeah. Makes you wonder why air vent was made to work on small grid, and why they didn't just have a built-in air vent on small grid cockpits? ;) Thats off topic, so I'll stop that there.

    Great informative OP though. Props!
  7. Capt.SkuLL Trainee Engineer

    i have encountered an issue with the way it triggers the two actions.

    For example i have setup an airlock room that will depressurize the room first before opening the doors for entry or exit.
    then the Air Vents are setup to detect a 100% or 0% in pressure
    if by accident i lost pressure in this locked airlock room and repaired the problem, the room is now depressurized and sealed,
    so when i try to get out and use the setup it will never trigger the "detect 0% pressure" anymore because there was no change in pressure.

    the way i understand it is that the two action slots will only trigger when a change in pressure occurs

    from 0% reached 100% = trigger the 1st slot
    from 100% reached 0% = trigger the 2nd slot
    from 100% reached 100% = will not trigger the 1nd slot ( obviously , otherwise it will trigger never ending )
    from 0% reached 0% = will not trigger the 2nd slot ( obviously , otherwise it will trigger never ending )

    but i sure do wish there was a way to call the Air vents to "recheck" the pressure so that the action slots can be triggered as intended.
    so that my timer blocks can say to the air vents " hey would you mind re-checking the pressure again and do the actions required ? "

    Anyway i created a video on my latest TESTING to try and resolve this issue
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